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G-Dragon's Madcap "CRAYON" Style Part 2

So as I said in my long ass part 1 of G-Dragon's "CRAYON" style post , I have been looking for the tropical bird covered pants that GD wore in the mv.  Commenters have asked and I finally found them.

G-Dragon Performs "CRAYON" on Inkigayo 120930

Here's some G-Dragon looking cute as ever while performing "CRAYON" on Inkigayo today.  Watch quickly before it gets deleted!

Happy Chuseok! Block B's Zico Releases "Battle Royal" as a Surprise Thanksgiving Gift

Not that long ago, I mentioned on here that I was waiting with baited breath for a Block B comeback.  Well this is even better, imho (or almost as good, depending on your biases):  Today Block B's Zico released a surprise Chuseok  (Korean Thanksgiving) gift of a song called "Battle Royal".  Listen below... DIMA Big Show 120523

Big Bang Adds Two More Concert Dates to Their Sold Out U.S. Shows!

Heard the great news yet?  Big Bang just announced that they added two more concert dates to their sold out U.S. Alive Galaxy Tour concert dates!

Video of the Day #2: SHINee's "Dazzling Girl" Short Ver. PV

I cannot believe I almost forgot to post this mv.  Can you imagine?  How could I forget about the release of the short version of SHINee's "Dazzling Girl" pv?  I'm shaking my head at myself right now.  

Video of the Day: The Koxx's "Love Dance"

I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled programming to spazz over an mv that is not your typical Kpop.  This mv and song skews more towards alternative than anything else I've featured on this blog.  This song is actually a lot closer to the type of music I mainly listened to, before Kpop took over my life.  The band is called The Koxx and the song is "Love Dance".  Check it out:

SHINee's Onew for Singles Magazine October 2012 Issue + Eng Trans

I'm about a week late with posting this beautifully shot layout of SHINee's Onew from Singles magazine's October 2012 issue but oh well... I'm posting it anyway.  How could I not?  He looks lovely here.  Enjoy the pics and make sure to read the interview.  I think it serves to highlight just a fraction of Onew's loneliness, even in the midst of a crowd, and I think you will too. Click to enlarge

G-Dragon for Commons&Sense Man Magazine

G-Dragon will be featured on (and in) the upcoming issue of Japanese fashion magazine commons&sense man, or issue # 13 as they call it.  Check out the gorgeous pics they put up on their site.

Videos of the Day: TVXQ!'s "Catch Me" MV + Dance Practice

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had flu-like symptoms on Saturday and now it's Thursday and I'm just starting to feel a bit better.  I ended up with what I thought was a cold/flu but ended up being bronchitis, so forgive me for not blogging sooner.  I'm back though... and I missed so much stuff, of course.  If you're away from the Kpop world, a few days seems like a year, doesn't it?  Or maybe that's just me. I'm still going to talk about some songs that came out earlier this week, namely TVXQ! and their new comeback mv, "Catch Me".

G-Dragon's "Crayon" MV Style Part 1

Hello again, my friends.  It's been a busy week that ended yesterday with me thinking I'd "take a nap" at around 6:30 pm and then wake up to do some blogging.  I ended up waking up today at 9:00 am with flu-like symptoms.  Not fun at all. So now I'm finally gonna post up my G-Dragon "Crayon" fashion post pt. 1.  It's only part 1 because I'm still looking for many of the other pieces from the mv, ESPECIALLY the pants he wears here and on his Inkigayo performances.  Many of the items worn in this mv seem to be limited edition so it's been an interesting week.  I've even gotten some requests for those pants...  How cool is that?  Just so you know, I've been looking for those pants since I first saw the "Crayon" mv and I WILL find them, dammit.  Lol... anyway... on with the fashion:

G-Dragon Blings It Out Like A Pimp At The Ambush x G-Dragon Launch Party + More

So sorry I've been away for the past few days but it couldn't be helped.  I was working my bootie off and was too tired to blog, even if it was about Kpop.  I'll be back tomorrow with more posts but I realized after I saw these pics that I had to post them up. In case you hadn't heard yet, G-Dragon collaborated with the brand Ambush to make a few limited edition jewelry pieces to be sold at the My Boon store in Korea.  He attended the Ambush x G-Dragon launch party, which was held at the My Boon store on September 20th, and you just have to see what he wore.

G-Dragon's 1st Mini Album COUNTDOWN LIVE + Countdown Fashion

G-Dragon and YG Entertainment decided to post what they call a rerun of G-Dragon's 1st mini album countdown show.  It was shown on Naver Music on the 14th, leading up to the release of his album and now they've posted it with English subs.  How nice!  Take a look:

Spazz With Me: SHINee World II Concerts in Taiwan Mega Spam Post

Those shining SHINee boys recently completed their SHINee World II Concerts in Taipei, Taiwan and I've got some loverly pics and fancams for ya.

Ticket Details for Big Bang's Alive Galaxy Tour in NJ & CA Finally Announced!

Well damn... this took forever!  Ticket sale dates for Big Bang's Alive Galaxy Tour in the U.S. were FINALLY announced via Powerhouse Live last night and I'm like, flipping tables in excitement.  Well, really I'm only doing that internally.  Read on:

G-Dragon Performs "CRAYON" & "One of a Kind" On Inkigayo 120916

G-Dragon had his first comeback stage on SBS's Inkigayo earlier this morning and you can color me enthralled.  If you haven't watched the "CRAYON" mv yet, click here .

