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Video of the Day: SHINee's "1000 Years, Always By Your Side" PV

Today's Video of the Day is by none other than my faves, SHINee, who bring you their pv for "1000 Years, Always By Your Side". I have to take a pause here because I have so many feels (and too many screencaps, aigoo!) to express about this incredible video.  Take a look:

Big Bang's New Gmarket Ads: Photos, BTS + More

Big Bang has been spokespeople for Gmarket (a hugely popular South Korean online auction and shopping site) for years now, and this year has been no exception. This time Gmarket released their ads and commercials for the current round of promotions for their site and they are chock full of Big Bang.  Gmarket is obviously not a dumb company, because I too would shop for stuff if my boys promoted it.

SHINee is Trendy in Black For The December Issue of Hanako Magazine

The SHINee boys continue to promote in Japan with the December issue of Hanako magazine and   I'm not always the biggest fan of Japanese magazine editorials but I quite like this one.  What do you guys think?

One Last G-Dragon "Crayon" Fashion Post

Ok, woah... I've been looking for this jacket ever since G-Dragon's mv for "Crayon" came out and I finally found it all out of the blue.

Editorials Past: f(x)'s Sulli for Singles Magazine October 2011

I haven't done one of these in awhile, but that's because I haven't come across any older kpop fashion editorials that really struck my fancy in awhile.  Today, though, I happened to see this one and was immediately charmed. This Singles magazine editorial features f(x)'s Sulli and it was taken in October of 2011, and even though it was taken a year ago, the fashion is still timely and stylish.  I happen to think Sulli looks gorgeous here.  I hope you enjoy it, because I certainly did.

More Info on SHINee's Upcoming Single "1000 Years, Always By Your Side" + A Bonus Fancam

As mentioned here a few days ago, SHINee is going to be releasing a new Japanese single album, "1000 Years, Always By Your Side", and I happened to find a few interesting tidbits for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Happy Thanksgiving from Oddness/Weirdness!

Did you look like this today?   If you did, that's perfectly ok.  We're allowed to do that at least one time a year.  If you didn't then you have way more willpower than I do. On this Thanksgiving day, I'm thankful that I have a place to live and nice clothes to wear and for family and all that good stuff.  What are you thankful for? Have a great one and hope you'll come back to visit soon.  :) Source: June_R1,  exoisthebest .

UPDATED- Kpop WTF: Seungri's Twitter Shenanigans

Big Bang's Seungri joined the Twitter-verse early this past Monday morning and if you were paying attention to the Kpop world anytime in the last few days, you probably heard about it. Seungri's profile photo.

Super Junior Leeteuk's Pre-Military Haircut, Fashionisto Style

Geek Magazine has finally published their pics and BTS video of Super Junior's Leeteuk getting his pre-military haircut.  I like how they went the fashion forward route, which involved dressing Leeteuk up in a myriad of outfits and giving him  haircuts until he was down to a buzz cut.

SHINee's Minho is Hot As Hell in W Korea's December Issue

Well look what I have here!  I've got some hot BTS video and equally hot photos of SHINee's Minho from the December issue of W Korea and damnnn is he looking good.  Check it out:

Last of the Big Bang Alive Concert in New Jersey Fancams + Shirtless Daesung!

This is it... this is the last of the took-forever-to-upload, what-the-hell-was-I-thinking, but-damn-it-was-worth-it fancams from the Big Bang Alive concert that I attended in New Jerz  (as Seungri calls it) on 121109.

SHINee Releases MV Trailer for "1000 Years, Always By Your Side"

SHINee's Back!  Ok, ok, not quite yet, but they will be.  SHINee will be back on 12/12/12 with their new Japanese single "1000 Years, Always by Your Side".

Big Bang Alive Concert in NJ 121109: Fancams & Fan Account Pt 2

I'm back with another installment of my Big Bang Alive concert fan account .  I started out on Monday by telling you guys about everything that happened before the concert and showing you 3 of the fancams I took.  Well, I've got more.

Video of the Day: B1A4's "Tried to Walk"

Today I'm taking a break from Big Bang (as I wait for more fancams to upload) to talk about B1A4's mv for their new song, "Tried to Walk".  This song is from their recently released 3rd mini album, entitled "In the Wind", and it is a significant departure from their previous releases.

Big Bang's Alive Concert in NJ 121109: Fancams and a Fan Account

It's been a whole 4 days since I've posted anything, which is kind of crazy.  It's just been that kind of week, what with me going to the November 9th Big Bang Alive concert in Newark, NJ and all. Let me just get this out of the way first:  It was INCREDIBLE!!  I had SO much fun!  I got to see them all close up and almost personal and stuff... it was fabulous. Now on with the goodies! (See more fancams by clicking  here  and here )

Kpop WTF: Idol Managers Back In the Spotlight For Hitting Fans

As you can see, I finally got my cable service back a week after Hurricane Sandy.  Talk about boring!  But like I said in my last post , I'm totally not complaining because it could have been WAY worse.  I'm just glad to be warm and dry with a house to come home to, and now even more glad that I can blog again and catch up with Kpop news. Of course one of the first things to catch my eye is a tweet about an EXO manager hitting a fan.  Sighhh....  Wtf??

Oddness/Weirdness Blog Will Be Back Soon

I haven't posted in a few days, but there's a reason for that.  As you probably already know, Hurricane Sandy blew through the Northeast U.S. on Sunday night and caused a ton of damage.  Many people lost their homes or found them half filled with water, the Atlantic City coastline is demolished, a tanker washed up on the streets of Staten Island. Those are the sorts of things that happened that day. Thankfully all that happened to me is that I lost my cable signal, which means I just can't watch tv or sign onto my computer or blog, but that is an extremely small price to pay. I'll be back to blogging as soon as possible; hopefully you guys will still be interested in this silly little Kpop blog. Thanks for reading!