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Video of the Day: G-Dragon's "That XX" + Lyrics

G-Dragon released "That XX", or "That Bastard", which is what the XX reportedly stands for.  This is the second song from his forthcoming album.  Let me just say that I was not expecting this type of song at all but surprises can be good too.

Kpop WTF: What's Up With All Those Skateboards?

The new "trend" in Kpop right now seems to be skateboards and I'm seeing them all over the place.  I think it kinda started when Big Bang's Taeyang was seen at the airport on a skateboard .  There's been numerous sightings of him and G-Dragon on skateboards since then: Taeyang tweeted this pic on July 12  GD tweeted this pic on August 17

G-Dragon's Already Releasing Another Song & MV, "That XX"

Another song and mv already??  I'm surprised but not complaining in any way, shape or form.  In fact I'm excited, of course.  Here's the teaser that was released today:

Go Behind the Scenes With EXO-M For Ceci Magazine

When I posted EXO-M's photo shoot for Ceci magazine , I promised I'd post whatever extra stuff I found.  Well here it is, my friends.  Ceci mag decided to post a beautifully shot BTS vid... Check it out:

SHINee Releases More "Dazzling Girl" Teasers

I was waiting to include the rest of these SHINee Dazzling Girl teaser pics in one post and I'm glad I did.  This way you can be dazzled by them all at once (see what I did there??).  Onew's teaser pic was released today while Jonghyun and Minho's were released this past week.   You can view Taemin and Key's teasers here .

Videos of the Day: Shinee's Making of First Shinee World Concert in Seoul Eng Sub

Enjoy SHINee on their BTS of the First Shinee World Concert in Seoul from around December2010-January 2011.  I know this is older but it's cute nonetheless.  Watching them try to cry is amusing but watching Onew pretend to cry is like noooooo....  too realistic, sweetie.

Video of the Day: G-Dragon's "One of a Kind" + Some MV Fashion

The one and only G-Dragon 's " One of a Kind " mv came out today and I am in lurve.  It's everything I could have wanted it to be.  It was brash, filled with swagger and unique fashion.  In other words, all kinds of good.  Check it out here:

G-Dragon Releases Another Teaser Pic, Looks Like A Boss

Ok look... I know many of you are having issues with G-Dragon's hair but, oh well.  I think he's a marketing genius: Whether you love his hair or hate it, you're still gonna be paying attention and you're gonna be talking about it. Take a closer look at his cornrows and his incredible outfit in GD's newest teaser: Chanel?  Y/N?

The Countdown to G-Dragon's Comeback is On!

So I guess YG Entertainment was trolling us before because now there's a new G-Dragon comeback countdown clock on .

G-Dragon Finally Releases MV Teaser: "One of a Kind"

Yessss finally!!   G-Dragon just released the teaser for his upcoming mv, "One of a Kind".  Fangirling in 3...2...1...

SHINee Releases Image Teasers for Dazzling Girl

SHINee's not playing around right now.  They're making sure to stay in the spotlight so you don't forget about them by October.  Why?  Because they'll be releasing a song on October 10th called "Dazzling Girl".  So far SM entertainment has introduced two teasers:  Key's and Taemin's.

The Boys of INFINITE Looking Sporty and Fab for W Korea

Another September issue editorial, so little time.  No, not really... I have all kinds of time for any magazine that publishes gorgeous photos like W Korea does. Go behind the scenes with INFINITE for their photoshoot for the September issue of W Korea:

Video of the Day: PSY Gangnam Styles It Up at Dodger Stadium

PSY was captured August 20 at the Dodgers Stadium in L.A.  This is so great that I need not say anything else.  Just watch and enjoy.

Please Bear With Me...

While I make a few changes to the blog, hopefully for the better.  I'm not well versed in HTML and I'm learning as I go.  Firstly, I changed my banner and background.  I've actually been trying to make that banner for awhile and finally figured it out.  Yay me! Secondly I added Disqus comments.  I'm importing older comments so they won't be lost (hopefully).  If that doesn't work, I'll probably go back to regular old Blogger comments, because there's a lot of older comments to this site that I'd be sad to miss.  Be sure to let me know how you like the new system. I'll be making other aesthetic changes to the blog as I figure them out. Thanks for visiting... <3

Check Out TVXQ's Yunho and Changmin's "Mad Men" Style for Cosmopolitan Men + BTS

Here's TVXQ's Changmin and Yunho rocking that sophisticated "Mad Men" type style for Cosmopolitan Men Korea's September issue.  These Korean September issues are beautifully done, aren't they? Don't forget to scroll down for the BTS video at the end of this post.  Fyi, I'll be sure to post more pics if and when they become available.

EXO-M Smolders for Ceci Magazine September Issue

The boys of EXO-M are looking mighty fine in this editorial for Ceci Magazine's September issue.  I'll be sure to post an interview or any extra goodies once I find them.

SHINee's Taemin for Nylon Korea September Issue: Scans and Interview

I've been covering a lot of SHINee recently, but that's because they've been doing all kinds of good stuff.  Besides that, they're obviously one of my faves.  I like how SM Entertainment is making sure they stay in the spotlight before their next comeback this year. Taemin is all kinds of (dare I say it) sexy for in the September issue of Nylon Korea.  I can't believe I just called him sexy.  He's still young as hell but he's certainly a man now.  Don't believe me?  Read on:

Jonghyun and Taemin Do Seo Taiji's "Internet War", Tear the House Down 120818

I had to post this 'cause they did it again.

SHINee's Taemin Cross Dresses AGAIN With The Help of Changmin & Kyuhyun 120818

Oh Taemin...  You've done it again.  You say you don't want to be called girly and yet here you are.

More G-Dragon: Happy Birthday from YG Ent & An Audio Teaser

Lol I can't even:

Fashionisto G-Dragon for BSX CF 120816

BSX Clothing released a new commercial film featuring Big Bang 's G-Dragon today.  Feast your eyes on this.

SHINee is Adorable as Always for Maypole BTS Photos 120816

Those shining SHINee boys (men) recently did some work for the folks over at Maypole clothing and they were kind enough to post a ton of BTS photos on their official Facebook page.  I always like when they do endorsements for this brand because it always turns out extra cute. Below you'll find a selection of the many behind-the-scenes photos from Maypole's official Facebook page.

UPDATED: Key's Forever Amazing Airport Fashion + SHINee's Upcoming Japanese Single

Diva Key and the rest of SHINee were at Gimpo airport today on the way to Japan, maybe to work on their upcoming Japanese single (more on that later). Key managed to work my feels over with this outfit.  I'm not even going to tell you how hard I had to work to find more than one pic of his full outfit... Shawols were slacking today.

SHINee's Jonghyun Trolls Minho in Support of "To The Beautiful You"

Lollll...  This is part of the reason why I love me some SHINee.

Videos of the Day: Phantom's "Burning" and Jay Park "I Love You" Dance Practice

Today was a good day for video releases, I must say.  I found two to titillate you... I hope.  I certainly liked them so now it's time to foist them on you in the hopes that you do too. So Jay Park released a dance practice video for "I Love You" today.  He's been releasing stuff left and right lately... I definitely have nothing bad to say about this one, unlike my opinion on his recently released "New Breed" mv,  Jay is preparing for his ' New Breed Asia Tour in Seoul' concert, along with Prepix dance crew, and uploaded this vid to let people check out what he's up to.  

Editorials Past: Big Bang for Arena Magazine June 2009

I decided I'd find an older Big Bang editorial to post in honor of G-Dragon's comeback; before it becomes all GD, all the time up in here (exaggerating... a little bit).  Boy did I find a good one.  I'd seen a couple of the G-Dragon pics around and about but I had never seen the whole thing.  I also hadn't realized this editorial was photographed by Terry Richardson (ugh) or that the whole group was featured in it.  Well, I was in for a treat and so will you, if you haven't seen it before. Some highlights: GD's nipples... Welll, his whole outfit.  Seungri's pants (!!), and Daesung??  Damnnn.  This also features T.O.P before he did whatever he did to his face.  Maybe it's his eyebrows??  You tell me.

G-Dragon to Release a New MV, I Cannot Wait

As  mentioned the other day , Big Bang's G-Dragon will finally be releasing a new album.  Cue emotional fangirling here. Right now he's in the process of filming an mv and he's taken to twitter to tease us with pics from it.

Jay Park Copies Zombie Boy for "New Breed" MV

Jay Park released his mv for the song "New Breed" today and it was pretty... underwhelming.  Before you read on, please note that I actually like Jay Park, so Jaywalkers need not go off on me.

Random Kpop Spazz: G-Dragon Tweets, BoA x Taemin + More

It's early in the day and already I've spazzed over umpteen happenings in the Kpop world today.  Here's the things I came upon so far that I feel it's IMPERATIVE to share with you.  :rolling eyes at myself: Love it or hate it?  Make sure to leave me a comment below! Big Bang's G-Dragon tweeted the following today and the Kpop world freaked out a bit.

Dress Like: f(x)'s Amber Liu

As I mentioned last week , I've been noticing that people are looking to dress like Amber Liu from f(x).  In fact, two of the most popular posts on this blog have to do with Amber's fashion ( Idol Style  & Electric Shock  Shoe Porn ).  So today I'm showing you lovely readers how to translate Amber's super boyish style from stage to street.

Video of the Day: Teen Top's "Be Ma Girl" MV + Dance Version

Teen Top are such cuties!  I'm glad they're back with a new song, even though they never really left after their promotions for "To You" .  They're back with the song "Be Ma Girl" and they've released a regular version and a dance version in quick succession.  They know we love those choreography vids, don't they? Want more screen caps?   Scroll down and click  here

Teasers of the Day: EXID and Woollim Entertainment's Tasty

These two teasers for EXID and Tasty (or Tasty 2Wins... not quite sure) piqued my interest when they were released a few days ago. First let's talk about the teaser for EXID's "Hippity Hop":

Airport Style: SHINee, Super Junior, f(x) & EXO Back From SMTown Tokyo 120806

SMTown Artists Super Junior, Super Junior M, f(x), SHINee, & EXO made their way back from SMTown III in Tokyo, Japan today. As you can see, I love airport fashion.  So many idols try so hard to look effortless that it can be a sight to behold.  Some do it right, like some of the idols you'll see here, and some do it really wrong (like Super Junior's Leeteuk, who wore the exact same thing  to travel there and back)  Who's style do you like the best?  Missed them on the way to Tokyo?  Click here and here .  Be sure to watch the video at the end to see how insane it is for these stars when they're out and about. SHINee

Airport Style: SMTown Artists Head to Japan for SMTown Live Tokyo III

Yesterday I gave you a glimpse of what the members of SHINee wore on their trip to Tokyo, Japan to perform in the SM Entertainment SMTown Live Tokyo III concerts.  Today it's all about the rest of them.  Scroll down for some airport fashion from TVXQ, SNSD aka Girl's Generation, f(x), EXO-M and EXO-K and Super Junior.   TVXQ

Shinee's Summery Airport Fashion 120803

I came upon these pics of Shinee's airport style just now and had to share.  They were headed to Japan for SMTown Live Tokyo III today (or yesterday in S. Korea... always confuses me) and OMG do they look cute!  So cute that I want to put them all in my pocket so I can take them out when I need to get into a better mood. Make sure you scroll down and look at every pic because there's something to look at in each frame, Especially Taemin and Onew.  Yes Onew's shirt does say that.  Yes there is a bill sticking out.  Gah!

Shinee's Taemin Airport Style

I've blogged about Key from Shinee's airport fashion enough times that I thought I'd move on to someone else, namely Taemin.  This guy is just so adorable, but don't tell him that.  I know he'd rather be thought of as manly and sexy, so we'll go with that. Taemin usually gives great airport style, especially in the last few years.  In the past, he tended to wear huge jackets that obviously were not originally his, so I'm glad he's over that phase.  One thing I really like about Taemin is that he tends to wear things he likes multiple times, often in quick succession, many of them gifts from fans.  It's kinda cute knowing that the guy really likes something, right?

Coming Soon: Dress Like: f(x)'s Amber Liu

I've been noticing quite a few people have come to Oddness/Weirdness to find out how to dress like f(x)'s ,Amber Liu so I thought I'd put together a post about that very subject. Coming Soon!

Video of the Day: PSY's Gangnam Style

There have been so many videos to put up this past week; it's kinda crazy.  I usually never find this many videos to fangirl over in this short of a time frame.  Well, I have one more to talk about and that is PSY's "Gangnam Style". I am late to this bandwagon because I just watched the mv the other day but I'm here to tell you that if you haven't watched it yet, you are missing out.  Random non-Kpop related celebrities and people of note have taken to tweeting and talking about this video.  More on that in a bit.  First, check out oppa 's "Gangnam Style" and see if you can spot Big Bang's Daesung and Seungri and 4Minute's Hyuna.