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G-Dragon Hits Up Seoul Fashion Week, Takes 2NE1's CL And Friends With Him

Yesterday I talked about SHINee at Seoul Fashion Week , but today I'm bringing you some  G-Dragon .   GD hit up designer Kathleen Hanhee Kye 's F/W 2013 fashion show on March 28th for her brand, KYE .  He took with him 2NE1 's CL and his bffs model Lee Soo Hyuk and  2NE1 's former stylist  Yang Seung Ho (aka Yangaeng ).  Check it:

SHINee's Key, Minho & Taemin At Seoul Fashion Week, FW 2013

For the K-pop elite, Seoul Fashion Week can be a place to see and be seen and this spring is no exception. We know SHINee 's Key is a regular at Seoul Fashion Week (click here for Key and others at last spring's F/W shows), but this time Minho and Taemin also came out to play. Key started out the festivities by hitting up two shows.  First he attended the Kim Seo Ryong Homme show, in which big name model/actor Kim Woobin (of " School 2013 " fame) walked the runway.

Watch This: SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 7

Our favorite show is up, which means we get to watch SHINee 's antics for a good 45 minutes.  Woot woot!  Now I just have to find Episode 6 with English subs.  Ah well... enjoy! Scaredy cat Jonghyun and the haunted house.

Kpop WTF: SHINee's Onew Is Scandalous

2013 continues being The Year Of The Kpop Scandal , as one of the supposed angels of Kpop turned out to be The Devil Incarnate™... or just a regular guy.  Yes I'm talking about Onew from SHINee .

UPDATED: Watch SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 6 With English Subs

Ahh SHINee ... Even if I've had a long week full of tiresome work, you always end up making me smile.  Is it the same for you guys?  If so, here's episode 6 of " SHINee's Wonderful Day ", which is a source of endless smiles and laughter for me. UPDATED: With English subs .  Thanks to the lovely Kpop Noona for the link! All previous episodes are available here .

Watch SHINee Shoot Their "Fire" MV and Album Jacket With English Subs

Here's what's called SHINee's "Fire" Jacket and MV Shooting Sketch in which they make what looks like little candle dolls and are generally cute as usual.  Enjoy:

Video of the Day: INFINITE's "Man In Love" MV + Some Fashion

INFINITE 's " Man In Love " mv just came out, which means that my other faves are back, y'all.  Am I excited or what??  Take a look at the mv for their new song because you might want to do some squee-ing over how cute it is:

G-Dragon Wears Pyrex Vision Clothing Again And Again

G -Dragon updated his Instagram and LINE accounts today with pics of him wearing a hoodie and plaid by a brand called Pyrex Vision .  Wondering why he's facing backwards so resolutely in both pics?  Check it out: ¥$£ #gd #oneofakind #ygstudio #pyrex #bape

SHINee For The April Issue Of Star1 Magazine

Ok so this SHINee editorial in the April issue of Star1 is something else.  They're all looking incredible, but what's up with Onew nowadays?  He usually looks great but he's been looking especially fine these past few weeks.  Take a look and let me know what you thought in the comments below: (click to enlarge)

SHINee Wins For The Fourth Time On Show Champion

I have no words. Ok I lied... I really do.   SHINee won with " Dream Girl " on Show Champion , which makes them the first artist to win four times on the show.  That's right... ever.  I'm so happy for these boys, because they are snatching wigs left and right.  If you're not up on that gay slang, this pretty much means that your faves could never and all that good stuff.  I have HD video of all their cuts from today's Show Champion for you so enjoy!

G-Dragon Teases Anime and Thom Browne For His MichiGO MV

G-Dragon is a busy man.  He's got the release of his new album coming up, he's embarking on a solo tour soon, AND he's working on an mv for a new song.  The song is titled " MichiGO " (which is a pun on the words "crazy" and "go") and it will be debuted at his first concert in Seoul on March 30th.  You know this means the guy has been attending all kinds of shootings and rehearsals and he might even still be putting the finishing touches on his third album.  Craziness. G-Dragon's newly released world tour logo.

