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Idol Style: INFINITE

What can I say about INFINITE ?  They're a rookie group that's not so rookie anymore.  They've really blown everyone out of the water with their perfectly synchronized dance moves, great songs and adorable personalities.  I have to give props to their choreographer because he always brings it and then Infinite puts their blood, sweat and tears into practicing until they are absolutely perfect. I'm always rooting for them to win stuff and when they did finally start winning awards, I was over the moon for them.  I definitely feel like their  noona  when I'm watching them perform or just being silly on variety shows, and they've managed to dance their way into a special place in my heart.

It's Finally Here!!! Big Bang Comes Back With Alive

This post right here is ALL about Big Bang's Alive album... Let's start with: Bad Boy mv- Big Bang’s 5th mini album achieves ‘Perfect All-Kill’ on the charts by JJ Big Bang has achieved a ‘Perfect All-Kill’ as soon as the group released all the songs in the 5th mini album, ‘ALIVE’. Currently on February 29th, Big Bang’s songs are dominating the charts on Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Olleh, Soribada, and others. The songs ‘ Bad Boy’, ‘Love Dust’, ‘BLUE’, ‘Fantastic Baby, ‘Ain’t No Fun’, ‘Wings’, and ‘Intro (ALIVE)’ , are ranked 1 through 7 practically owning the charts. It is especially notable to mention the track ‘Intro (ALIVE)’, as it is purely an intro as described and yet it is ranked at No.7. BLUE , which was pre-released before the release of the album has ranked No.1 on most charts. Seemingly all of Big Bang’s songs are loved by the fans because the group is able to tackle many different genres such as hip hop and electronic. The 5th album was produced by many YG produ

Daniel Henney Stars in Shanghai Calling

An Asian actor starring in an American movie where he's not playing a ninja or a gangster or an illegal car racer?  Priceless! Shanghai Calling: Source:  shanghailicious Daniel Henney is soooo hot plus he gets a love interest!  I'm so excited to see this.  I hope it gets a broad release!

Coming Soon- Idol Style: Infinite

Big Bang is Still Killing It...

...and they haven't even released their album yet.  Craziness. I told myself yesterday that I was going to relax on the Big Bang posts for a bit because I was starting to feel like a Big Bang fansite, not that that's a bad thing.  THEN... they release something like this: "Bad Boy" teaser- Source:  BIGBANG

Style I Love: Leather Looks

There's something so androgynous and edgy about a well-made black leather piece.  

Movement Lifestyle| Adventures with YG Entertainment

I don't know about you but I love dance as an art form.  I've loved to dance since I was little and I always wanted to be a dancer.  That dream didn't work out for me but I've continued to watch and support many forms of dance, especially hip hop dance and contemporary dance.  Dancing and watching great dancers perform moves me and feeds my soul.  Heck, my favorite show ever is So You Think You Can Dance.  I get heavily invested in each season and I've actually never missed a season. You might ask what that has to do with Kpop.  Well, as you might know, Kpop is a very visual medium and there's a lot of dancing involved; this is a big part of why I love Kpop so much.

The View from NYFW Pt. 2

Jay Park- "Know Your Name" Dance Practice

I haven't featured a dance practice vid on the blog in awhile so I found the perfect one to post. Source:  jaybumaom0425 ,  Image:  dramacafe First of all, Jay Park is silly as hell. Secondly, I'm glad he posted this video up on his YT page because you can't tell from the mv just how good the dancing is.  I have to say, Jay Park and his dancers do some incredible isolations in this choreography. My absolute favorite part of the video is 3:04-3:15.  You really can't get a feel for just how cool-looking and well-done this part of the dance is until you see it close up here. Once again, some hot choreography from Jay's crew.  I got this info from his YT page for the vid: Choreography by Andrew Baterina(sorealcru), Jackie Lautchang(sorealcru), Hawooshin (prepix) Dancers: WASSUP,SOO,JOONY, ILL, JIHYE.  

Big Bang on Healing Camp (with Eng Subs)

Watch fast!  Hopefully they won't get deleted. Edited to add:   Final part 7 added!

SMentertainment Artists for W Korea March Issue

Scans from W Korea magazine March issue featuring  Girls’ Generation YoonA, Girls’ Generation Seohyun, SHINee’s Taemin, SHINee’s Jonghyun, f(x) Sulli, f(x) Krysta l, and members of  EXO.  

Big Bang's "Blue" MV (With English Lyrics)!

Big Bang has released their mv for "Blue" and I am in lurrrve.  The styling is on point, as usual, and they showcase the angst and gloom of a New York spring day perfectly. Check out that NYC skyline in the video...

Big Bang- Teasers, "Blue" and SBS Healing Camp

Naver Teaser of Big Bang's "Blue": Article: G-Dragon Opens Up about Marijuana Scandal, Daesung Had Suicidal Thoughts by: thunderstix On February 20,  Big Bang  appeared on SBS  “Healing Camp”  and addressed questions that many fans have been waiting to ask.  G-Dragon  and  Daesung , in particular, opened up about their respective incidents that were some of the most talked-about issues in all of K-Pop last year.

Idol Style: Rain

Ok so we all know without a doubt that this Idol Style post was coming.  I mean, we ALL know I love me some Rain, right??  That goes without saying.  He's just the bees knees... he's super talented, HOT, funny, HOT, (apparently) a nice guy, and also... umm, yeah... did I mention hot??  I'm not going to mention just how many pics of him I went through to choose the ones I'm including on this post.  I will say that there are so many great pics that I'm considering doing 2 posts.  Anyway, Rain definitely has great style and he fills out his sartorial choices superbly, imho.  I'm not biased... much. Without further ado...

