(BEDA) Day 14- Best Live Singer: Male

I'm so excited to share my admiration and love for this man's smooth and luscious voice.  I already featured him in my day 2 post about a zombie apocalypse but I had to include him in this one too.  I'll say it again, he's not quite an idol anymore but he's just too good for words.  That would be Rain, of course.

I've already waxed poetic about Rain a few times on this blog so I'm just going to let you listen to him be all soulful while I fangirl over to the side.

Rain in Germany at the Dresden Music Festival, performing with Jan Vogler: How to Avoid the Sun 
Source: hexenwill

Love Song
Source: oOMeiYingOo


Edited to add:
I totally forgot to add my 2nd runner up, Shinee's Onew.

The tone and timbre of his voice is, in my opinion, sublime.  I could listen to him sing all day long.

Source: rabbit19891219


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