Style I Love: Polka Dot Power

It sure has been awhile since I made a fashion post.  Seriously, shame on me.  I'm supposed to be talking about fashion AND Kpop and Kpop managed to take over for a bit... not that I'm complaining.  Even now I just had to tell myself, "It's ok... You do not have to insert GD or Key into a post about polka dots."  Yes I talk to myself sometimes... don't side-eye me.

Anyway, I've found myself slowly but surely falling in love with polka dots.  This started in December, when the stores started to get flooded with polka dotted items and I started wanting to buy almost every piece.  I realized I wanted to buy them mostly because, besides being cute, the polka dots were cute as hell.  Kind of edgy, which is my style, and yet sweet.  I actually like to wear my polka dots with another pattern, mainly stripes.  Makes me feel ever so '80s, when it was first in style.  Anyone remember the brand Esprit??

So... yeahhh.  I'm all about those dots now.  Someone please rip this credit card right out of my hands!

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