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Video of the Day: Teen Top's To You + Changjo Shows You How to Body Roll

Teen Top released their mv for "To You" today and I am pleasantly surprised. Why, you may ask?  Well, because I was NOT a fan of any part of their last mini album... not even a little bit.  This saddened me, because I like Teen Top.  They're squish-your-cheeks cute and their music is usually catchy, with fun choreography to go along with it.  They've redeemed themselves with "To You", though, so yay for them and me.

Big Bang's Still Alive + "Monster" Teasers Mega Post

I've been out of the loop for the past few days because real life intervened.  I actually had to work... Gasp!!  I mean, one must have a job, mustn't one??  Anyway, those hours were long as hell and I've been too tired to even look at my computer, much less turn it on.  Times like these is when I really consider buying a laptop. While I was working my butt off, Big Bang just woke up and decided to release a repackage of their Alive album and call it Still Alive or Alive-Monster Edition.  The new album will include five new tracks, which are called "Still Alive", "Bingle Bingle", "Feeling", "Ego" and "Monster". They're releasing digitally on June 3rd, with the album coming out on June 6th.  They seem to be going all out with their teasers for the song "Monster", like YG likes to do.  Be sure to scroll down and check out G-Dragon's "Monster" mv teaser that was released earlier today, as well as T.

Shinee 4th Anniversary Message to Fans

Jonghyun is forever staring at Key when he talks

My SHINee 4th Anniversary Spam Post

I'm sure it's pretty obvious, to the people that visit this blog often, that I love me some Shinee.  I think they're super talented, utterly adorable, and they're so fun to watch.  I blog about them a lot because they really capture my interest, their music is stellar and, above all, they make me smile.   Even though tomorrow is their 4th Anniversary date, it's already tomorrow in Korea (confusing, I know!) so I'm celebrating with a Shinee appreciation spam post.

Shinee Makes It Home Safely and Fashionably

Thanks for letting us know, Gangsta Key 120522 Key me2day update [ Key ] 미국 도착 인증과 무사 귀국 인증 입니다 Home sweet home ‘ㅂ’ 보고 싶었음! Translation: [ Key ] This is an arrival in USA acknowledgement shot and safe return acknowledgement shot. Home sweet home ‘ㅂ’ I’ve missed you!

Even More SMTOWN L.A. Fancams: f(x), Shinee, Super Junior, SNSD + Others

SMTOWN L.A. 120520- I added as many good fancams as I could find! Enjoy. :) f(x) rehearsing Nu Abo

Shinee and EXO Performances @ SMTOWN L.A. 120520

I <3 Shinee because they put on performances like this all the frickin' time.  Fyi, Taemin, please be careful on the pneumatic stage.  Thanks!   On another note, I wish EXO would stop lip syncing... Sighhh.   

Taeyang Struts His Stuff for L'Officiel Hommes Magazine

It has come to my attention that L'Officiel Hommes is trying to give me a heart attack.   After seeing these scans of Taeyang for the June edition of L'Officiel Hommes, I kind of have no words...because I'm catatonic.  They are gloriously, spell binding-ly hot.  It's also really nice to see Taeyang show different facial expressions and to exhibit some sort of personality in a photo shoot.  In my opinion he usually ends up coming off looking a bit the same and a tad bit robotic in every picture.  I'm also loving that he has a different hair style and thinking that it looks really good on him. The concept for this shoot is pretty much flaw free; I only have a bone to pick with that odd pubic-looking fur...something in and around his pants.  Otherwise, the photographer and stylist deserves a standing ovation or three.  I guess I did have words after all.  Enjoy these fabulous pics 'cause I certainly did! "The Star That Young Males Want to Emul

Shinee Performed 1st @ SMTOWN L.A. 120520

Lucifer looking cool as hell: I'd be scared that I'd fall off that thing!  Gahhh! Annnd I am now heading to bed.  Stay tuned to my friend Stormy's blog,  My Music Radar , tonight for more SMTOWN L.A. coverage.  I'll be back tomorrow to discuss their outfits with, hopefully, even better pics and some fancams.  :) Source:  fuckyeahleaderonew

EXO Rehearses @ SMTOWN L.A. 120520

Source:  nana-0330 ,  HondaCenter

f(x) On the Way to SMTOWN L.A. 120520

Finally a pic of Amber! I'm pretty sure Amber is NOT faking her androgyny.

SMTOWN L.A. Press Conference Pics 120520

More pics added as they come along.

Shinee Sherlock Rehearsal @ SMTOWN L.A. 2012

Thanks for smuggling cameras in, Shawols!  More pics and/or fancams will be added as they become available so check back soon.

Shinee's JongKey and Minho in L.A. 120519

I'm sure many of you Kpop fans heard all about members of Shinee, Super Junior, EXO and TVXQ's Changmin being spotted by tons of fans in L.A. yesterday.  I'm posting up a few pics, mostly because I like what they're wearing. Harems and creepers on Jonghyun.  Are those Key's clothes perchance??

Shoe Porn and More: Alexander McQueen Spring 2012

JJ Project's Bounce MV is Kinda Cute a very discombobulated way.   This mv from JYP Entertainment's latest group reminds me wayyy too much of Bang and Zelo's "Never Give Up" mv, mixed up with a little bit of 2PM's "Put Your Hands Up" mv.  Like I said, it's pretty cute in a frenzied, all-over-the-place way.  However, the boys (or is it babies?  Just how old are they anyway??) are just too adorable and make it look like they're having lots of fun.

Another G-Dragon "Controversy": G-Dragon's 10Asia Interview

I read a comment that G-Dragon allegedly said this morning that kind of pissed me off.  I decided to read the article before I jumped to conclusions and figured I'd also post it here.  I'm not an impressionable youngster so I've learned to temper my reactions to things and read before opening my mouth, or wielding my keyboard, as it were.

Airport Style: SMTOWN Artists Head to L.A.

I love some good airport fashion and Kpop artists rarely get on a plane looking like bootie.   Today is a great day to do this post, since the SMTOWN artists are all on their way to Los Angeles to get their SMTOWN Live World Tour III concert on, which will be held on May 20th. Shinee

Infinite Slays Their Competition @ M! Countdown Comeback Stage 120517

Infinite had their first comeback performance today on Mnet's M! Countdown and managed to blow all others out of the water, as usual.  Psst... EXO-K... just thought you might like to know that this is how you sing AND dance during a comeback stage.  That's right... I said it! Watch quickly! The Chaser

Shinee Live Chat 120511 Eng Sub

I promised to update my previous post about Shinee's Live Chat from May 11th with English sub vids but decided to make a new post instead,  mostly because adding it to that post would make it overly cluttered with videos. As usual enjoy them, because they're hilarious, but make sure to watch quickly in case YT is feeling vengeful and they get taken down.

50,000 Pageviews: It's an Oddness/Weirdness Celebration Up in Here!

When I started this blog in October of last year, I had my fingers crossed that I'd get at least a few views.  I had no idea what the hell I was doing and pretty much learned by doing and lots of research.  If you went alll the way back to my first month of posts, you'd see what I am talking about.  I didn't have any sort of clear direction, I just knew I wanted to blog, what I wanted to blog about and that I wanted to my sarcastic/silly personality to come through while doing it.

Video of the Day: Infinite's The Chaser

Infinite released their mv of "The Chaser" today and I'm particularly enthused because, while I don't consider myself a part of their fandom, I do think they're one of the most talented not-so-newbie-anymore groups out there.

Shoe Porn: Dv8 by Dolce Vita

So I recently found this lookbook and just died over everything about it.  Firstly, it's not often that find a line of shoes that makes me covet every single pair... not often at all.  Granted, it's a small offshoot of a bigger brand, but still:  I want them!  Secondly, this lookbook is hot to death.  The styling and photography is impeccable and I'm loving the whole Studio 54 meets 2012 boho thing they've got going on.  I'd wear quite a few of these outfits, makeup and hairstyles and that's saying a lot, because I'm kinda finicky.  I'm not surprised, though, because this lookbook was a partnership between Solestruck (my fave online shoe store) and Dolce Vita.  Apparently they can do no wrong.  Take a gander!

Video of the Day Pt. 2: Infinite's Infinitize Teasers

Oh yay... more extra synchronized dancing and adorableness to spazz over.  Gah! The boys will be making their comeback on May 15th.

Video and Song of the Day: Xiah Junsu's Tarantallegra MV

I thought this video might be epic and fierce from the teasers and it SURE is!  

Idol Style: Kpop and MCM

I'm not usually a label whore, especially for those designer brands that are all about putting their initials all over everything, but for some reason I can really get into the brand MCM.

