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2NE1 For Adidas Originals CF + 2NE1 x Jung Sungha

I'm on a 2NE1 kick this week, apparently.  They're just doing all kinds of great stuff.

More Fancams From 2NE1's New Evolution Concert Seoul Day 1 & 2!

Ok seriously?  2NE1 is something else!  These girls are the shit.  Check these really good fancams out and, after you're finished dancing, leave me a comment to let me know what you thought!

2NE1's New Evolution Concert Seoul Day 1 & 2

These pics and videos are making me rethink my decision to not see 2NE1 when they come to New Jersey. Hmmm....  This concert looks like a whole lot of fun.

Even More Videos of the Day: Big Bang's Encore and BoA ft Taemin

Damn there's been some good videos this week.  So many to share, so little time! First off, I'm starting with the awesome-ness that is the video that Big Bang's Seungri just recently tweeted.

Videos of the Day: Official SHINee World 2012 Japan Tour Vids

Someone uploaded SHINee's official Japan arena tour vids to YT today and I figured I'd post them here for all you Shawols (and me) to squee over before I go watch them.  They're not HD quality but they're pretty damned good, imho.  Please be respectful and do not reupload !  We don't want them to get taken off You Tube, do we?  That would be sad.  Enjoy!

Video of the Day: SHINee's Minho @ Idol Star Olympics

In honor of the Olympics, which I shall be watching shortly, here's some Minho from SHINee being all overly competitive on the Idol Star Olympics.  Watch quickly before MBC has it deleted!  Link to day 1 of the show below.

Kpop WTF: 2PM Nichkhun's DUI

Bad things happen to good people and Nichkhun is seemingly the good-iest two shoes of the good in Kpop.  I don't think I've seen one bad thing written about this guy ever... until now. Early in the morning on July 24th, Nichkhun was driving home from a JYP Entertainment get together in Seoul and got into a minor accident with a motorcyclist.  His blood alcohol level was revealed to be 0.056, which led to a suspension of his license.  There were no serious injuries.

Video of the Day: BoA's "Only One" Dance Version

I only discovered Kpop a few years ago, when BoA was not really active in the scene, so I'd heard of her and watched some of her videos.  I know she's known as the Queen of Kpop (not to be confused with some of the male Kpop queens), and that she can dance her ass off, but that's about it.  I wasn't into her old songs, and I'm gonna admit I'm not too into this new song either, but DAMN the girl can dance!

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SNSD's Tiffany for Ceci Magazine August 2012

If you've been following this blog for any amount of time, you'll know that I normally am not into cutesy, girly things.  However, t his photo shoot is just too, too adorable and cannot be missed.    Loving the huge big, bad, wolf in the corner.  Don't miss the BTS video at the end of this post!

Another Odd Opinion: MyMusicRadar! Vents About Recent Shinee "Controversies"

Today on Oddness/Weirdness I'm introducing one of my favorite blogs/bloggers to my site for an opinion piece.  My friend Stormy of  MyMusicRadar!  had something relevant to vent about and I figured this would be a great place to do it.  Hopefully I'll be featuring some more guest posting on the site and maybe doing a bit of guest posting of my own.  Comment below and let me know what you think! Another episode of 'All Babies grow UP!' This is NOT the face of innocence my friends. The sad fact is, ALL babies grow up. If only we let them.... Taemin has been asking...nay BEGGING us to let him grow up, but it seems that netizens on the whole don't want him to. They insist that he stay in their little bubble of sweetness and, frankly, its starting to get on my nerves. Kpop is notoriously filled with softporn and homo-eroticism that smacks some people in the face and is so 'not the reality they wanted', to coin one of Jonghyun's ow

Shinee's Key Caught Shopping 120725

Key was out and about in Seoul today, doing what?  Shopping, of course!  Totally my favorite thing to do too...

Even More Fancams From Shinee World II Concert Korea

Fancams!  As usual I love you Shawols that tirelessly film and eng sub these cuties for us.  :::Hugs::: to you all!

