(BEDA) Day 4- Idol Most Likely to Become a Hobo

Alrighty so today we're trying to decide who would be the idol most likely to become a hobo.  This was a hard one for me.  Most Kpop idols don't step foot outside of their dorms without being perfectly made up and styled so it's hard to imagine one of them being a hobo but I think I've found the best choice.  It was suggested to me by a friend that I consider nominating Mblaq's Lee Joon for that dubious title and at first I was thinking,  "No way... he's too hot!"  Well, apparently Joonie is one dirty dude.

Looking a little strung out there, Joonie.

It's been reported that Joonie (yes, I call him Joonie... don't judge me) has admitted to the following on live tv:
1.  Air drying in front of an air conditioner after practicing for hours and getting all sweaty.
2.  Washing his hair and then letting the shampoo run down his body = a shower.

Can we all say eewww??  Reportedly, the other members of Mblaq have talked about their wish for him to shower more often/longer and his mom has even jumped on the bandwagon.

Well there you have it, folks.  Lee Joon has been prepping for his future life as a hobo since he was little... Case closed.


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