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Video of the Day: EXO-K What is Love

Ok... I'll admit it.  There's been soooo many teasers for this EXO group that I got tired of waiting and was almost prepared to dislike them on principle.   Almost.   The first time I listened to this song I thought it sounded too much like "Before U Go" by TVXQ but that the two singers, Baek Hyun and D.O., sounded incredible.  The second time I listened to it I was kind of blown away.  Now I'm sitting here listening to it for the (looking away sheepishly) 7th time in a row and thinking that I'm glad that they already released it on Itunes. One of the producers for this song was Teddy Riley and you can definitely hear his influence in their cadence and tone and in the music. Source:  SMTOWN What I love:  The song...the singing...  The part at 1:46 when one of them belts out "I don't know why!"  Kills me everytime.  Also 3:57 because I didn't expect that voice to come out of that body.  The dancing is cute but minimal.  From all the dan

Style I Love: Leopard Print

In the past year or so I have really gotten into leopard print.  I've embraced the print and cherished the print and invited it into my wardrobe.  Don't get me wrong, my closet is not bursting at the seams with leopard items but I've come a long way from when I absolutely hated it.  I'm even considering getting more leopard print pieces... I just have to wait till I find something else I love in the right hue and tone. You can don just a peek of leopard or you can clothe yourself in a few pieces... it's all in where your comfort zone is.

Obligatory Eye Candy: Grown and Sexy

It's almost the end of Sunday but I didn't forget! Rain Hyun Bin

Shoe Porn: Sky High Platforms

Shoe Porn: A Little Tease

Coming tomorrow... Source:  solestruck No more dainty shoes!  I've decided I'm only featuring shoes on here that I'd actually buy and wear   <mumbles> if I could walk in them.    I would definitely strut my stuff in these babies. More to come...

Block B's "Nalina (Commotion)" Teaser Is Out!

I'm really looking forward to Block B 's comeback.  Here's the teaser for " Nalina ", so take a look!

Big Bang Released Partial Track List For New Album...

...woman in New Jersey, U.S. has a heart attack. But seriously, you know I'm dying over here! by:  jbarky   on Jan 26, 2012 YG Entertainment ’s blog, “ YG Life ” ( ) released two songs from their track list for Big Bang’s upcoming album.  Big Bang  will be coming back in February with their new album. The two songs that were revealed are “ Alive ” and “ Blue .”  G-Dragon  and  Park Han Bum  produced “Alive” together. The lyrics of “Alive” were written by G-dragon. “Blue” was both written and produced by G-dragon and  Teddy . YG Entertainment had spoken about the upcoming album before, “G-Dragon has taken part in writing and producing the album. In many of these new songs you will see G-dragon’s sensible melody and unique lyrics.” A week ago,  YG  had also talked about how he would put his heart and soul into Big Bang’s comeback . He also spoke about Big Bang’s preparations, “Big Bang members worked very hard for their comeback. They came to work even on Sunda

Video of the Day: B.A.P. Warrior

So B.A.P., short for Best Absolute Perfect, just debuted and posted their new mv, "Warrior", up on YouTube yesterday.  Can I just say how much I like this song?  What a great way to debut.  Their agency, TS Entertainment, didn't need to make 30248394 teasers (I'm side eyeing another well known entertainment agency that-shall-not be-named as I'm writing this).  Just release a good song with a good video and sit back and reap the benefits.

Obligatory Eye Candy: Cutie Pie Edition

Last Sunday I introduced a new blog corner called Obligatory Eye Candy.  Totally said I'd be posting hotties up every Sunday.  Apparently I lied... nahhhh really I forgot.  I'm awful. To make up for my forgetfulness here's the cutie pie edition, meaning they're all overflowing with aegyo; so much I could just squee. Warning: This post causes uncontrollable smiles and "Awww"s. Jung Il Woo Rain giving cuteness on Family Outing Hong Ki's fan service selca

Idol Style: Jang Geun Suk

Ok I'll admit it... Jang Geun Suk is not an idol, per se, but he IS a major  hallyu  star so I'm featuring him, dammit.  Let me just say that I adore JGS's style, and I adore it because he's so fearless in what he wears.  One minute he's all boyish and charming (or even kind of manly and charming) and the next minute he's uber androgynous, pretty and fey.  Maybe it has to do with what mood he's in when he wakes up?  Who knows?!  All I know is that I am a big fan of his clothing choices (and of his acting and singing).  The wilder and crazier the better.  It just makes me smile and say, "That's our Sukkie!" Bring it on JGS!  Name: Jang Geun Suk or Jang Keun Suk. Nickname: Asia Prince, Sukkie Typical Accomplishments: Actor, singer, model, entrepreneur.  He's been in the entertainment business since he was 5 and has done everything from dramas to movies to tv commercials to commercial films, to releasing an album...etc., etc.  He'

Style I Love: Winter Yellow

I have, like, 1 yellow piece in my closet but I'm thinking I need to indulge in more.  These pics are really inspiring me to work that color into my winter wardrobe.  What do you think??

