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Videos of the Day: EXO's "Wolf" MVs And Comeback Stage

EXO released their mv for their much anticipated new song, " Wolf " this morning and, even though it seems that so many people dislike it, I think I'm going to have to (as a reader called it) "pull an Erika".  "Pulling an Erika" is apparently what happens when I talk shit about the teasers to a new song, mv or album leading up to it's release, and then backpedal and say that I like it afterwards. :Deep sigh: This happens so often.  When will I learn?

Taeyang, G-Dragon and 2NE1 At A VIP Chrome Hearts Party 130529

On May 29, GD and YB , along with their good friends 2NE1 , showed up to the opening of the new Chrome Hearts  in Shinsegae department store in Seoul today.  This was a VIP only event, so only the coolest of the cool were in attendance. This post is image heavy.

EXO's 2nd Teaser For "Wolf" Is Hilarious

On May 28 SMent dropped EXO 's newest teaser for their not yet released new single, " Wolf " .  I watched it last night and I was thinking I'd be able to be nice and just mention the facts but I really can't.  I have to admit it.  I think this is so.... damned... FUNNY and you know you do too.

Super Junior M's Henry Lau Is Finally Out Of The SM Entertainment Dungeon

SM Entertainment revealed today that their solo male artist will be no other than that Canadian cutie pie Henry Lau .  His first solo album, which is called " Trap ", will be released on June 7th through all the usual major music sites and he'll be touring the world to promote the album. Congratulations Henry!!  It has been 7 lonnnnggg years since he first became a trainee for SM.  Can you imagine?  I sure can't.

SM Entertainment Is A Big Tease With Their Photos Of A New Male Solo Artist

I would have to say that the big news of the day is SM Entertainment 's just released teaser photos of what they are saying is a new male solo artist.  Check them out:

Video of the Day: CL's "THE BADDEST FEMALE" MV

2NE1 's CL has just released her mv for " The BADDEST FEMALE " and pretty much managed to throw some serious shade at all her contemporaries in one fell swoop.  

UPDATED: Pics and Fancams From SHINee's Debut 5th Anniversary Special Party

All the festivities for SHINee's 5th Anniversary have now concluded but I'm still thinking about how many smiles they've brought into my life.  The boys of SHINee were probably thinking the same thing about Shawols yesterday, during their 5th Anniversary Special Party , which was held on Saturday May 25th at Hwajung Gymnasium . Minho's secla to commemorate the day.

My SHINee 5th Anniversary Appreciation Post

It's SHINee's 5th Anniversary today!  Can you imagine?  This fabulous group of boys have been SHINee for 5 whole years and still going strong.  This boggles my mind because people are always talking about the 5 year curse in Kpop, but  SHINee just keeps getting better and better.  Instead of succumbing to infighting or any of the other woes that other Kpop groups have broken up over, these boys seem to just get stronger.

EXO Has Been Releasing Teasers Like Crazy... Get Ready For "Wolf"

Last week SM Entertainment shocked the Kpop world with their announcement that EXO would at long last be releasing a full length album.  The album will be called " XOXO (Kiss&Hug) " and tons of image teasers and their first video preview have been unleashed on us unsuspecting EXO fans.

SHINee is Finally 5 Again On M! Countdown: Welcome Back Jonghyun!

Jonghyun is back!  Yes that's right, my Shawol friends, SHINee is finally 5 again.  Earlier this morning the boys appeared on  M! Countdown for their first " Why So Serious? " goodbye stage.  There's been lots of fangirling and fanboying (is that fanperson-ing?) going on all over the world and, in fact, we even managed to trend  a Korean phrase on Twitter for over an hour.  How fun is that?  Read on for a ton of screencaps and some pics & video:

UPDATED: SHINee's Jonghyun Will Finally Be Back Today On M! Countdown!

Let the partying begin, because SHINee 's Jonghyun is finally back, and is making his " Why So Serious? " debut on M! Countdown .  He's only been gone for 2 months but it feels like forever, doesn't it?  Shawols everywhere are almost peeing their pants in excitement (including me).  It's pretty sad that he'll be back just when they are doing their goodbye stages on all the shows.  Sigghhh.  Want to see something awesome though?  Look at this business:

G-Dragon and Taeyang Will Guest Star In CL's First Solo MV

2NE1 CL 's solo album debut is fast approaching , and I've got some fun news about that.  Seems as if her label mates and bffs GD and YB will be helping her out with her mv for her upcoming single.  How fun is that?

Kpop Flashback: SHINee's "Replay" Through the Years

The other day I wrote a post about how SHINee performed " Replay ", sans Jonghyun , on KBS 's 700th Episode specia l and, well... sucked.  I thought that if we watched other performances of "Replay", it would cleanse our brains of that sad spectacle and help us move on to bigger and better things, namely Jonghyun's return and their upcoming Japanese release .

[Guest Post] That Silly Little Sitcom "We Got Married" Starring SHINee's Taemin PART 2: Extreme Style! *Spoiler Alert*

Stormy 's back with part 2 of her previous post about Taemin on We Got Married .  As usual, she's pissed off and wants everyone to know why.  Lol nah... she's not mad, she's just concerned.  Read on! This is a cross post from her blog  MyMusicRadar !  You can also visit Stormy at her tumblr site  Under The Radar! That Silly Little Sitcom " We Got Married " Starring SHINee's Taemin PART 2 Extreme Style! *Spoiler Alert* by StormofStarzZ2 I was really Really REALLY  mad  watching the 130519 episode of  We Got Married .  To the  extreme !  YES, Yes, yes I  KNOW  it's scripted; still nothing stops our magnificent maknae from speaking his mind!  We all know him well enough to see that many of his reactions are the real thing.  He never could hide his real feelings.

Watch Na Eun and Taemin On Episode 4 Of "We Got Married" With English Subs

It's that time of the week again!  Time for some Taemin and Na Eun on We Got Married   episode 4, English subs included.  Is everyone enjoying Taemin on the show so far? If you've missed an episode, you can catch them all by clicking here .

SHINee Struggles With "Replay" On Music Bank's 700th Anniversary Special

SHINee was on KBS's Music Bank today for the show's 700th Anniversary Special .  The boys performed a special stage of their forever classic " Replay ", along with " Why So Serious? " and if you haven't at least watched the "Replay" stage, you should.  Take a look:

More Info On SHINee's Japanese Album "Boys Meet U"

More information is out about SHINee 's 2nd full Japanese album.  As you know, it will be called " Boys Meet U " but I know what everyone is wondering.  Will it just be a whole bunch of Japanese remakes or re-releases of their previous Japanese songs?  Read on to find out a bit more...

Watch Taemin And NaEun On "We Got Married" Episode 3 With English Subs

Well Taemin fans, as you probably realized I totally forgot to post episode 3 of " We Got Married " with  A Pink's Na Eun .  So sorry about that and here you go:

2NE1's CL Is Going Solo For A Bit, What Do You Think?

The big YG Entertainment reveal has been made and the huge surprise seems to be that CL is coming out with a solo album.  Cue celebratory music for CL and a game show buzzer sound for 2NE1 .  I'm shocked, because as some of you might remember, CL was talking about this in February and mentioned that she would be coming out with her solo album after 2NE1 was done with their own promotions.   As you can tell, we've been trolled but whatever... This is just as exciting.  Read on for more info.

UPDATED: Things I Never Thought Would Happen #100: EXO Is Ready To Comeback!

It has just been announced that SM Entertainment 's wannabe supergroup EXO is finally making a comeback.  This will be their first full length album, which will be called " XOXO (Kiss & Hug) ". Boy was I surprised when I saw this on my Twitter stream:

Kpop WTF: Leave SHINee's Jonghyun Alone

As mentioned in my previous post, SHINee has announced plans to release their 2nd Japanese album , which is called " Boys Meet U ".  In related news, Jonghyun has been spotted coming in and out of the SM Entertainment building quite a bit recently: Jonghyun 130514

SHINee Reveals Plans For A New Japanese Album

Well hello readers... I'm back!  I was away for 4 days on a trip so I didn't get to post anything on here.  No laptop + away fun = no blogging for me.  That's ok though, because I have lots of stuff to blog about.  This is one of them: SHINee is going to be releasing their 2nd full length Japanese album on June 26th.  That's right.  Surprise!

2NE1 Loves Park Bom And Minzy... Now Can We Find Out What The Hell This Is About?

Yesterday 2NE1 released new teasers for their as yet unannounced project, 2NE1 Loves .  Actually, who knows what the name of the project is?  They haven't announced it yet.  The teasers were  Minzy and Park Bom 's:

Let Me Introduce You To: IAMMEDIC

I was just sitting here listening to a relatively unknown band that I've been into for the past few years and musing over how good they are.  I started to think about how I could get more people acquainted with their music and then I realized: Well duh... I have a blog.  So let me introduce you to IAMMEDIC . L to R: DJ Yup , Danny Park , lead singer Enik Lin and rapper Andre Harris .

[Guest Post] Stormy Asks: Has SHINee Peaked? Let's Play "Can SHINee Top This?"

I've got Stormy  of MyMusicRadar ! here with another Another Odd Opinion piece, because this lady is so opinionated.  This time she's talking about SHINee and wondering what's going on with them.... You'll see what I mean if you read on. Has SHINee Peaked? Let's play "Can SHINee Top This?" Written by: StormofStarzz,  MyMusicRadar!

Another Teaser For 2NE1's Unidentified Project Featuring Dara Is Out!

The mystery continues as the new 2NE1 Loves teaser is released!  Watch Dara fling her flowy scarf around and look beautiful to the tune of their song " I'm Busy " from the " TO ANYONE " album.

Video of the Day: Lee Hyori's "Miss Korea"

On May 5th the Queen of Kpop, Miss  Lee Hyori,  staged an aptly titled "comeback" with a new preview single off of her upcoming album.   After being away from the music scene for three whole years, Hyori has managed to surprise and delight me with this fantastic black and white mv for her new song " Miss Korea ".

2NE1's CL Releases A Fierce Teaser... Comeback Perhaps?

Just a few minutes ago a teaser featuring 2NE1's CL was released and the internet is awash in speculation... Is a comeback in the works?

SHINee's Weekend In Review: MCs, Music Shows And Fansigns, Oh My

SHINee continued on with their music show appearances this weekend and even though they haven't won anything for "Why So Serious?" yet, we're still rooting for them to do so.  Let's see what else they were up to, shall we?

Spam Post: G-Dragon's One of a Kind World Tour In Beijing Feat. Seungri Day 1 & 2

As of earlier today G-Dragon has completed his two days of concerts in Beijing, China.  His good chingu Seungri was there to party with him and give his sprained ankle some much needed rest.  Are you curious to see what went on?  Well I've got tons of gorgeous HQ pics and some fancams for you, so what are you waiting for?  Go look!

UPDATED: Watch Taemin And Na Eun On Episode 2 Of "We Got Married" With English Subs

This post has been UPDATED with English subs: Episode 2 of " We Got Married " has been released today, so fans of SHINee 's Taemin and A Pink 's Na Eun aka TaEun should be happy as hell.  Watch their cuts from the show down below, plus you can also find episode 1 of "We Got Married" here .

SHINee's Key And Minho Hit Up The Opening Of H:Connect Department Store

Today Minho and Key of SHINee attended the grand opening of a new flagship department store in Seoul called H:Connect .  Apparently it was a big deal, as other Kpop and K-drama stars also  were paid to  decided to attend the shindig.  The guys were looking quite fresh in their H:Connect brand spring duds, with Minho rocking his ever-present breton stripe preppy look.  Key also managed to pull together one of his ultra trendy outfits with these basic pieces.  It's all in how you wear it. They know how to hold "the pose" so well.

UPDATED: G-Dragon In Beijing For His One of a Kind World Tour 130503

I've been slacking lately.  I say I'm all about blogging about G-Dragon AND SHINee but I've mostly been blogging about SHINee lately.  Shame on me, right?  This is partly because GD has been doing his concert thing, which YG Entertainment has been blocking fancams of left and right.  That sucks, dudes. Besides releasing his " MichiGO " mv , GD has mostly been seen posting tons of stuff on Twitter and Instagram and that's about it.  What really inspires me about GD is his fashion , but lately I haven't been as inspired (imho Thom Browne suits are cute as hell on him but come on).  This, however, shouldn't stop me from posting about all some of the random stuff he does, since I'm supposed to be blogging about GD .  Jeezzz...  So without further ado: UPDATED: with the full press con. G-Dragon at his One of a Kind concert press con in Beijing

[Guest Post] That Silly Little Sitcom 'We Got Married' Starring SHINee's Taemin

Stormy's got a bone to pick with netizens today, so she decided to write about it.  She's pretty annoyed, my friends... Take a look! This is a cross post from her blog MyMusicRadar !  You can also visit Stormy at her tumblr site Under The Radar! That Silly Little Sitcom 'We Got Married' Starring SHINee's Taemin Written by: StormofStarzz, MyMusicRadar!

SHINee's Week In Review: "Why So Serious?" + Some Fashion Info

Last week SHINee came back with their " Why So Serious? " and " SHINe " stages, and this week they continue to make us smile with their fabulous-ness.  They performed their butts off on Music Bank and Music Core , then moved on to Inkigayo on the 28th.  I've got quite a few videos for ya, so let's get started.