(BEDA) Day 11- Idol Most Likely to Trip Over Air

I've totally been waiting for this one because I knew EXACTLY who I was going to choose from the first day I saw this BEDA list.  I mean, really...It's not even possible to pick anyone else.   Shinee's Onew for the win!

Sooo cute!  I just want to keep him in my pocket.
What can I say about Onew?  He's pretty much the derp king in Shinee.  He's silly, kind of odd and not afraid to show his nerdy side, which I love.  He's also well known for what they call Onew Sangtae, or Onew Condition, which is the name the members of Shinee came up with to describe one of Onew's most well known character traits.  It's used to describe when Onew does or says something on purpose to make people laugh, like body gags, weird eye or body movements, weird sounds or sudden out of context words.  Most of the time it just ends up making a situation awkward or more awkward.  Fans also use it to describe when Onew accidentally trips or falls, but I think at that point he's just being his usual clumsy self.

The above gifs are just a few of the many gifs that came out of a fan sign event at a Coex shopping mall in S. Korea one day. The following videos are a few of the many examples of Onew tripping... pretty much over air.

Source: JungYoogeun

Source: shrinkingd

Source: SHINeeOnewWorld

Sometimes, though, he does actually get hurt in the process of being clumsy, so it's not always fun and games. Poor thing.  

Edited to add:
Behold Minho's embarrassing rap and Onew's word gag, plus the Onew Sangtae song Shinee made up just for situations like these.

Source: TaluOfficialChannel


  1. When you think he couldn't get any cuter he trips over himself. *fangirling*

  2. THIS made me laugh so much!
    Onew sangtae sangtae sangtae!

  3. cute!!!



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