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2AM's Jo Kwon Performs Animal in Jeffrey Campbell Heels on Music Core 120630

Oh Jo Kwon, you have far surpassed my expectations about this performance.  You brought the fierce, you werked it out and you KILLED it!  I'm am SO your fan for life now.... seriously.  I bow down to the Queen Bitch that is Jo Kwon.

Video of the Day: Shinee Sherlock @ Music Bank Half Year Special 120629

It's always nice to see Shinee perform Sherlock and they sure killed it today on KBS Music Bank's Half Year special.

Even More G-Dragon @ Paris Fashion Week

Wow... G-Dragon aka Kwon Jiyong attended 4 fashion shows in 2 days.  Like a bossss....  This is my favorite outfit of his from the past two days. Everything from the suit to the accessories is hot.  I'm even giving him a pass on the center part 'cause it goes with the look.  Fabulous, darling. G-Dragon at the Junn.J Spring Summer menswear 2013 show 120629

G-Dragon Sighted at Junya Watanabe Fashion Show + More

I love that G-Dragon keeps getting street style shots taken at the Paris shows.  Just goes to show how fashion forward this guy is.  I love the outfits and the hair but I'm not loving that middle part, GD.  Fix that.   G-Dragon at the Junya Watanabe menswear spring summer 2013 show in Paris this morning.

G-Dragon Shows Up in Paris, Attends Fashion Shows

One of the big stories today in Kpop was that Big Bang's G-Dragon showed up in Paris today, obstensibly to attend Rick Owens' fashion show.  Netizens were first apprised of this situation when Global Vip tweeted this pic earlier of GD strolling the streets of Paris.

Kpop WTF: Teen Top's Neil Stuns With His DSL's

I've decided to introduce a new feature to this blog called Kpop WTF.  I'm always browsing the net for interesting Kpop info and I often come across articles that lead me to have this reaction: And yes, I do mean often . Kpop WTF #1 is all about Teen Top Niel's big azz lips. Teen Top were guests on the June 27th episode of a show called Weekly Idol, partly because they wanted to lay a rumor to rest.  They needed us to know that Niel's lips get puffy when he's "sleeping". Before and After.  Sleeping... suuurrree.

More News about 2NE1's July 2012 Comeback

In the past few days 2NE1 has released more teaser pics and news for their upcoming comeback.   They've revealed that their official comeback date is July 5th and that they will be having their first comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo on July 8th.  Rumor has it that their album will be entitled "I Love You", which would be why Park Bom's teaser image features those words.  

2AM's Jo Kwon Says He'll Perform in 7 inch Heels, I Try to Guess Which Ones

Today Jo Kwon from 2AM revealed to the world that he would be wearing 19.5 cm heels for his first solo comeback stage.

2NE1 Releases Teasers for Their Comeback + What & Who They Wore on the MTV VMAs Japan Red Carpet

Are you ready for 2NE1's comeback? Their first comeback teaser was revealed today: CL is looking fabulous here, don't you think??

UPDATED: G-Dragon for Vogue Korea '09

This Vogue Korea editorial is my favorite G-Dragon magazine photo shoot.  The shots are beautiful and the styling is impeccably over-the-top.  A combo of weird, fun, creepy and avant garde, this editorial needs no further words. UPDATED: I've been stalking these photos for years, so I keep finding random new pics someone uploaded.  Well, today I found a ton and they're all in color so I felt this post needed an update.  I also found the BTS video from the photo shoot so scroll down all the way to the end for that.  Enjoy...

Shoe Porn: How to Get f(x)'s Edgy Electric Shock Style

In my daily wanderings around and about the 'net, I happened to notice that quite a few people were on the lookout for the shoes f(x) wore in their "Electric Shock" mv.   Studs AND the British flag?  Krystal's shoes are pretty bad-ass.

2NE1 Announces Concerts in New Jersey and Los Angeles

What in the heck?  Today 2NE1 announced that they would be bringing their first world tour, New Evolution, to New Jersey and Los Angeles, CA in August.  This announcement seems to have come out of the blue and I am in shock over here.

Big Bang's Monster Live @ Music Japan 120617

I'll just start by saying I'm really not a fan of this performance at all.  Not. At. All. Daesung and Seungri: "I can't believe we're doing this."

Jo Kwon From 2AM's Solo Album Concept Seems Pretty Familiar

Is it just me or does Jo Kwon's teasers for his solo album, "I'm Da One" (sigh... Really Jo Kwon??), look a lot like Xia Junsu's?

Big Bang Confirms U.S. Tour Dates for Their "Alive" Tour

Well apparently the wait is over.  Big Bang FINALLY released U.S. tour dates for their "Alive Tour 2012" the other day. YG Entertainment confirmed that they were going to perform in Los Angeles at the Honda Center on November 3rd and in New Jersey on November 9th in Newark's Prudential Center.  

Shinee @ Boyz Night Out in Singapore + More

It's been AGES since I blogged about Shinee!  Okay... okay... more like a few weeks.  I'm a bit of an exaggerater... I know. For the people that think that Shinee hasn't been doing anything because they weren't performing in Korea, you are sadly mistaken.  They've been busy, busy boys.  The Shinee guys have been all over Japan for their Shinee World tour, most recently for four days in Tokyo, back to Korea, in Taiwan for another SMTOWN concert, back to Korea, back to Japan, etc.  Key completed his turn as FranKey in the musical "Catch Me if You Can" in Korea.  Amazingly enough, this all took place at the last few days of May and in the first half of June.  It's enough to make me tired and I'm not even there.  I often think SMentertainment works them wayyy too hard, but I won't go into that in this post.

Changes to OddnessWeirdness

So I've decided (finally) to change this blog up a bit.  I'll continue to post about Kpop related stuff here; this will, of course, include Kpop fashion.  I'll be blogging about all other types of fashion on a new site: OddnessWeirdnessFashion .  You can access that, if you so choose, by the link at the top of this blog. I realized I needed to change the blog after having more than a few people suggest that I should have 2 separate pages for fashion and Kpop.  There are definitely people that just want to come here to read about Kpop; there are also the people that just want to read about fashion.  The majority of people who come to this blog are Kpop fans so I'm definitely not changing that dynamic. The good thing about this is that I'll be able to focus more on Kpop related stuff and not feel guilty when I don't post something about fashion here.  Yay for that!  Phew... The reason why I went with Tumblr for my fashion blog is that, to tell you the tr

Unconventional Shapes Pt. 2

Video of the Day: Xia Junsu's Tarantallegra Dance Version

f(x)'s Electric Shock MV + Album Mega Post

SM Entertainment released f(x)'s Electric Shock mv today and I'm excited for f(x) but underwhelmed by this mv.

Kim Bum For Men's Uno + A Little Something Extra

Some eye candy for ya: Kim Bum in Men's Uno China June edition

f(x) to Comeback With Electric Shock

f(x) is releasing "Electric Shock" on June 10th through various music websites and the physical album will hit stores on June 13.  The album will consist of 6 tracks, including the title track "Electric Shock". I'm enthused about f(x)'s comeback even though, based off of their teaser medley, I'm not sure if I'll like all the songs.  F(x) usually comes back with a cute song/choreo so we'll wait and see. What are your thoughts on the medley and the album concept?  The whole animal thing is pretty weird but hey... it's SM Entertainment.  What else would you expect?

Video of the Day: Wonder Girls' Like This

Can I just say how I love everything about this?  The Wonder Girls did it again with "Like This".  Great song, great choreography and I can always get into anything that involves a flash mob.  They always manage to make me smile.

Style I Love: Sheer Fluidity

Video of the Day: Big Bang's Monster

Idol Style: Big Bang Alive Comeback

Once again life happened and rendered me incapable of working on this blog, aka tired as heck.  That's what happens when you are super busy at work and you had 2 days off in the past 2 weeks.  No bueno.  But enough whining.  On with this super, SUPER late post that I promised ages ago here  (yes that was  over a month ago... shame on moi): Big Bang has obviously been killing it left and right for the past few months.  They released the Alive album and had a phenomenal comeback.  They just released their "Monster" album, which I am about to go download in a hot second, and I'm sure they'll be blasting up the charts and rolling in the $$$ with this one too.   Big Bang's style during the Alive promotional cycle was a mixture of '80s and '90s references, dyed hair pieces and some crazy, with a dash of wtf thrown in for good measure but I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.  I'm all for some craziness and wtf-ery in an idol's sartorial choic