Video of the Day: G-Dragon Releases "CRAYON" MV

G-Dragon has just released the mv to "CRAYON" and it is even better than I thought it would be.

Win A Date With SHINee's Jonghyun or Key!

Ever wanted to go on a date with SHINee's Jonghyun or Key?  I bet you have... don't try to deny it.  Well now you totally can by entering to win one.  Watch this:

G-Dragon Finally Releases "One of a Kind" Mini Album, Happy Days Are Here Again

Yesssss!  It's finally here!  G-Dragon has finally released his "One of a Kind" mini album and I am loving it.

Kpop WTF: Seungri's Sex Scandal

The newest and biggest scandal in the world of Kpop involves Big Bang's Seungri and it's a doozy.

Video of the Day: U-Kiss's "Stop Girl" MV Teaser, Black and White Version

Ok I'll admit that I've never paid the least bit of attention to U-Kiss before but I might just have to after watching their mv teaser for "Stop Girl".

G-Dragon Reveals His Thoughts on Song #2, "Light It Up"

Yesterday it was old school style in the song "Missing You" .  Today G-Dragon released another video where he talks about, and previews, the song "Light It Up" from his soon to be released "One of a Kind" mini album.  "Light It Up" is a rap song in which GD collaborates with Tablo and Dok2.  Check it out:

Another G-Dragon Post Because I Can: New "One of a Kind" Album Teasers

G-Dragon is heading into the home stretch on that "One of a Kind" album release date so he seems to be kicking it up a notch with teasers and previews, which I love. I woke up today to these pretties:

Video of the Day: SHINee's "Dazzling Girl" MV Teaser

SHINee just released an mv teaser for "Dazzling Girl".  Won't you come spazz with me??

More G-Dragon "One of a Kind" Fashion Finds

I'm still pretty obsessed with G-Dragon 's " One of a Kind " mv, plus I promised that I'd update with more fashion from the mv as I found it.  There's even a few "affordable" options for you to choose from (hahahaaa), or you can get a bit of his fashion on the cheap by checking out my friend Koko Milgrim's post.   If you didn't get to see my previous post about GD's fashion, go here .

4Minute's Hyuna for Nylon Magazine September '12

I don't talk about Kpop girls or girl groups on here very often, but this pictorial from Nylon magazine Korea of 4Minute's Hyuna really caught my eye.  I really like the styling (not to wear, just to look at) and the starkness of the photos, which makes the outfits and Hyuna's beauty stand out.

G-Dragon to Release New Mini-Album, "Crayon" News + Comeback Stage Date

Just in case you've been living under a rock and you didn't know, G-Dragon will be releasing his full mini-album, "One of a Kind", on September 15th.  Check out the track list here:

G-Dragon is All Pink & Sassy for BSX Clothing

I've got some more G-Dragon for BSX clothing for ya, and when I say pink I'm talking about his oh-so-cute pink hair.  Miss it!  Maybe he'll bring it back again someday. Be sure to click on the pics to enlarge them.

Teen Top for Elle Korea's September '12 Issue

More September issue goodness:  Teen Top looking edgy and cute for Elle Korea.  Hold on a sec... is C.A.P wearing a romper in the 4th pic?  Smdh... I can't even.

SHINee's Key and BEAST's Hyun Seung at Vogue Korea x MCM's Fashion's Night Out 120906

SHINee's Key and BEAST's Hyun Seung were invited to attend Vogue Korea's x MCM Fashion's Night Out event that took place in Korea today.  They looked great, especially Key, who was in rare form.

Members of B1A4, ZE-A and A-JAX for Vogue Girl's September Issue

Vogue Girl Korea brought together B1A4's Cnu, A-JAX's Jae Hyung and ZE-A's Hyung Sik for their September issue and I'm loving the futuristic-retro feel of this editorial.  I know that sounds odd, but that's what it calls to mind.  It makes me think of '50s greasers that were time traveled into 2015.  Check it out:

SHINee Gives Us A "Dazzling Girl" Group Teaser & A Song Preview

I'm not sure what I think about this whole SHINee "Dazzling Girl" thing after listening to this preview. The song seems meh to me but hey, it's early times. It could sound totally different later. I do like the group teaser though.  Check out the group teaser that was released on SHINee's official Japanese site and the preview that was heard in the cf for Japanese jewelry brand Maki below:

Get Kpop Fashionated: Erika Breaks Down G-Dragon's "That XX" MV Fashion

I promised I'd give you some G-Dragon " That XX " fashion , and here it is: As you probably already know, my most recent fashion obsession is  G-Dragon .  I’ve been fascinated by this fashion chameleon and fashionisto for awhile now, but he seems to have taken himself to a new level in the past year.  GD is, of course, obsessed with designer goods from the obvious major designers like Chanel and Givenchy.  He’s also supremely interested in somewhat lesser known (but equally as famous) avant garde designers like Junn. J and Commes Des Garcons , which shows in his willingness to wear a man-skirt or women’s clothing,  and to combine pieces in such unique ways. GD’s “ One of a Kind ” and “ That XX ” videos are so chock full of mostly high/some low fashion goodness that I felt compelled to track down the best outfits and dissect them.  Here’s what I found so far: