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G-Dragon Unveils A 2nd Coup D'Etat Teaser Image And Finally Let's Us Know The Darned Release Date

Thanks, G-Dragon , for finally giving us a date for your new album, " Coup D'Etat ".

Let's Celebrate, Because Block B Has Signed With A New Label!

It is another happy day in this fangirl's (fan-woman?) life because I just read that those crazy ass Block B boys are with a new label now.  Yesss!  Someone needs to come high five me, because I'm all sorts of pumped about this news.

G-Dragon Gives Us Another C'oup D'etat Album Tease, Plus A Tracklist

G-Dragon is slowwwwlllyyy eking out the teasers for his new album, you know, keeping us all nervous and thirsty as we wait for any scraps of information about " Coup D'etat ".  Today saw the release of this lovely image teaser:

G-Dragon At KCON Day 2: Fancams And Pics + "Niliria" Feat. Missy Elliot

G-Dragon performed on M! Countdown 's special KCON stage yesterday with special guest Missy Elliot .  All I have to say right now is Oh. My. Gawd. because it was everything I could have wanted and more and I cannot wait for GD's new album.  These fancams and pics are a must see for all GD fans, so check it out! Cr. luv4DBrothers. 

G-Dragon Greets The Fans At KCON 2013, Twitter Goes Beserk

KCON is taking place as we speak in California at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena where, through Sunday, some lucky fans will get to rub shoulders  with some of their favorite Kpop celebs.  Stars like EXO , 2AM , f(x) , Teen Top and more are attending this event but it is my belief that the luckiest fans are the ones that get to see the one and only G-Dragon . Cr: @kimjunce

SHINee's Hello Baby Viewing Party: Episode 5

Ok SHINee stans and not-yet-SHINee stans, I've got episode 5 of SHINee's Hello Baby for your viewing pleasure. This is the one where SHINee puts on their crazy old school play.  Later on they head on over to KBS  for their schedule and end up meeting up with SNSD and other celebs.  I love how Minho is the one who always the Appa who gets Yoogeun to stop crying... It's so darned cute, I can't even.

Mega Post: SHINee's "Boys Meet U" Single Album Photobook And Photocards

The HQ scans of SHINee's " Boys Meet U "  single album photobook and photocards are finally up!  This means that this post is called "Mega" for a reason.  This post is very image heavy, so you'll be scrolling for awhile.  Enjoy! Boys Meet U Limited edition photocards:

The SHINee "Hello Baby" Viewing Party: Episode 4

Are you a SHINee stan yet?? We're on Episode 4 of SHINee's Hello Baby today, and this is the episode that made me really start to like the boys.   2Min go food shopping, Onew and Jonghyun try to convince Yoogeun to get a haircut (what were they thinking sending those two?), the guys cook for New Years and model their hanboks, plus more.  Squee!  You guys ready?  Commence watching:

Seungri Makes A Sexy And Suave Comeback On M! Countdown 130822

Big Bang's Seungri has been bringing it recently, with today being no exception.  He held his first " Let's Talk About Love " album comeback stage on M! Countdown , performing " Gotta Talk To U " and " GG BE " and it was all flaw free.

Video of the Day x 2: EXO's "Growl- 2nd Version" And Henry Lau's "1-4-3 (I Love You)" Feat. Amber

I'm doing 2 videos at the same time again, because why not?  This time I'm honing in on EXO 's new " Growl " video and Henry Lau 's just released mv for " 1-4-3 (I Love You) featuring f(x)'s Amber Liu .

When Kpop And My TV Watching Habits Collide: 2NE1 on SYTYCD

Last night I was watching one of my favorite shows ever, So You Think You Can Dance , when dancer Mark Kanemura (one of Lady Gaga 's main backup dancers) decided to give his choreography some  2NE1 fierceness.  That's right, there was 2NE1 on national tv in the U.S. last night!  :insert fangirling gif here:

SHINee's Key Is Summery In Pink At The Bonnie And Clyde Press Conference

SHINee's Key looked chic and fresh as he attended the Bonnie and Clyde press conference today, alongside his fellow castmates.  I like that Key decided to wear pink and white to the press con, since he always looks great in that color.  This outfit is a very toned down version of normal Key-wear but he rocks it well, as usual.

[UPDATED] Listening Party: Seungri's "Let's Talk About Love" Album

I won't bore you by gushing about how much I love Seungri 's " GOTTA TALK TO YOU " mv like I did in my last post .  I'm just here to leave you with the rest of the songs from the " Let's Talk About Love " album.  Listen quickly before they're deleted, and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below. UPDATED: With English translations of the lyrics and pics, because just posting the songs seems half assed.

