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This blog is Kpop and Kpop fashion blog that I started in 2013 and stopped in 2015. It's still up because it still shows up on Google search rankings. Why'd I start this blog?  Well, it's pretty much all Rain's fault.  

What started out as something fun that I never dreamed anyone would glance at grew into a destination site for over 1000 readers. My primary mission with Oddness/Weirdness was to develop an interactive community of passionate Kpop lovers of any age and nationality.  

I used to write mostly about SHINeeG-Dragon and Big Bang, but have been known to write about B.A.PINFINITEBlock Bf(x)2NE1 and more.  

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Big Bang is Still Killing It...

...and they haven't even released their album yet.  Craziness. I told myself yesterday that I was going to relax on the Big Bang posts for a bit because I was starting to feel like a Big Bang fansite, not that that's a bad thing.  THEN... they release something like this: "Bad Boy" teaser- Source:  BIGBANG

UPDATED: G-Dragon for Vogue Korea '09

This Vogue Korea editorial is my favorite G-Dragon magazine photo shoot.  The shots are beautiful and the styling is impeccably over-the-top.  A combo of weird, fun, creepy and avant garde, this editorial needs no further words. UPDATED: I've been stalking these photos for years, so I keep finding random new pics someone uploaded.  Well, today I found a ton and they're all in color so I felt this post needed an update.  I also found the BTS video from the photo shoot so scroll down all the way to the end for that.  Enjoy...

[GUEST BLOGGER WEEK] The Oh So "Superficial" South Koreans: A Tale Of Beauty Ideals & Plastic Surgery

Welcome to the last Guest Blogger Week post!  It's been so awesome to host these fabulous women here on Oddness/Weirdness for the past week.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart for taking the time out of their busy schedules to participate, and I hope you enjoyed the posts as I did. This last post is by  nancakes 's Nani and she's written another slightly controversial post, this one about her take on South Korea's beauty standards.  If you haven't read Nani's previous Guest Blogger Week rant about crazy Kpop fans, you can do so by clicking here  and, as always, if you agree or disagree you can sound off in the comments below. The Oh So "Superficial" South Koreans Hello folks of the interwebz. I'm bringing to you an entry that touches upon a topic widely known within the kpop fandoms: beauty ideals (and plastic surgery) - and why looks matter so damn much in the country of oppas and gee gee babies. If you want further an