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[Guest Post] Did You Just Ask Why I Love K-Pop? A Dissertation

I'm back!   But only kind of today because my first foray back into blogging is a guest post.  Did I hear someone say "But whyyyy??" from here?  Well, I happen to think you'll like this one a lot.  This post is by Kat , Associate Writer extraordinaire for , who I met in the comments of this here blog and promptly befriended.  We bonded over SHINee belts... don't ask.  Anyway, Kat is here to give you an in depth view into why we all like Kpop and also to give you a way to explain it to those pesky non-Kpop lovers. Did You Just Ask Why I Love K-Pop? Others: You like K-Pop? What, like that Sigh guy?" Me: Yeah! Others: But I’m so sick of hearing that gang -nam song, such a one-hit wonder. Me: Actually Psy has been a significant figure in the Korean music industry for over 12 years now and he has produced a lot of really fantastic music during that time… Nope, I’ve lost them. I guess it's understandable how people associate K-Pop to

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Why Oddness/Weirdness Has Been Silent For So Long

Hey friends, fans and fellow Oddities!  I know it's been over a month since I posted anything on here, and I apologize for that. (There's an appropriate SHINee gif for every occasion, as you probably know) Mianhe!  Jeong mal mianhe!   So here's my explanation: