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SHINee Wins and Looks Incredible at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards

SHINee , along with my other faves Big Bang , were at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards,  which took place on January 31st.  They won an award, sang their little hearts out and their stylists finally managed to make them all  look good on the red carpet instead of just 3/5ths of them or even 4/5ths.  No overly loose dress pants and ill-fitting blazers, no (what looked like) navy jacket and black pants ( Onew ), no pants-ripping-incidents .  Good job, cordi noonas.

Check Out Big Bang's Performances & Fashion at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards

On January 31st, the boys of Big Bang were on hand at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards to perform and accept due praise for all their tons of accomplishments last year.  I've got some videos for you and quite a few pics, plus I'll be discussing their fashion. Read on:

Some G-Dragon Fashion: Thom Browne Again?

The people have spoken and they want their fashion posts, so here's a quick one about G-Dragon to start. On the last day of Big Bang's Alive Tour The Final concert, GD posted a few pre-concert pics to his twitter account:

Kpop Flashback: G-Dragon Kills Me With "A Boy"

We know G-Dragon is a stellar performer and filled with swag but go back a few years ago and you'll remember he was also as cute as a button.  Here's GD performing " A Boy " on SBS's Inkigayo in 2009.

Video of the Day: INFINITE H "Without You" Feat. Zion T.

I totally slept on doing a Video of the Day post on INFINITE H 's " Special Girl ", but I wasn't nearly as into that song as I am into their newly released mv " Without You ".

Video of the Day: Alternate Endings for BoA's "Disturbance" MV

SM Entertainment has uploaded two alternate endings to BoA 's " Disturbance " mv feat. Taemin from SHINee .  Watch the full mv with screencaps here and check out the alternates below:

Video of the Day: Taemin's... I Mean BoA's "Disturbance" MV

Well, well, well!  BoA has just released the mv for her new single, "Disturbance" featuring SHINee's Taemin and, judging from the comments, people are wow-ed by Taemin's performance and how cute TaeBoA look together.  My thoughts?  Baby Taemin is no more!  Let's discuss:

More Screencaps of SHINee's Taemin in BoA's "Disturbance" MV

Just like the title says, here's some more screencaps of SHINee 's manly Taemin from BoA 's soon to be released " Disturbance " mv.  Rumor has it that the mv will be released at 12:00 pm KST but you know how SM Entertainment likes to troll us fans.  Take a look:

SHINee's Taemin Will Be Very Manly And Full of Angst in BoA's New MV "Disturbance"

If you've seen the album covers for BoA's upcoming mv, "Disturbance", then you've noticed Taemin and BoA curled up all cozy and snuggly in a couch together.  You might even have heard that Taemin will be starring in the mv for that video, but have you heard the rest?  Well keep scrolling because I've got some news for ya.

Big Bang's Alive Tour The Final in Seoul Day 1: Pics and Fancams

Big Bang has been gallivanting around the globe with their Alive Tour since March 2, 2012, so it's been almost a year since they embarked on this epic world tour.  Today marked the beginning of the end of these concert experiences, which they're calling Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour The Final . The final concerts are taking place from Friday, January 25th through Sunday, January 27th, which means I woke up today to tons of tweets on my tlist about them.  VIPs took to Twitter to either bemoan not going to the concerts or freak out over being at the venue, waiting for everything to start.   I'm so jealous! I've gathered some pics and fancams from around the net of today's performance, so scroll on down to get started.

Poll Results: What Do You Want To See On Oddness/Weirdness?

Earlier this month I did a post where I reviewed how 2012 went for Oddness/Weirdness .  I talked about some stats and did some fangirling over the fact that I have followers. Yayyy followers! I also included a poll asking everyone what they wanted to see more of on here.  68 people voted before the poll closed on January 2nd, and here are the results: What Would You Like To See On Oddness/Weirdness? (Other = f(x) and mv fashion) So let's discuss this, shall we?

Watch 11 Minutes of SHINee at the 2013 Golden Disk Awards

As promised, here's the best quality  SHINee  performances and awards acceptance from the Golden Disk Awards that I could find.  Enjoy!

Video of the Day: SHINee's "1000 Years, Always by Your Side" on Happy Japan Live

This too-short video of SHINee performing " 1000 Years, Always by Your Side " on Happy Japan live is from January 20th but we know it was filmed a bit earlier because of Taemin 's hair style.  These boys sure are all over the place these days.

Listen To All of G-Dragon's "I Am Mugler", Fashion Show Included

At long last, Nicola Formichetti and Mugler released the full video of their FW 2013 menswear collection, which means you can finally listen to the whole of G-Dragon 's " I Am Mugler " .

Taeyang's Cover of Chris Brown's "Don't Judge Me" Makes Me Feel Thangs

How did I not know Taeyang had a YouTube page with, like, two videos on it?  Also, why is he trying to make me cry with his rendition of Chris Brown's "Don't Judge Me"?  Taeyang uploaded this video on September 17, 2012.  You might have seen this one before but I think it's worth a second look.

Steal Their Style: Get SHINee Key's Sneakers + More

I love Kpop fashion to death but a lot of it is pretty expensive, right?  Well my new series is all about stealing your biases' style without spending all of that hard earned cashola.  I'll be posting about where you can buy an item that's inexpensive or where you can get something similar for a lot cheaper. First up is SHINee' s Key :

Watch The SHINee World Japan Arena Tour DVD

I feel as if I've been neglecting my SHINee boys so I was happy when I happened upon this upload of the SHINee World Japan Arena Tour dvd just now.  It's not HD quality but it's still pretty good so watch and enjoy!

A Wild G-Dragon Spotted Roaming in London and Paris

Hey friends... I took a mini blogging break in the past few days but I certainly kept up with my biases' shenanigans.  I've been keeping a close eye on G-Dragon since he decided to fly straight from the Golden Disk Awards in Malaysia right on over to London, England, while managing to catch a few stalker fans on the way. GD in London

Nicola Formichetti Releases G-Dragon's "I Am Mugler"

As mentioned earlier, Nicola Formichetti and G-Dragon collaborated on a song for the MUGLER fall/winter 2013 menswear fashion show .  Well, the video featuring the song, "I Am Mugler", has finally been released!   Watch and listen below:

G-Dragon vs Nicola Formichetti: "I Am Mugler" BTS and Preview

It's been an eventful day for G-Dragon .  Not only has he been to the Golden Disk Awards and won some stuff, he also partnered with Lady Gaga's stylist, Nicola Formichetti , on a track for the MUGLER f/w 2013 menswear fashion show.

UPDATED: G-Dragon At the 2013 Golden Disk Awards Ultra Mega Post!

Earlier today, the one and only G-Dragon attended the 2013 Golden Disc Awards, where he won a few prizes and graced us with a few performances.  I've got all kinds of goodies for you GD fans so I'm just going to get started. This post is Image and Video heavy.

SHINee 2013 Golden Disk Awards Mega Post

I haven't done a mega post in awhile, so it seems fitting that it should be for SHINee , right?  There's a ton of stuff to post because earlier today SHINee got dressed up all spiffy and headed on down to the  2013 Golden Disk Awards in Malaysia.

Editorials Past: G-Dragon For Numero Magazine October 2008

In celebration of G-Dragon making music for Nicola Formicetti's MUGLER menswear fall/winter 2013 show , I've managed to hunt down all these gothic-fantastic photos of GD from Numero magazine in 2008.  You know it's a good photo shoot when it's still relevant 6 years later. These are such great shots of GD doing what he does best, in a Tim Burton sort of way.  Kind of like an avant garde Beetlejuice, which is a perfect homage to Lady Gaga's aesthetic.  After taking a look at this, be sure to click on over to G-Dragon's Vogue Korea 2009 editorial .  It's also very avant garde and it's been updated with a ton more pics that I found today + more.

Video of the Day: B.A.P's "Rain Sound"

TS Entertainment has just released B.A.P 's newest single with accompanying mv, "Rain Sound" , and I honestly don't know what to feel.  My brain is pretty much stuck on, "Hmm..." right now.  Watch below:

UPDATED: G-Dragon is Making Sweet, Sweet Music For Nicola Formichetti & MUGLER + More

I am so spazzing right now.  Want to know why?  Well, Nicola Formichetti , creative director of famed French fashion house MUGLER , recently tweeted that G-Dragon was in the process of making music for the MUGLER menswear fall/winter 2013 show on January 16th.  I'm gagging at this moment, but only in the good way. UPDATED : Scroll all the way down to learn how you can watch the MUGLER show. Tweeted by Nicola F.

Please Bear With Me...

...while I get over being sick.  The flu is running rampant throughout New Jersey/New York.  Ugghh. I should hopefully be better tomorrow. Thanks for visiting!

G-Dragon To Embark On A Solo World Tour

Sadly for me, and for many others I'm sure, most Kpop news happens or is announced while I'm sleeping.  This particular piece of news was revealed while I was wide awake and too sleepy to write about it, actually, but I was fangirl squealing all the way.  Yep, you read the title correctly.  Big Bang 's G-Dragon will be going on a "world tour".

INFINITE H's Teaser For "Special Girl" Gives Me Feels

Dongwoo and Hoya seem to be chomping at the bit to officially debut their sub-unit of INFINITE , called INFINITE H .  They released a teaser for " Fly High " on January 6th  and now they're back with a new mv teaser.  The song is called " Special Girl " and it is just too delightful.  I must spazz... but watch first:

Video of the Day: Super Junior-M's "Break Down"

Super Junior-M released their new album and mv " Break Down " on January 7th (January 6th Korean time) and have already managed to accrue over 800,000 views on YouTube so far.  Good for them!  Watch the mv below.

An Ode to G-Dragon's Best Hairstyles in 2012

Oh G-Dragon ... How you slayed me this past year with your perfectly shorn locks of crimson, magenta, cerulian and blush!  How I longed mightily for your hairdresser's digits and a home visit... Ahhh, I can only stare at you in admiration and sigh.  

INFINITE H Heads Your Way With A Teaser For "Fly High"

If you're familiar with INFINITE , you'll know all about the rappers/dance machines of the group named Hoya and Dongwoo .  Those said rappers decided to pair up into a new subgroup named INFINITE H .  The H stands for hip hop, which will be quite different than their main group's '80s redux sound. We got to see some of what they're capable of on the Gayo Daejuns but Woolliment has released a teaser for a new song, " Fly High " from their soon to be released album.

Super Junior-M Releases Teasers For "Break Down"

Super Junior-M , the Chinese sub unit for Super Junior, will be releasing their new album, " Break Down " on January 7th and they've been busy revealing all kinds of teasers in the past week or so. Take a look:

Kpop WTF: More Info On Block B vs. Stardom Entertainment

New info about Block B 's injunction against Stardom Entertainment  continued to surface throughout the day, with both parties releasing statements and fans and netizens alike rallying to Block B's defense.  Read on for Stardom and Block B's statements and more.

UPDATED- Kpop WTF: Block B Sues Stardom Entertainment

It's only a few days into 2013 and it seems like it's already the year of the Kpop scandal.  So far Rain has gotten into trouble for dumb stuff like dating Kim Tae Hee and not wearing his hat while off base (smdh), idols are tweeting   crazy stuff , and how about another sex scandal ?  But the news that just made my jaw drop was that Block B has filed suit against Stardom Entertainment because they want their exclusive contract to be nullified. Woah... Read on for more info.

SHINee Talks About A New Album + Upcoming Activities in 2013

Just saw this cute but short video of SHINee talking about their upcoming Korean album and 2013 activities.  It's a bit blurry but it's got English subs, yay!

A Year In Review + My Goals For OddnessWeirdness in 2013

2012 was an interesting year for me and Oddness/Weirdness blog.  A lot of good things happened to me last year, blogging-wise, and I wanted to share my good fortune with you guys in a year- end post.

Videos of the Day: The SHINee VCRs

I'm finally getting around to posting all the SHINee VCRs that have been uploaded recently.  It's a bit late today because I couldn't remember where the heck the most recent one was and if I'd saved it or not.  Good old trusty YouTube history...  I <3 you! Anyway, on with the show:

UPDATED- Video of the Day: Girls' Generation's "I Got a Boy" + Some Fashion

I can't believe I'm about to say this but... I really like SNSD 's new song and mv, "I Got a Boy" .

The Gayo Daejuns 2012: Highlights and Notable Performances

The end of the year is here and we all know what that means in Kpop land. That's right... the Gayo Daejuns ! Kpop fans know these shows can either be awesome or tiresome or even a mixture of both. I assure you it was the same this year but there were some performance and special stage gems to squee over sprinkled throughout all the shows. Let's watch and critique shall we? Be sure to scroll down to the end for links to playlists of the 3 shows! INFINITE on the SBS red carpet.