Shoe Porn: Prada Spring 2012

Shinee's Key Works It Once Again @ Dazed Mag

So when I did my Idol Style post about SHINee's   Key , I wasn't expecting it to get as many views as it has.  Well, apparently a lot of other people heart Key as much as I heart Key.  That post has beaten out my G-Dragon fashion posts by a mile, which continues to be a surprise. I thought I might wait a bit before I talk about Key again but I couldn't pass up posting these lovely pics and interview. Enjoy! Key for Dazed and Confused February 2012 magazine- scans and interview:

Videos of the Day: Korean Mom's Dance Cover Class vs. The Real Deal

Last month, in my wanderings through YouTube, I found these videos of this mother's dance class from XX Dance School in Korea.  These mothers do dance covers of Kpop songs and they are awesome. The reason why I enjoy these so much is because, if you look closely at the video, you'll notice these are older women doing these dance covers really well and having a great time doing it.  I'm jealous because I want to take a class just like this.  If anyone knows of a Kpop dance cover class in NJ, hook me up! Anyway, I'm including the dance cover video and then a video of the real Kpop group so you can contrast and compare if you so desire. Hope you enjoy as much as I did... The Moms doing Kara-Step: Source:  fredoommk1 Kara- Step Live comeback stage: Source:  Princessxd11

Things I Want To Say

All images:  icanread Back tomorrow with more Fashion/Kpop goodness.

Video of the Day: Rain Hip Song (fanmade mix)

I've been a bad girl.  I haven't posted much about my Kpop obsession Rain.  Sadly he's in the military right now (sniffle) so his fans haven't been treated to a barrage of almost daily news and pics and videos about him.  We miss him!  Well... I know I do.  So today I'm making up for being a bad Rain fangirl by drooling over his hotness a bit on my blog. The following is a fanmade compilation of his "Hip Song" April-May 2010 comeback stages, edited by LunaLuna. Enjoy!  I certainly did. Source:  eye0rain

Style I Love: Modern 60s

My own personal style is kind of all over the place.  I like anything from modern 60s retro girlie style to rocker chic, gothic or maybe even androgynous boy-style.  It just depends on how I'm feeling that day. Right now I'm leaning towards dressing more in that kind of revamped 60s vibe.  This involves lots of shift dresses, baby doll dresses, mary janes, cardigans, oxfords, pointy toed flats and tights in all hues.   I tend to wear more dark or jewel tones than anything but, ya never know, I might throw a pop of color in there. Here are some of my inspirations:

Idol Style: Shinee's Taemin

Today my idol style focus is going to be squarely on Taemin from Shinee.  I hold a soft spot in my heart for Taemin because he's Shinee's  maknae  and he's utterly adorable.  He comes across so fierce and intense on stage but off stage he seems to be a shy, kind of ditzy kid with a touch of ADHD.   He's so cute you really just want to pinch his cheeks then put him in your pocket. Without further ado... Taemin: Name: Lee Taemin Nickname: Tae, Taeminnie Typical Taemin quote:  When asked by a magazine what his fashion obsession was, he answered- "Silhouette.  I like styles that show off the body’s silhouette.  I like clothes with a slim and slender line." We can certainly tell!

Obligatory Eye Candy

I'm thinking Sundays should be obligatory eye candy day on Oddness/Weirdness.  It's easy on the eyes and I think it'll be fun for me AND you!  Let's start withhhh... Taeyang Rain Rain's just as hot back Lee Joon Jay Park Images: Credit where due

Style I Love: Winter Coats

It's super, extra freezing here today...there were even a few snow flurries coming down earlier and now it's quite windy.  I'm mentioning that because it's been the oddest winter season that I can remember in that it's been extra mild.  I'm kinda glad I finally get to bust out a coat and gloves (I'm sure I'll be over that in a hot second). I adore fall and winter clothing a ton.  You'll always find me wearing at least three pieces of clothing, even in the summer.  When fall comes around I'm all in my element, piling on boots and cardigans and scarves and hats and... and... You get the picture, I'm sure.  I especially adore a really cool coat atop a really cool outfit.

Video of the Day: Azealia Banks- 212

I have been playing this song non-stop for the past month or so and I thought I'd share.  Extra catchy, fun and clever lyrics, great beats.  Just fyi the lyrics are super NSFW so if you don't like that sort of thing, you probably should give it a pass. Enjoy! Source:  AzealiaBanks

Idol Style: G-Dragon

I know, I know.  I talk about G-Dragon a lot but there's a reason for that.  Anytime I watch Big Bang or GD   & T.O.P perform my eyes go straight to GD right away.  He kinda captivates me with his chameleon-like fashion sense, his enthralling stage presence and his boy genius musical abilities.   He can go from cutesy boy next door one day to designer avant-garde the next, and pull it off each time.  If I had a hard time narrowing down the pics for my post about SHINee's Key , you can imagine what kind of hair pulling experience it was to choose pics this time.  So yeah... umm... there's just a few more for this one. Name: Kwon Ji Yong Nickname: G-Dragon (Yong = dragon, Ji sounds like G) Typical accomplishments: The man has won awards and accolades for things like being a major fashion trendsetter in South Korea, musical arrangement and production of songs for Big Bang as well as himself, and song writing.

Sweaters, Jumpers and Cardis Oh My!

I'm Infatuated With Bold Jewelry

My jewelry, amalgamated. Top: My necklaces are too heavy for a jewelry tree so I put my door knobs to good use. Bottom: Some of my favorite pieces right now.

Videos of the Day: Korean Hip Hop

I'm in the mood for some Korean hip hop today, which means I've got a little bit of everything for ya, from the commercial to the underground.  Enjoy!