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Shoe Porn: Amaaazing

1. Dolce Vita 2. All Caps 3. Iris Van Herpen x United Nude 4. & 5. Jeffrey Campbell 6. Matiko 7. Miista All available here 8. Jeffrey Campbell available here Sadly, I STILL can't walk in heels this high.  Ah well... a girl can dream, right?

Zombie boy x Dermablend

Guess that Dermablend stuff does work: Source:  DermablendPro

I'm in awe

This house is bad ass... I'm so in love. Designer Abigail Ahern's place in London. Source: the selby I love the eclecticism and darkness of her place.  The use of dark paint on her walls (I can't tell if it's black or what) is stellar and did you notice that incredible bookcase wallpaper in the left corner of the top pic?  Everything about her house is too, too cool.  I'd move in there in a hot second.  She really has inspired me to do some redecorating. See more pics of her lovely abode at The Selby.  

Some inspirations

Source: olsens anonymous , Alessandro Viero /, zara , sea of shoes An odd mixture of styles but that's the way it goes in my world.  I like a little dichotomy in my clothing choices.


Source: the sartorialist The menswear detailing makes this outfit pop.  I, of course, especially love the shoes.  Who doesn't want a closed toe gladiator leopard print flat in their life??

Rain Goodness: Adidas

Out of the many ad campaigns Rain has had, this is definitely my favorite.

Don't Sleep On Korean Hip Hop!

I don't listen to all that much K-hip hop but when I do, I make sure it's some good shit.  These are my new jams of the month:

Why I Love Kpop (It's All Rain's Fault)

So for the past year I’ve been kind of obsessed with something. Obsessed in a good way, of course. That “thing” would be Kpop. I know…I know… You’re thinking either, “What the hell is Kpop??” or “Why would you be interested in all of that? You can’t even understand what they’re saying!” Well, let me tell you why and how I fell into that obsession and why it continues to this day. Really, it all started with a man named Rain. In June of last year I finally decided to watch the movie Ninja Assassin. I love martial arts movies and movies with great special effects and gore and this one promised to have it all, AND it was done by the Wachowski brothers. What more could I ask for? I’d missed it in the movie theater and had kind of forgotten about it. I had no idea who this guy Rain was and, actually, I’d been kind of scoffing at the fact that he used the word “rain” as his name. Anyway, I proceeded to watch. It was bloody, gory and had tons of martial arts… then this Rain guy showed up:

I’m feeling inspired…

to post about men's street style.   Photo: Guerreisms Coming soon...

He’s Gonnneee!!!

South Korean Sensation Rain Enters Military as Hundreds of Fans Bid Him Farewell 10/11/2011 by Sofia M. Fernandez, Lee Hyo-won The pop singer-actor’s latest film, Soar Into the Sun, will be released in 2012. Is Rain the South Korean Elvis ? It certainly seemed so by the turnout of hundreds of fans in Seoul Tuesday that came to bid the singer-actor farewell as he entered military service. Like Elvis, who served two years in the U.S. Army, Rain will be an active-duty solder for the same amount of time with South Korea's Uijeongbu 306 Reserve Battalion. Military service is mandatory for all able-bodied South Korean men. Artist who have tried to avoid duty, have suffered career backlashes, reports the BBC . Rain will be off the public radar for the next two years, but fans will be able to watch him in military action through his air force movie, Soar Into the Sun . In Soar, Jung Ji-hoon – Rain’s real name, which he prefers to use for acting projects – plays a talented yet

Some more of that boho/neosoul goodness

Here’s another blog that I’m really enjoying.  This girl has incredible style.  Her name is Shana Bea. Source:  kneehighsandlove Love it!  Here’s what she has to say on here blog about being stylish vs. fashionable: "I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two different types of people that are into fashion. You have those people who are stylish , and then you have those people who are fashionable . I am going to explain the difference today. A stylish person is someone who can do any and everything when it comes to fashion. They have a style that is their own, that other people try and copy. Stylish people do not care about the price of a garment, but how they feel when they are wearing what they like. When you have style, it’s something that represents who YOU are. You dress to fit your emotions when you wake up in the morning, not to go out and try to impress. Stylish people do what they want to do, how they want to do it, when they want to do it. Let me give a few e

Guess who’s style I also love??

Solange Knowles… Her updated boho/neo-soul style really floats my boat.  Fun and funky prints, bright pops of color, ethnic accents, big (or small) fro and great shoes.  What more could you ask for? Isn’t her son adorable??

Kate Lanphear kills it every time

Source: Streetfsn

Shoe Porn: From My Closet

A small fraction of my current fall faves: From top left: Nine West, Madewell, Jeffrey Campbell, Nine West From bottom left: Boutique 9, BC Footwear, Sam Edelman, DV by Dolce Vita

Style I Love

Some incredible fall/winter outfits from a few of my fashion idols and inspirations. Taylor Tomasi Hill, style and accessories director for Marie Claire

G-Dragon Caught Smoking Pot?

I've been reading about this since yesterday and I feel bad for GD but I'm not quite believing the story YG has put out there.  I'm really sad that he got caught and that his comeback will be postponed indefinitely.  After reading other articles, I saw that GD has not be blacklisted, which is awesome.  I was pretty worried about that.  Who knows when he'll get to comeback, as well as go to Japan for GD + TOP's Japanese comeback.  GD fighting! YG Entertainment apologizes on behalf of G-Dragon

Rain Goodness: Mentholatum

More Shoe Porn

1. Beau Coops 2. Jeffrey Campbell 3. Vagabond 4. Dolce Vita 5. Jeffrey Campbell all here. Love a good wedge and those Beau Coops and Vagabond styles are two great options.                          Smoking loafers are hot for fall and so are bright colors.  Great way to kill two birds with one stone and these are so cute!  Love the studs. Lastly, I have the Jeffrey Campbell Lita in black distressed but these are lovely. 

Shoe Porn!

1. Alexandre Birman 2. Giuseppi Zanotti 3. Nina Ricci 4. Giuseppi Zanotti all here . Gorgeous aren't they?  Too bad I can't walk in those heels or convince myself to pay those prices.  Sigh...

Got to start somewhere...

For the past two years I've been talking about, thinking about starting a blog.  Here I am finally doing it.  I know, right?  Talk about procrastination.  If someone wrote a song about procrastination, it should probably be my life's theme song (only if it's a good song, of course). Well... I didn't find a song but I did find this: Source:  sjoue Very apropos, I thought.