(BEDA) Day 6- Worst Live Singer, Female

My last BEDA post was about the worst live male singer so today, of course, it's alllll about the females.  Well, I for one did not have to look neither far nor wide for this one.  This was pretty darned easy, in fact.  As I've discussed previously on this blog, I'm not much of a fan of Kpop girl groups.   In my honest opinion, the guys are overall mostly so much stronger in terms of singing and dancing ability.  So who'd I go for today?  Really, I could've picked the whole group this person belongs to but I'll just stick with one:  4Minute's Hyuna.

The following vid is all kinds of awkward, from the venue to the performance.   As soon as Hyuna opens her mouth and starts singing, my reaction was all...

... and then the rest of them start singing and it's all downhill from there. 

Ah well... maybe they will have improved for their latest comeback.  


  1. I don't listen to female groups but I thought that it might be because I am subconsciously hating on females or something, but you are right about male groups being better performers overall.

    Hyuna takes the cake. She was pretty bad there with the vocals. It bugs me that people rag on her for her sexed up image when they should be angry at her lack of talent.

    1. Once in a blue moon I'll like a song by a female kpop group but 99% of the time I think they're so very meh.


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