Shoe Porn: So Many Shoes, So Little Time

Beautiful, candy colored shoes are all over the internets and just chillin' on tables in stores, beseeching me to buy them.  I kind of have a crush on so many of them.  Is it time to admit I kind of  have a shopping problem??

Another Big Bang Post: More "Alive" Album Teasers

Big Bang 's comeback is edging ever nearer and YG entertainment is releasing teasers left and right.  They won't leave us hanging indefinitely though, because they actually set a date for their mini-album release. According to  Allkpop ,  Big Bang will release the song “ Blue ” first on February 22nd, ahead of their actual " Alive " mini-album release on the 29th.   Enjoy Taeyang , G-Dragon and Seungri 's teasers, the track list and a teaser video:

The View from NYFW Pt. 1

Some of my fave street snaps from New York Fashion Week Fall 2012.  

Glam Ethnic Prints

The styling is impeccable in these gorgeous pics.  

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I am SO there: Source:  joblomovienetwork

EXO Teaser 15

EXO teaser 20239480348... oh wait... I mean 15. This teaser was made for the person that LOVES "The Matrix" or the Blade trilogy... in other words, me.  This was the best usage of SM Entertainment's bullet-time-camera-and-chalk trick that they love so much. Source:  SMTOWN Did you notice something?? No Kai!  Shocking... In other news, I'm still waiting for their debut.  <shakes my head>

Music Bank Paris Special Stage- More Than Words

Please enjoy  Kevin (UKiss), TaeMin (SHINee), HyunSeung (B2ST) and JunSu (2PM) singing "More Than Words", originally sung by Extreme in the '90s.  Source:  lobstarzz  via  mymusicradar tumblr ,  Image source:  mariska0303 This song was my jam in the '90s... Beautiful song that was performed beautifully.  Listen to Taemin's voice...  I'm so proud of him!  They all sounded really good, didn't they??

Big Bang Mega Post!

Big Bang on SBS Healing Camp:

Obligatory Eye Candy: Rain

Let's not pretend here:  Today I pretty much just wanted to ogle hot and/or shirtless pictures of Rain. Yummers...

Bang Yong Guk- I Remember

Really feeling this song right now.  Great video too.  When this song first came out I never even paid attention to it.  After B.A.P. went so hard with their debut, I had to go back and check out their previous side projects.  I'm glad I did! Source:  TSENT2008 ,  Image s ource:  allkpop Is it just me or does Bang Yong Guk's voice not sound somewhat like Ja Rule's voice?

The Best Thing About the Movie "The Vow"

Channing Tatum Need I say more??

Idol Style: SHINee

This week's Idol Style is all about the Kpop group Shinee.  Why do they fascinate me so much?  I do enjoy their music a lot and they are extremely entertaining performers, but they really captured me with their unique and distinctive styles and personalities.  I also love that they are fashion chameleons.  They're able to wear anything from the preppiest ensemble to the craziest mishmash of styles and colors and somehow make it look cool. Don't ask me how they manage it... they just do. Names: Choi Minho, Lee Taemin, Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Ki Bum Nicknames: Flaming Charisma (Minho), Taeminnie, Onew or Dubu, Bling Bling Jonghyun or Jjong, Almighty Key or Diva Key. Typical Shinee greeting: "Hi we are shining Shinee!"

Big Bang in NYC

Apparently Big Bang arrived in NYC the morning of 2/9/12 and I did not spontaneously combust. The word on the street is they're here filming a video.  Rumors say they'll be in NYC for four days and will be filming in Harlem but nothing has been confirmed as far as I know. Loving T.O.P's pastel hair... I just did a post about that trend  here .   I'm curious to see how Daesung's hair looks.  I'm sure they won't do the big reveal till his teaser photo comes out. I love fancams but it's nice to see a video filmed by someone that's calm, cool and collected.  Notice someone pushed T.O.P. out of the way to get to Daesung?  Fan girl... that's exactly what I'm talking about.  Don't get me wrong... I love fancams and fangirls can be great.   I have personally fangirl-ed and have the shaky fancams to prove it.  Shhh don't tell anyone. Props to the around 100 fans that showed up to give them a proper welcome.  Just don't stalk th

Color Blocking 101

As I've mentioned before on the blog- spring is on the way, even if it does seem like it's going to take forever to get here, so I decided to do a few posts on spring trends and how to wear them.  First up will be color blocking, which was a trend that was introduced last year and is still going strong.  I find it to be such an easy way to add interest to any outfit. The easiest way to incorporate the color blocking trend into your wardrobe is with a pair of shoes.  You can find pairs that range from neutral to neon and anywhere in between, also in any price range and any style.   The extra fun part of color blocking is your shoe and clothing color choices do not have to be an exact match, which is super liberating.  Just be careful- adding too many different colors to your ensemble can sometimes end up being a major fashion faux pas. I choose some on-trend pieces you can seamlessly incorporate into your wardrobe.  A chambray button down will be a key piece this season, whic

Style I Love: Pastel Hair

Shinee's Key Works the Airport Like a Runway

Diva Key is at it again... Shinee made their way over to Paris for an episode of Music Bank yesterday, Key was flaw-free as usual.