UPDATED: Watch SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 5 With English Subs

Edited to add: Now updated with real full subs . So here's SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 5 with limited English subs.  I know the video says full but I consider full subs to be when everything is subbed, including the writing at the bottom of the screen and what other people, besides just SHINee , say in the video.  I'll update this post when my fave subber does her thang.

SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 5 Is Out!

Some more cute stuff is coming your way, because the most recent episode of SHINee's Wonderful Day has been uploaded to YouTube.  That's right, it's episode 5 (no subs yet!).  Is anyone else with me on thinking that this show is on a par with " Hello Baby "?  Too much adorable packed into 45 minutes.  Ugh.  Anyway, don't mind me... Go watch!

SHINee Wins A Triple Crown On M! Countdown + More

 Yesterday SHINee  Triple Crown-ed it on Show Champion (amongst other things), today they did the deed on M! Countdown .  Congrats, guys! The sky's the limit for these fab boys, don't you think?  Their talent and drive to win cannot be disputed and it's showing in their domination of the charts and the music shows. Let's watch, shall we?

UPDATED: Spam Post: SHINee Did 20 Things Today, What Did You Do??

I thought this blog post title was pretty apropos, because when I woke up today there were already like 5 new SHINee things for me to watch.  Now it's nighttime and they already did a ton more stuff.  Damn!   SM is really getting their money's worth out of them these days. Anyway, I digress.  Let's get on with it!  But first do remember that there are no English subs for most of this because it all aired today. UPDATED: English subs for Show Champion 130313,  SBS Midnight Tv Entertainment & Beatles Code 2 Pt. 2

G-Dragon's "One Of A Kind" DVD Collection Teaser + Solo Tour News

I know the G-Dragon posts have been few and far between on this blog recently, but it's been kind of quiet on that home front.  That's all about to change, because Jiyong 's new album will soon be released and he'll be heading out on his  One of a Kind World Tour .   The GD extravaganza kicks off March 30th and I, for one, cannot wait! As mentioned before , GD will also be releasing a  "One of a Kind" dvd collection  on April 2nd, which means that before long you'll be able to hear the rustling of hundreds of credit cards being brandished throughout the world.  You'll know it when you hear it. The teaser for the One of a Kind collection was released today, so here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Video of the Day: SHINee's "Fire" PV (Full)

Well damn... I totally forgot this was coming out today and almost went to sleep.  I'm sure glad I didn't because EMI Japan just released the full pv for SHINee 's new Japanese single, " Fire ".

Kpop Flashback: SHINee Are Hilarious On KBS2TV's "Nocturnal" With English Subs

Have you ever wondered where all those wonderfully amusing Minho laughing gifs come from?  Well you came to the right place, my friends. Last night I posted one of said gifs to the blog's Facebook page and today a loyal reader named Kathryn asked me the origins of the gif.  Thankfully I'm pretty well versed in Google-fu because I did not recall the name of the show at all, having watched it a few years ago.  All I remembered was something about a truck driving around at night and that Onew was a co-host.  Plus that it had me (and Minho) laughing our asses off. Lo and behold I found it.  The show is called " Nocturnal " and if you've never seen it, you must.  In this episode of the show you'll see what I assume is SHINee being pretty much themselves.  They couldn't possibly be putting on their fake public faces... they're laughing too hard.

SHINee's Key Joins Instagram, The Internet Sighs With Relief

...Or at least a whole bunch of Shawols do. If you're like me, you've been just waiting for Key from SHINee to join the ranks of Kpop idols on Twitter .  He hasn't done that (yet!) but he's joined the next best thing.  Yay for Instagram , right? "its hard to be ur friend"

[K-Dramatic] A Flower Boy And Their Makeup Are Never Parted

By: Joan M. A recent article in a British newspaper pointed out that Korean men now wear a lot more makeup than they did a generation ago.  It has become more common for men to apply foundation and eyeliner before going out in the morning. I blame it all on the flower boys—not that I’m complaining. Actors such as Jang Geun Suk and singers such as G-Dragon regularly model for cosmetic and skin care companies, with the main selling point being their flower boy good looks. Jang Geun Suk for Nature Republic.

Fashion DON'T: Taemin's Ridiculous Hat

As I was watching SHINee's Google+ Live Video Chat last night, I kept staring at Taemin's head and wondering if my eyes were deceiving me.  Did I see what I thought I saw?  

UPDATED: Even More SHINee: Watch Them On Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook

Ahh SHINee ... They're everywhere these days.  I always wonder how they manage to do it.  Lots of Red Bull and no sleep?  I can just imagine. I'm definitely trying to keep up with the extra good stuff, like SHINee on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook today.  All other blogs seem to have LQ quality, but you can watch it here in HQ, courtesy of our pal krisbrows8 .  Watch below and let's discuss in the comments, as usual.  Also, check back soon for another SHINee Week in Review post, where I recap their 50 million activities and provide you with links, pics and other content.  Now on to the show! UPDATED: With English subs.

UPDATED: SHINee To Video Chat Live For Google+'s New A-Pop Channel

In about 28 minutes or less, you'll be able to watch SHINee video chat for Google+'s A-Pop channel opening event on Google+ Hangout. Edited to add: The full Live Video Chat:

New SHINee "Fire" Mobile Uploads + PV Short Version

Some new images of SHINee from their " Fire " single have been uploaded today by EMI Music Japan .  Apparently they're "special mobile wallpapers".  What do you think?  Are they special enough?

UPDATED: Watch SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 4 (New) + Episode 3 With English Subs

I got a tip from an awesome reader that the English subs for Episode 3 (or what I was calling episode 4) of SHINee's Wonderful Day are finally up.  These are full subs too, and include everything SHINee says and everything else that's  going on at the top or bottom of the screen.  Damn that's a lot of subbing.  I'm about to go watch it as soon as I'm done with this post, so here you go! Edited to add: Updated with Episode 4 English subs!

UPDATED: Watch SHINee Be Cutely Amusing on "Beatles Code" + "Hello"

I've been away for a few days; sorry about that...  I'm back now and I come bearing gifts!  Here's some more SHINee for your viewing pleasure, and this time I've got their episode of KBS 's " Hello " and Mnet 's " Beatles Code ".  As usual, watch ( or download ... shhh!) quickly before they get deleted.  Also as usual, I'll be updating these with English subbed versions as soon as I find them. Fyi, I've been looking for " SHINee's Wonderful Day " episode 4 English subbed and I have not found it anywhere.  If you do find it, be sure to leave me a link in the  comments or in email (click on Contact Me at the top of the blog). Edited to add: Beatles Code English subbed.

Idol Style: Big Bang's Airport Fashion 130302

If you've followed this site for awhile, you're well aware that I usually fawn all over G-Dragon 's fashion, while not really paying attention to the other four members of Big Bang .  I do tend to think their airport style as a whole is relatively intriguing, even though there's usually at least one person wearing something that's just ok, if not downright scraggly (Yeah I'm talking about you,  Taeyang ).  Today, however, they all managed to capture my attention with the following airport style pics, which were taken on their way to Nanjing, China

Check Out G-Dragon and Taeyang's BTS For Their Vogue Korea Photoshoot

GD & YB 's photoshoot from the March issue of Vogue Korea  was so epic that they had to make a bts video.  I'm certainly not complaining.

G-Dragon To Release A "One Of A Kind" DVD Collection

Earlier today, YG Entertainment announced that G-Dragon would be releasing a DVD collection for his album "One of a Kind" on April 2nd.  Umm, yeahhh... I'm probably going to have to buy this.  Here's all the info: