(BEDA) Day 3- Idol Most Likely to Become a Ring Master

So yesterday I answered the age old question: Which idol is most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?  Today it's all about circus ring masters and I had to go with....
<drum roll please>

He seems like he'd be the ring master of the kind of circus that's part creepy side-show, part Cirque Du Soleil and all around twisted fun.  Namely, the kind of circus I'd want to go to.  He's an excellent entertainer, super talented, and always draws my eyes like a magnet when he's performing in the midst of Big Bang.  Also, from stories his fellow Big Bang members have told, he takes his role as leader very seriously and can be very demanding.  Frankly, in my opinion, anyone that can keep Seungri in line (and Taeyang from exaggeratedly dancing himself right off the stage) clearly deserves this title.

Unlimited extra points added just for pulling this off:

Flaw free, your faves could never, etc., etc.

Taemin comes in close second, pretty much because of this:

Source: anjutenshi


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