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Still Enthralled With Spikes + Studs

Might have to do some DIY-ing...

Coveting: Harnesses

I've wanted one of these for a long time.

Video of the Day: B.A.P. POWER

B.A.P's new mv, POWER, came out today and let me just say that it is damned good.  These are some newbies to watch out for because I think they'll really be going strong in this business for years to come.

Shinee World 2012 Fukoka: Taemin & Minho + More!

More fancams were revealed today and they were definitely worth the wait.  Make sure to watch quickly before they get taken down or made private!

Shinee World 2012 at Fukoka Japan: Fancams and Audio

So far all I've seen by the way of fancams of the concert are the following of Onew and Jonghyun, as well as full audios of Shinee's solos.  Enjoy quickly, they might get taken down!

Shinee World 2012 Concert in Fukoka, Japan Mega Post

Well, my friends, yesterday Shinee managed to put on what seemed like another kick ass concert.  The fan accounts, fancams and audio have been rolling in throughout the day and they sound and look incredible.  Feast your eyes on these delectable pics and be sure to stay tuned for the audio and fancams post . Fyi, there's no way I could have possibly put up all the pics so the following is a selection of the best pics I've seen all day.

Xiah Junsu's Solo Album Teaser Pics

Well this should be interesting...

B.A.P.'s Bang Yong Guk and Himchan Release a New Teaser

I've been as interested as the next person in B.A.P.'s comeback.  I thought the teaser images that have been released so far were pretty cool and all... until today when Bang Yong Guk and Himchan's teaser was released.   I laid my eyes on Bang Yong Guk  and was all: Yeahh... pretty much.

Style I Love: Jackets, Blazers and Vests

One thing you will rarely ever see me without is some sort of blazer, vest or cardi because I love, love, LOVE to layer, even in the heights of summer.  Yes, I am the one you see wearing a jacket in July, probably sweating bullets but whatever.  That's how I do! I seem to have acquired quite the collection of jackets and blazers and am always looking for more.  I especially am into ones with unique touches like asymmetrical hems, interesting proportions, zippers in odd places, all that good stuff.

Salsa Bombing, Panamian Style

My cousin just posted this ever so cute and funny video that I had to share. Salsa Bombing in L.A. Source:  ayprelle97

(BEDA) Day 20- Biggest Troll

Wow.  I accidentally deleted this post because of Blogger's new interface.  Let's try again, shall we? Who did I pick for biggest idol troll?  Shinee's Jonghyun. Jonghyun twitter selcas

Shinee's Key and Minho for Cosmopolitan Korea

Key and Minho looking amazing in what looks to be Cosmopolitan Korea's May issue.   Click on the first 3 pics to make them bigger.

Shoe Porn: Architectural Prospects

Clean, spare lines are always in season, especially when coupled with such intriguing details.

(BEDA) Day 18- Cutest OTP

If you didn't know, OTP = One True Pairing, meaning your favorite combo of a pairing in a fandom.  The only fave I have is one that's probably pretty obvious if you've read through this blog at any time.  That would be Jonghyun and Key from Shinee, aka JongKey.

Video of the Day: LMFAO vs. GD & T.O.P

How fun is this?? LMFAO vs. GD & T.O.P.: Party Rock the Night High (DJ Dave Mashup)

(BEDA) Day 17- Best at Booty Popping

Now this should be fun!  The idol that I think is the best at booty popping would be no other than Jo Kwon. This is exactly what I picture when I think of Jo Kwon.

Coming Soon- Big Bang Alive Comeback Style

I'll be posting a Big Bang "Alive" Comeback: Idol Style soon because I've been fascinated by Big Bang's Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy comeback style. Gifs:  gd-vamp@tumblr Their stylists have mostly done a great job outfitting them in fun and unique stuff, especially in this last early '90s inspired Inkigayo Bad Boy performance.  I've been enjoying the heck out of their clothing choices, and my favorite so far has been how they single-handedly brought back (ok... I'm exaggerating) the '80s brand Boy London, which I haven't seen in ages. The outfits in these gifs SO remind me of this: Source:  splintzuk

(BEDA) Day 16- Band Member Most Likely to Cast the Avada Kedavra Incantation on Their Band Mates

If you're not sure what the Avada Kedavra incantation is, where have you been for the past 6 years?? Seriously though, If you haven't read the Harry Potter series, you're missing out and you must head to a bookstore or your nearest ebook site to correct that asap.  Moving on... I'm thinking the idol or group that would most like to cast that curse on someone is T-ara. The reason why I'm saying this is because the CEO of their entertainment company, CCM's Kim Kwang Soo, has decided to add more members to their group, bringing them from a total of seven girls to nine girls.  He announced this in a REALLY jacked up way, pretty much ensuring that the original seven girls would hate the new additions.  The part of his statement that really had me thinking, "Damn that's f-ed up!" was: “We will try even harder to make sure that no controversy arises from their greetings or attitude. If there is a member within T-ara who does not work hard and becom

(BEDA) Day 15- Best Live Singer- Female

I'm super late with this post.  It was supposed to be yesterday's post but I was tired as hell.  I couldn't even force myself to get up and sit at the computer... So sorry!  Anyway, here goes: Since I'm not all that well-versed in Kpop, I'm going to go with someone I've seen more recently as best live female singer.  It's a girl group that I'm not into, but from what I've heard, they sound pretty damned good live, especially the one named Kim Boa.  That would be the group SPICA.

Shinee's Key Tries to Deep Throat the Inkigayo Award, Succeeds

Shinee won the Triple Crown on Inkigayo today!  Fangirling so hard right now, especially after seeing this: He kills me... I'm dead.  

(BEDA) Day 14- Best Live Singer: Male

I'm so excited to share my admiration and love for this man's smooth and luscious voice.  I already featured him in my day 2 post about a zombie apocalypse but I had to include him in this one too.  I'll say it again, he's not quite an idol anymore but he's just too good for words.  That would be Rain, of course. I've already waxed poetic about Rain a few times on this blog so I'm just going to let you listen to him be all soulful while I fangirl over to the side.

(BEDA) Day 13- Idol Least Likely to Remember That Crazy Ass Pool Party Last Night

This topic is pretty self explanatory.  Who do I think is an idol that gets drunk off their ass and forgets about it the next day??  I'm going to go with Shinee's Key.

(BEDA) Day 12- Idol Most Likely to be Mistaken For a Mortal

I'd have to say that most Kpop idols are super attractive, even downright gorgeous, so it should be hard to pick someone that could be mistaken for a mere mortal.  Sadly it wasn't.  The person I thought of  would be ZE:A's Kwang Hee.

(BEDA) Day 11- Idol Most Likely to Trip Over Air

I've totally been waiting for this one because I knew EXACTLY who I was going to choose from the first day I saw this BEDA list.  I mean, really...It's not even possible to pick anyone else.   Shinee's Onew for the win! Sooo cute!  I just want to keep him in my pocket.

(BEDA) Day 10- Idol Most Likely to Become a Member of the Clergy

In my eyes, there could never be a better candidate for idol most likely to be preaching from the pulpit than Super Junior's Siwon.  It's well known that Siwon is super, super religious. I chose this pic on purpose because he pretty much looks the most likely to be go-go dancing in a gay bar here, which is all part of the fun.  I'm sure that's far from what he was going for, since I heard he hates the gays.  Tsk tsk...  Anyway, here's why I chose him: Super Junior's Yesung once said in an interview- "People always think I'm happy because I'm in Super Junior - but in fact, there are many difficulties that I had to face because I am a member of Super Junior. When difficult things happen, I get the support of my family and friends, but they're not always with me. And even though I'm not as faithful as I'd like to be, I trust in God and God gives me strength to overcome my mistakes and struggles. Siwon, Eunhyuk, and Kyuhyun also are Chr

(BEDA) Day 9- Idol Least Likely to Care About Their Music

In my last BEDA post, I talked about Taemin's glorious weave.  In this one, I'm revealing my choice of idol that could care less about his music.  I chose none other than the notorious K.I.M. Heechul: Heechul is well known for being kind of an asshole, as well as saying whatever the hell he wants, which just isn't done in the Kpop world.  He also comes off as if he could give a flying crap about being onstage singing or dancing and doesn't care who knows it.  He even seemed as if he was happy to go into the military, if only to escape from the daily "drudgery" of being an idol.  Just check him out here in some of his last performances before he became an army man and you'll see what I mean.

Taemin's Sherlock Sneakers

Crazy-eyed Taemin When I first saw these, I gagged, because they are HOT.  Thank you to  Kfashionista  and Stylisfaction  for blogging about them.  I want them but $373 for a sneaker?  Definitely not...  I'm not a sneaker head so it would be pretty ridiculous of me to purchase them.  I can look and sigh over them, though, right?

Coveting: Unconventional Shapes


Style I Love: Polka Dot Power

It sure has been awhile since I made a fashion post.  Seriously, shame on me.  I'm supposed to be talking about fashion AND Kpop and Kpop managed to take over for a bit... not that I'm complaining.  Even now I just had to tell myself, "It's ok... You do not have to insert GD or Key into a post about polka dots."  Yes I talk to myself sometimes... don't side-eye me. Anyway, I've found myself slowly but surely falling in love with polka dots.  This started in December, when the stores started to get flooded with polka dotted items and I started wanting to buy almost every piece.  I realized I wanted to buy them mostly because, besides being cute, the polka dots were cute as hell.  Kind of edgy, which is my style, and yet sweet.  I actually like to wear my polka dots with another pattern, mainly stripes.  Makes me feel ever so '80s, when it was first in style.  Anyone remember the brand Esprit?? So... yeahhh.  I'm all about those dots now.  Someo

(BEDA) Day 8- Best Weave on a Man

As you can see, I missed day 7 of this challenge.  That was actually on purpose, since the day 7 challenge was Idol Most Likely to Have Gone Weeks Without A Shower and I would've picked MBLAQ's Lee Joon for that one also.  So instead of doing the same post as Day 4 , I chose to skip it.  However, I've had my answer for today's post since the challenge started.  That answer would be... you guessed it!   Shinee 's Taemin .

Videos of the Day: EXO- MAMA

I knew I had to write about these EXO MAMA videos as soon as I saw them. 

(BEDA) Day 6- Worst Live Singer, Female

My last BEDA  post  was about the worst live male singer so today, of course, it's alllll about the females.  Well, I for one did not have to look neither far nor wide for this one.  This was pretty darned easy, in fact.  As I've discussed previously on this blog, I'm not much of a fan of Kpop girl groups.   In my honest opinion, the guys are overall mostly so much stronger in terms of singing and dancing ability.  So who'd I go for today?  Really, I could've picked the whole group this person belongs to but I'll just stick with one:  4Minute's Hyuna. The following vid is all kinds of awkward, from the venue to the performance.   As soon as Hyuna opens her mouth and starts singing, my reaction was all... ... and then the rest of them start singing and it's all downhill from there.  Ah well... maybe they will have improved for their latest comeback.  

Videos of the Day: My Favorite Korean Moms Are At It Again

I covered XX Dance School of Korea mom's class once before on this blog and here they are, slaying me once again with this totally adorable rendition of Shinee's Sherlock choreography.

(BEDA) Day 5- Worst Live Singer, Male Category

Today our subject is the most cringe-worthy male live singing in Kpop.  After thinking all day on this topic, one person kept popping into my head, a person that's not really considered a Kpop singer.  Let me preface this by saying that I actually like this person a lot.  I think he's a great actor, I (usually) enjoy his personality and I even like a few of his songs.... but DAMN does his live singing suck.  Yeah, that's right.  I'm talking about Jang Keun Suk. I'm not even going to say anymore.  I'll just let you take a listen and decide for yourself. Source:  SimplySteff1973 ,  idyymho Gah!

(BEDA) Day 4- Idol Most Likely to Become a Hobo

Alrighty so today we're trying to decide who would be the idol most likely to become a hobo.  This was a hard one for me.  Most Kpop idols don't step foot outside of their dorms without being perfectly made up and styled so it's hard to imagine one of them being a hobo but I think I've found the best choice.  It was suggested to me by a friend that I consider nominating Mblaq's Lee Joon for that dubious title and at first I was thinking,  "No way... he's too hot!"  Well, apparently Joonie is one dirty dude. Looking a little strung out there, Joonie. It's been reported that Joonie (yes, I call him Joonie... don't judge me) has admitted to the following on live tv: 1.  Air drying in front of an air conditioner after practicing for hours and getting all sweaty. 2.  Washing his hair and then letting the shampoo run down his body = a shower. Can we all say eewww??  Reportedly, the other members of Mblaq have talked about their wish for him

(BEDA) Day 3- Idol Most Likely to Become a Ring Master

So yesterday I answered the age old question: Which idol is most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?  Today it's all about circus ring masters and I had to go with.... <drum roll please> G-Dragon!

(BEDA) Day 2- Idol Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

For day 2 of the BEDA challenge, I'm supposed to pick an idol that would be the most likely to survive if the world was overrun by zombies.  I conferred with some friends and we definitely had to go with Rain on this one.  He might be a tad older than your average idol but he can run circles around all of them.  Rain makes sure to excel at whatever he does, whether it be military boot camp or, you know, ninja style ass kickings. Source:  yonhoon He could have my back anytime.  Well... really he'd have to go around saving me from being scarfed up by zombies and stuff but I'd try to help at least a little.  Plus he's so hot that I'd just want to watch him all day and I'd probably end up with my head hacked off, Zombieland style: Source:  SonyPictures