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Happy New Year (With a Little Help From Rain)!

I hope everyone has/had a great, safe time tonight and that the coming year will be filled with nothing but good things. One of my New Year resolutions, as I mentioned a few days ago, is to post daily.  Another is to get a good following for this blog.  Hope they come true! To celebrate the coming of 2012, I'm posting a few fancams of Rain from his Adieu concert held on December 31st, 2010.  That concert was an inadvertent birthday gift from Rain and the Clouds that posted up fancams so quickly it was almost like being there, even though I'm all the way on the other side of the world.  These videos bring back good memories so I thought I'd share them with you. Let's count down with Rain: Source:  ratoka9 Source:  RainOeye1982 Hope you have as much fun as Rain did that night! Happy New Year!!

SMentertainment Releases Promo For "I AM" Movie Biography

SMent released a promo today about the movie they're filming, called "I AM", which will be the story behind SMTOWN.  Anyone can enter a video for a chance to be included in the movie.  The video can be a dance or song cover, a message to an SM artist, or a cosplay video. Sounds like so much fun right?  Love the idea and I can't wait to see the movie and enjoy everyone's videos.  Also wondering if that's Shinee's dorm at Key's part... I'm definitely checking out alllll those clothes behind the sliding glass doors and Minho and Taemin playing video games, not even paying attention to what's going on around them. For more info on how to enter your video, go here: .

Do You Know One Of These Girls??

I know I'm all late but I find these videos to be extra funny.  I definitely know some of these women.  In fact I hear some of the comments in the second video on the daily at my job. Source:  shitgirlssay Source:  billysorrells

Shoe Porn, Early Spring Edition

So spring is here... in the fashion world, anyway.  I figured I'd entice, delight and tease you with some lovely gems that are hitting the stores already.  That I'd taunt you with the fact that it's cold/rainy/snowy outside and yet these beauties are waiting to be bought right now .  Unless you live in Cali, by the time you get around to thinking about buying spring shoes these styles will probably already be sold out.  Sigghhhh.

Video of the Day #2: 2AM Parodies Be My Baby

2am and the Wonder Girls Lollll @ this! 2am doing Kara's "Step" and Wonder Girl's "Be My Baby" during rehearsals for their Christmas concert. Hilarious! Source:  ibighit ,  Image source: allkpop  via Changmin's twitter I love how they're having so much fun doing this.  What cracked me up is how good they are at it and how they looked so serious until about 1:25 when Jinwoon (in orange) started being silly.  Changmin (in black) just looks too manly and muscular to be doing these steps but does it well anyway.  JoKwon (in white) is, as usual, doing those steps just perfectly.  He always makes me laugh when he does his  kkab ... heart him!  Seulong is good too.  They really do give good fan service, don't ya think? I think I'm definitely going to have to pay more attention to 2am in the future.

Video of the Day: Jay Park Star

Just saw Jay Park's new video for the song "Star" and I really like it a lot.  Make sure to watch in full screen 1080p for maximum cuteness factor. Enjoy! Source:  jaybumaom0425 What I love:  Well duhh... the dancing! Love Jay Park's musicality and moves... whoever choreographs his videos is extra good.  He also has the best crew dancing behind him and I could watch them dance all day.  I'm also liking the sets quite a bit.  It's not your typical Kpop set (side eyeing SM Entertainment right now) and it gives off a very warm vibe.   The song is also a well done American style RnB type slow jam and I have to say I'm loving the falsetto.  He's really good at seamlessly integrating that type of style into the Kpop world. What I find slightly amusing:  The "Oops!  I didn't know I had coffee foam on my lips... oh wait.. Are you kissing me?" scene.  Kinda awkwarrrrddd.  It was probably supposed to look sexy and cute but really he ended up

Video of the Day: Jay Park Star Teaser

Well really... teaser of the day. Just saw that this was posted up on Jay Park's YouTube page today and had to post it here so I could squee about it.  I'm quite excited that his new album "New Breed Part 1" will be coming out December 28th.  Cannot wait to see this whole video and hear the song!  Jay Park's dancing is just too good, PLUS he's a cutie... and he's looking all urban hotness in a fitted, a tee and baggy sweats.  :wipes brow: Source:  jaybumaom0425 Gah!

Arm Parties and Other Things...

Sadly I haven't posted a thing to this blog in about 2 weeks... work and the holidays have conspired to make me one tired arse woman.  One of my New Years/birthday resolutions is to post something daily and hopefully I'll be able to stick to that.  I'm gonna try, that's for sure. Anyway, if you don't know what an arm party is or haven't thrown an arm party, you should jump on that.  The term was coined by the Man Repeller  , also known as Leandra Medine, and it refers to the art of stacking tons of bracelets/watches/bangles on one or both arms.  I've tried it before but I definitely had to take some inspiration from Leandra. Last week I threw this party on my left arm: l to r: 1st 3 Aldo, not sure, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs Here are some other soirees that I found to be too cute for words: Source:  Manrepeller ,  Refinery29 ,  Atlantic-Pacific ,  TheGlamourai Hopefully this post inspires you to throw a party

Lookbook Love

I love a good lookbook and in my opinion Shopbop puts together some of the best lookbooks you'll find.  I was particularly taken with one they put up yesterday called Bohemian Winter. Take a look: Source:  shopbop Loving the neutral palette and the chunky knits paired with flowy skirts.  I'd wear a version of these outfits in a heartbeat.  I often check out for outfit inspiration and I always end up wanting to buy something, which isn't always a good thing. Be sure to click here to check out the rest of the lookbook:  shopbop .

Infinite's Christmas Carol

I'm not one to be into Christmas songs.  In fact, I only like three Christmas songs...otherwise they mostly make me want to scream.  However, I came across this one yesterday and was pleasantly surprised.  Partly this is because I think Infinite is adorable and I like all the songs they've promoted so far.  Partly because the mv is just too cute and the song is also pretty good, even though there's rapping in it (someone please tell Kpop that not every song has to have a rap in it!  I hear you saying that Hoya and DongWoo wouldn't have a part in the song if that were so... ok, ok, I take it back). Please enjoy Infinite's White Confession (Lately): Source:  woolliment

Goth Glam

Black has always been my favorite color... Source:  whowhatwear  via  bon Aren't these pics fierce?? See more here:  whowhatwear

Shoe Porn: Fierce!

I die! Source:  jakandjil

Get Them Started Early

That's what I say, anyway.

Wrap it Up

I love, love, LOVE a good headwrap.  I went gaga over this pic of Solange Knowles and had to do a search on how to tie a wrap like that. Fyi, I want that exact scarf. I found this tutorial on how to tie fabulous headwraps on You Tube.  I'm dying to try some of these options.  I'm actually looking over my shoulder at my multiple scarves as I type. Source:  WomanInTheJungle Make sure you rock your wrap with major attitude and some funky platforms!

Style I Love: Inspirations

Some Thursday inspirations from the blogosphere... A little neo-prep, a sprinkling of hipster, a dash of minimalist and all good. Source:  wheredidugetthat ,  inside am-lul's closet ,  stylesightings ,  mr. newton ,  jaglever