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Who's the Girl and Who's the Guy??

I'm really into it when gender stereotypes are challenged and these beautiful photos certainly do the job.  Can you guess who's the woman and who's the man?

First Ever Kpop Macro

I just HAD to do it. Source: Me, Myself and I

Idol Style: Shinee's Sherlock Comeback

Once Upon a Time in Shinee World Shinee was clad in all manner of contemporary attire... A celebration of Shinee Sherlock comeback style

Videos of the Day: Big Bang + Shinee

From Big Bang's Japanese version of "Alive" album: Ego

Coming Up Next: Shinee Sherlock Comeback Style

It's been a loooonnng day so I'm leaving my fellow Shinee enthusiasts with this preview pic from my upcoming post about Shinee's Sherlock comeback style.   See you then! 

Style I Love: Wide Leg Pants

I've always been a sucker for a wide leg pants... I like them all:  high waisted, extra wide, bellbottom, flare, super flare, palazzo, you name it, I like it.  I don't particularly care if they're in style that season or not, I'm all over them like peanut butter on jelly.  I consider this style to be flattering on many women, but especially if you're taller, like me.  If not, throw on some high wedges or platforms and work that strut.

Truer Words Were Never Spoken

Back tomorrow with more Kpop and fashion...

Big Bang YG On Air: Fantastic Baby

Image :  kpopstarz , Video :  BIGBANG I just had to post this because it's SO fun.  A little Fantastic Baby in your life is hard to pass up!  

Shinee Sherlock Dance Practice Vid

Shinee Sherlock (Clue + Note) Dance Practice Source:  SMTOWN Yay!  I get to see it from the front, with a roll of toilet paper included!  Lol but seriously... In case you didn't know, the toilet paper is to mark off the spot they can't go past for performances.  It's cute seeing them make little mistakes and then see the finished perfect product on stage and I love seeing it without all the cuts and pans. Thanks, SMent, for releasing this so promptly and not trolling us again. From Shinee's usual choreographer, Rino Nakasone:

Shinee on M! Countdown: Sherlock and Stranger HD

Intro/Sherlock (Clue+Note)

Shinee "Sherlock" and "Stranger" on M! Countdown

Countdown to Shinee comeback: Videos and lots of pics after the cut!

Shinee Sherlock MV Has Finally Been Released!!!


Shinee Backstage @ M! Countdown

Shinee backstage at M! Countdown with HaHa from the show "Running Man"

Shinee Sherlock Photobook MegaPost

Song of the Day: Pixie Lott feat. GD and T.O.P

MBLAQ for Marie Claire April Issue

Style I Love: Pops of Floral

Warning: This is not a trend for the faint of heart.  This is for people who embrace color and fun, fab prints and aren't afraid to rock them.  Don't be afraid to try a floral print with another, more bold, floral print or even with a totally different print.  If you're not as daring, pair it with a bright pop of color or a neutral...either way is great.  Will I be wearing a pop of floral this spring?  Why yes I will!

Shoe Porn: Shinee

Shinee @ Sherlock MV Filming Source:  Famous_Jae@twitter Ok... ok... who's got the boring shoes on.  Tsk tsk... :)

Shinee's Sherlock Digital Booklet Pics

Shinee's Sherlock album is out!  Here are the new digital booklet pics.  I'm not including the teasers because we've all seen them. Enjoy! (Click on the pics to make them bigger) 

Shinee Sherlock MV Teaser Just Released!

Source:  SMTOWN Commence fangirl flailing NOW! Edited to add:  Make sure to buy this album on Itunes or support Shinee's comeback by buying it on a site like Naver or  Soribada  or  Bugs .  I might just do both.

Idol Style: f(x)'s Amber Liu

I decided to blog about Amber from f(x) because she's not your typical Kpop princess: she's a tomboy and she's proud of it.  If you're thinking she only dresses like that because SMentertainment wants her to, guess again.  There are pics of her pre-trainee days dressed and looking pretty much the same.   In fact, when I first saw a pic of her just hanging out with some Kpop boys, I thought she was a boy... She's definitely not afraid of walking around without makeup in a world where idol guys would rather die than be seen without their faces on.  Gotta love her for staying true to herself in a highly pressurized world.   Go on with your bad self, Amber. Name: Amber Josephine Liu Nickname: Typical Accomplishments: Rapper for the Kpop group f(x), known for her atypical boyish look in a sea of cookie cutter girlie girls.  She's often called part of the Dino triplets with Super Junior's Donghae and Shinee's Jonghyun.

Shinee in Ceci Mag April 2012: Scans + Interview

April issue Scans and Eng trans of the interview:

Style I Love: Powerful and Fierce

Source:  stockholmstreetstyle

Shinee Sherlock Megapost!

New Shinee BTS pics

Shinee's Taemin and Key Show Us How to Dance to Sherlock

Taemin dances to Sherlock, Key butts in, Jonghyun sings super loudly: Shinee's Sherlock teaser- Key and Taemin: Source:  SMTOWN Aww... so cute!  People are saying that SM didn't have money to spare on their teasers after spending so much on EXO's teasers but I'm enjoying this more than a regular teaser.  I'd rather see Shinee being their adorable selves than 20,000 flashy teasers.

Shinee's "Sherlock" Video Pic Spoilers

Here's some spoilers from Shinee's upcoming "Sherlock" mv: 

Shinee's Sherlock Teaser Medley + Jonghyun Singing

The Shinee boys are almost back with Sherlock!  Check out their new teasers: Shinee's updated Kakao Talk pic via Special Keys

I'm on Twitter!

A brand spanking new OddnessWeirdness twitter is now open... Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you <3 Kpop or fashion or both.  I'll be tweeting links to blog posts and anything I find relevant and/or amusing so just click on the link on the top right and you'll be set.   Yes... this means you.

Lookbook Love Part Deux

As I mentioned once before , I am infatuated with fashion lookbooks.  I can peruse them all day with no problems, especially if they are interestingly photographed and the styling is impeccable.  Well, once again Shopbop blew my mind a bit with this extremely well put together lookbook.  It showcases one of the big spring trends, which is sports-inspired fashion.  Here are a few of my favorite slides: TEAM SPIRIT

Shoe Porn: Hot Like Fire

2nd Shinee Group Teaser Revealed

This just in: Source: Credit where due via  mymusicradar Awww... such cute hipster gypsies/hippies.  Taemin really looks like a girl here, though I'm sure he is super tired of hearing that.  Jonghyun looks glum as hell... I'm wondering if he dislikes that outfit as much as I do.  My friend just asked me if Key is wearing a romper and leggings.  Sigh... I really don't want to think about that.  Anyway, more to come I'm sure. Edited to add:  SHINee joins hands with world famous choreographer  Tony Testa

So Jealous of Her Closet: Solange Knowles

I've featured Solange Knowles on this blog before but I had to give her her own post.  This woman is a master of mixing patterns and combining clashing silhouettes into one pleasing whole.  Whether she has a stylist or picks her outfits out herself (she says it's all her!), she is spectacular and I tip my hat to her.  She is the epitome of all my urban-boho fashion dreams. Also, whoever does her hair and makeup needs to come to my house every day and do mine. Thanks!