Shinee Live Video Chat 120511

Shinee continues to be cute and funny, I continue to post about them. Today Shinee held a live stream video chat in Japan for the release of their Japanese Sherlock album.  They answered some questions from fans and were generally silly and amusing.  This is in Japanese and Korean, mostly without English subs (yet) but it's still really good.  There are a few videos at the bottom with some subs.  Those are a definite must watch for any Shawol. The Japanese Version of "Sherlock" will be released on May 16th.   As more videos and/or English subs become available, I'll update this page.  As usual, watch quickly in case they get deleted.   Edited to add: Eng subs available  here .

To Marc Jacobs: You're Kidding Me Right??

Ok, I'm sorry but you're really getting ridiculous now.  You legit took a piece of plastic and made a fugly skirt out of it.  I'm a fan of avant garde fashion and all, and I like some of your clothes, but this just takes the cake.  I bet some dumbasses will buy it, too, just because it's Marc Jacobs. Look what it does to this super skinny model in the front.  Yeah, that's right... a plastic pooch.  Imagine what it will look like on someone of normal size and shape, not to mention how uncomfortable it would be to wear and walk in.  Great job, dude.  Can I punch you in the face now?  Thanks.

Shinee World 2012 Japan Fancams

I've been on the lookout for longer fancams of Shinee's performances from their concerts in Japan but they are few and far between.  Apparently Japanese concert halls/stadiums have a camera ban so most of the videos I've seen are super, super short.  EMI Japan has also making people remove their fancams from YouTube.  Booo, EMI Japan, booo!! But!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel because there ARE some longer videos and here some of them are for your viewing pleasure.  As usual, make sure to watch quickly before they are removed.

Xiah Junsu's New Tarantallegra MV Teaser

Ohh... How did I miss this?? This teaser came out yesterday.  The more I see of this video, the more intrigued I am.  Bring it on, Junsu... let's see what you got! Source:  CJESJYJ It's amusing to see how many comments there are on YouTube about how "gay" this is.  The little girls (and boys) writing these comments must be so sheltered, poor things.

Shinee @ Taxi with English Subs

Once again I'm all late posting this but I'm glad I waited because these are the best English subs I've seen so far.  I do think this is the best variety interview I've seen them participate in during their "Sherlock" promotions.  They're so talkative and seem to be pretty candid here.  They also seem to be having a lot of fun, especially at the end. Enjoy and watch quickly before it's deleted!

Big Bang Behind the Scenes: Jamming Out to "Bad Boy"

I just saw this on my friend Stormy's blog and immediately had to repost it.  It's Big Bang jamming to "Bad Boy" with their live band in rehearsals for their Alive concert.  This looks like so much fun!  I wish I could have been there.

Everything Old is New Again

I was so into Boy London clothes when I was younger.  It used to be all about punks and New Wave.  Cracks me up when everything swings back around on the fashion wheel.

R.I.P. Beastie Boys' MCA

Adam Yauch died of cancer today.  I grew up listening to all kinds of music, and I have to say that listening to almost any of the Beastie Boys' music from the '80s and '90 brings back a ton of memories.  So sad. Unfortunately I am not feeling so well this week... Be back tomorrow with more Kpop stuff and fashion stuff. Edited to add: Adding some Beastie Boys music because I'm thinking many of you younger peeps might have no idea who they are.  Fyi, they were awesome. Super old school: Brass Monkey Source:  4everthescriptfan Not quite as old school: Sure Shot Source:  telekinetica

Shinee's Key Airport Style Pt. 2

I'm always on the lookout for pics of Key's airport style.  This is because he always has such a well thought out combination of pieces on and I'm usually intrigued, and occasionally flabbergasted, by it.  Key obviously puts a lot of thought into everything he wears, all the way down to his socks.  I love the way he pairs graphic prints and colors in such a pleasing way, and that he has no qualms about wearing women's clothes.  I'm also  extremely  jealous of his shoe, accessory and tshirt collection. Yes, he is wearing clogs.

Video of the Day: Xiah Junsu's Tarantallegra Teaser

Now this should be interesting: Source:  CJESJYJ A tarantallegra is a Harry Potter spell used to force people to dance uncontrollably.  Interesting indeed!

Reason #2 Why I Don't Have Kids

Because I'd be broke as hell. Source: Credit where due And yes, that is an Alexander Wang bag she's holding.