Video of the Day: Seungri's "GOTTA TALK TO U" MV + His Surprise Visit To Inkigayo

YG Entertainment was actually on time with their release of Seungri 's newest mv, " GOTTA TALK TO U " and album " Let's Talk About Love ".  In fact they were even early!  Can you imagine?  I wouldn't be able to if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  I've got my usual review with screencaps, so keep on reading:

The SHINee "Hello Baby" Viewing Party: Episode 3

WARNING:  Watching this show WILL cause you to become a SHINee stan.  Enter at your own risk! You know I have a really bad memory when I tell you that on Friday I found myself sitting here wondering what to post, completely forgetting about this SHINee   Hello Baby Viewing Party deal.  Whoops!  I just now remembered, 2 days later.  Smh...  I blame Seungri and G-Dragon, to be honest. Without further ado, here's episode 3:

The "Oh So THAT'S What You Were Doing" Edition: G-Dragon's 2nd Album "Coup D'etat" Teaser

By now you've probably watched the teaser for G-Dragon 's 2nd solo album, which is called " coup d'etat " and uttered a long drawn out, "Ohhhhhhhh ohhhkayyyy".  You might have even heaved a little sigh of relief, even as you marveled at the extent of GD's (or his art director's) genius imagery.  That's what I did, anyway, because today was the day the whole G-Dragon blackface controversy was finally laid to rest.

Watch Henry Lau's Preview Video Of His New Song "1-3-4 (I Love You)" Feat. EXO's Chanyeol

Henry Lau has teamed up with EXO's Chanyeol for a preview of his new song " 1-4-3 (I Love You) " and it's so sweet and cute that it makes me want to run out and hug someone.  :fangirl flail:

Seungri Drops Jaws With The Release Of His "Let's Talk About Love" Teaser

What the...?!?!  If you're anything like me, that was pretty much your reaction to Seungri of Big Bang 's new teaser for " Let's Talk About Love ".  Of course let's not forget the dropped jaws and shocked gasps that our computer or phone screens have just become acquainted with.  If you haven't watched this yet, you're in for a good surprise.

Seungri Snatches Wigs With His "GG Be" Explanation + More Teasers From "Let's Talk About Love"

Big Bang's Seungri has taken a page from his hyung G-Dragon 's book with the way he's been promoting his new album, " Let's Talk About Love ".  He's been posting daily teasers and info about each song on social media for awhile now and even did a countdown a la GD.  Since RiRi is far from my favorite Big Bang member I had not taken much notice of any of it at first until today, when he captured my full attention.

The SHINee "Hello Baby" Viewing Party: Episode 2

WARNING:  Watching this show WILL cause you to become a SHINee stan.  Enter at your own risk! Welcome back to the  SHINee's "Hello Baby" viewing party .  I'm back with episode 2 which, if I remember correctly, was much better than episode 1.

Idol Style: Onew From SHINee's Fashion Evolution

It's been an interesting ride from 2008 'til now.  I've enjoyed watching SHINee's Onew morph from a supposedly shy hoodie wearing boy that tried his hardest to be inconspicuous to The Man Of A Thousand Clutches.  He's said it himself; he's paying more attention to fashion and skincare and it definitely shows. Onew has gone from thick to thin, short hair to long, innocent to sexy and everything in between.  Sometimes he's even a combination of both.  I like my Jinki almost anyway I can get him.  Which version do you prefer?

EXO Releases Official Growl Dance Practice Vids, I Have Issues With My Ovaries As Usual

SM Entertainment has released EXO 's " Growl " dance practice videos, which means I had to sit there and watch them over and over a few times, even though I've watched the ganked dance practice version a ton of times.  I'm going to need for you guys to watch them with me because I can't be the only one having issues over these 12 boys.

News Of The Week: G-Dragon Films A New MV In London, INFINITE Kicks Off Their World Tour, EXO Fans Banned From Inkigayo And More

I've been planning to do a weekly recap on the blog for awhile now but never got around to it.  Welp, here I am finally doing one!  I know this is last week's news but I've gotta start somewhere, so here goes. Check out my inaugural "News Of The Week" post.  These posts will consist of a recap of things I found to be really interesting that happened during the week, but didn't neccessarily blog about.  Let me know whether you'd like to see more of these in the comments below.

Big Bang's Seungri Has Got A New Teaser For "Let's Talk About Love"

It was kind of a surprise when YG Entertainment's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk,  announced out of the blue that Big Bang's Seungri  would be making a comeback on August 19.  I'd been anticipating G-Dragon and Taeyang 's new albums, not Seungri's, so I was pretty flabbergasted when this news was unleashed.  Why do I get the feeling this was a rush job to cover up the fact that GD & YB's albums are late as usual?  Either way, I'm sure Seungri stans (and Seungri himself) are as happy as can be and hey, this teaser and tracklist is pretty nice too:

Mega Post: SHINee's "The Misconceptions Of Us" Photobook, Photocards & Some Lyrics

This post is all SHINee " The Misconceptions Of Us " pics and lyrics, no commentary.  Enjoy! Photobook:

The SHINee "Hello Baby" Viewing Party: Episode 1

WARNING:  Watching this show WILL cause you to become a SHINee stan.  Enter at your own risk. Welcome to the first episode of our SHINee Hello Baby Viewing Party !  I'm so excited about this, and it seems like some of you are too.  Let's do this!

SHINee's Jonghyun Trolls Key For "The Misconceptions Of Us"

I suddenly remembered why I like SHINee's Jonghyun  when he started up with his trolling ways again yesterday. This time his target was Key and the " The Misconceptions of Us " album cover and the results were, as usual, hilarious.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Get Ready For The Oddness/Weirdness SHINee "Hello Baby" Viewing Party!

WARNING:  Watching this show WILL cause you to become a SHINee stan.  Enter at your own risk. Yesterday, as I was typing out some long ass comment in reply to one of you lovely visitors, I suddenly had this great idea (I think it is anyway):  Why not have a SHINee "Hello Baby" weekly viewing party? I watched SHINee's "Hello Baby" episodes almost 4 years ago, when I was first  forced into liking SHINee  (that's a joke, kind of).  I've been considering watching them all over again for awhile now, mostly because this is the show that started my SHINee obsession but also because it was so utterly charming. Just look at them:

It's Here: SHINee's "The Misconceptions Of Us" Repackage Album

SHINee's "The Misconceptions Of Us" has just been released!  Why wasn't I expecting this right now?  How'd I forget to anticipate it?  I have no idea, but I'm happy about it.  Of course someone has managed to upload the 2 new songs already so get ready to take a listen.

Video of the Day: 2NE1's "Do You Love Me"

The mv to 2NE1 's 2nd summer jam, " Do You Love Me " is now out!  Are you loving it?  I bet you are, because it's super duper extra cute.

2NE1's "Do You Love Me" Dance Practice Video Is Out + Get CL's Fashion

So YG Entertainment decided not to troll us for once because they released 2NE1 's " Do You Love Me " on time.  Can you imagine?  The song is pretty good, I must say, and the choreography is cute.  Let's watch:

2NE1 Releases The Cutest Teasers Ever For "Do You Love Me"

Continuing on with their a-new-song-every-month strategy, 2NE1 is about to drop another one August 7th!  This one's called " Do You Love Me " and it's got the cutest teasers in the world of Kpop mv teasers.

Video of the Day: B.A.P's "Badman" MV

The mv for B.A.P 's new song, " Badman " was released today and I am sad to say that I am so disappointed in this video and this song.  Is this why they went to Detroit??  Jeezzzzz.  I kind of don't even know what to say, but I'll come up with something, I'm sure.

Kpop WTF: Why The Hell Does SHINee's Jonghyun Never Have A Schedule?

------DISCLAIMER------ I've forgotten about quite a bit of the content I wrote for this blog, and really only get comments on it once in a blue moon in the past 2 or 3 years. I was quite surprised and then quite saddened when I got the first unhappy comment after Jjong's death. Apparently I did too good of a job with Google SEO, considering that I wrote this in 2013 and it's STILL showing up in search rankings. I've considered taking this post down and even discussed it with my best Shawol friends (that I met because of this blog!), but I've decided to keep it up with this disclaimer. Why? I'll let you know: I've loved SHINee for quite a few years now, but that love has never been unconditional.  I wrote about everything to do with SHINee while I was running this blog, and was very vocal about all of it. Anyone who visited more than once knew that I was always extremely blunt about my feelings and thoughts on SHINee (and kpop in general), which is, I&

Learn More About SHINee's "Misconceptions Of Us" Repackage Album

SHINee's back, or they almost are, with their upcoming repackage album " The Misconceptions of Us ".  I've got some more info for you on this album plus where to pre-order it so read on:

EXO Proves Me Wrong With "Growl": They CAN Sing Live

Whattt?   EXO sang " Growl " live on MBC's   Music Core today?   Already ??  What is this world coming to?   I'm shocked, guys.  I'm really, really shocked because I'd come to the conclusion that EXO couldn't really sing live .  I was even starting to think that their voices are just auto-tuned to perfection and that D.O. , Bacon Baekhyun , Luhan and Chen couldn't really hold a diva sing out like " What Is Love " has led me to believe.  Seems as if I was wrong, which I'm really happy about.

Kpop WTF: G-Dragon's Blackface Controversy

Editor's Note: This post was not written to bash G-Dragon.  This post was written out of my frustration with GD and YG Entertainment and the way that they handled this issue.  Please read the whole post + this post written after GD's Coup D'etat teaser video came out before you make a comment.   On July 30th G-Dragon posted a picture to his Instagram account that has proven to be very controversial.  That would be this pic here, in which he's got a face full of black paint:

EXO Explodes My Ovaries With Their First "Growl" Comeback Stage On M! Countdown

EXO made their first " Growl " comeback performance today on M! Countdown and I think it was good, and by good I mean f#@king awesome.  They had me wiping sweat off my brow with all those sexy faces they were making, and they've managed to hip thrust and twerk their way onto my bias list with this one.  Yeah, I never thought I'd be saying that about EXO either, but there's always room for one more.

G-Dragon's Vogue Korea 17th Anniversary BTS Feat. Kim Sung Hee

Vogue Korea has released what is probably the last BTS video from their G-Dragon 17th Anniversary photo shoot.  This one features Korean supermodel Kim Sung Hee or, as people in other parts of the world probably know her, Sung Hee Kim .