Idol Style: Big Bang's T.O.P

I finally got around to doing this post but I'm thinking it will be worth the wait, if you're a fan of Big Bang's T.O.P.  Who wouldn't be?  The man is hot as hell. T.O.P is quite an interesting idol.  He's all swaggerific and like a boss on the outside, child-like and reportedly kind of shy and derpy on the inside.  He's been known to cover his face while in public because people are always talking about how cold/mean he looks. Ya know what?  He can give me those types of looks any day. Name: Choi Seung-hyun Nickname(s): T.O.P, Tabi, Bingu, Choom T.O.P (so hilarious). Typical Accomplishments: Lead rapper for Big Bang, has acted in well known Korean films like "Iris", "I Am Sam", "Nineteen", and "71: Into the Fire", has collaborated with G-Dragon to form a group called GD & TOP, has released well received solo songs like "Turn It Up".

Shinee Explodes Ovaries at Shinee World II Concert 120722 (Image Heavy)

On July 21st and 22nd, Shinee held their Shinee World II concert performances in Seoul Olympic Gymnasium and pretty much killed it, because that's what they do.  They performed in front of 20,000 fans and rocked the house. Don't think so??  Check these pics and fancams out for proof.  (Click on pics to make them bigger!)

Video of the Day: B.A.P Performs "No Mercy" on Mnet's M! Countdown 120719

I just had to post this.  Here's B.A.P. getting it in with "No Mercy" on the July 19 M! Countdown. Besides the fact that I can't with Himchan's crazy eyes and that there was some sharpness in some singing voices, I thought it was fun as hell.  I'm particularly fond of the fact that they get to dress well in this round of promotions, instead of looking like rejects from the so-not-cool-anymore Ed Hardy factory.  Also, every time I see B.A.P perform, I'm still shocked that Zelo is only 15.  He performs with the charisma of a 22 yr old.

G-Dragon Wears the Hell Out of a Man-Skirt For Harper's Bazaar Korea

As mentioned in my last post , G-Dragon graced us with a beauteous spread for Harper's Bazaar Korea August Issue.  Sadly, all we (mostly) get gracing our magazines here in the U.S. are (mostly) boring old emaciated actresses and models.   I've posted about GD in a skirt before , because he certainly wears them well.  What do you think?

Preview of G-Dragon for Harper's Bazaar Korea

Of course I'm all hyped for this 16 page spread in Harper's Bazaar Korea August issue that G-Dragon will be appearing in.  These pics are incredible, right?  Now we know why GD was really in Paris.

B.A.P Gets Crunk in "No Mercy" MV

After teasing us over and over , B.A.P finally released their "No Mercy" mv and mini album today. Watch it in full HD for the best possible stank face sightings and crotch grabbings.

More Teasers for B.A.P's "No Mercy"

B.A.P released more teasers for their "No Mercy" mv today and I have some burning questions... Namely, where is this party and why am I not invited?

So G-Dragon Decided to Open a Twitter Account Today...

Big Bang's G-Dragon finally opened a Twitter account today and managed to rack up over 135,000 followers, and counting, in less than 7 hours.  That's pretty bad ass in my opinion.

Kpop WTF: What Ever Happened to Block B?

I was just sitting here thinking that there's been a serious lack of Block B info on the Kpop scene.  

B.A.P Releases Teaser Pics for "No Mercy"

B.A.P is about to drop their 1st Mini album, "No Mercy", this week (supposedly July 19th) and they've decided to tease us by releasing some album jacket pics of Bang Yong Guk, Young Jae and Zelo for our viewing pleasure.

Coming Soon- Idol Style: Big Bang's T.O.P

Shinee @ Yellow Sea International K-Pop Concert 120714

Shinee performed at the Yellow Sea International Yacht Tournament Concert on July 14th, along with MBLAQ, f(x), Sistar and Dal Shabet.

Videos + Pics of the Day: G-Dragon in Paris or Why I'd Never Want to be an Idol

These videos totally annoyed me.

Shinee's Key Stage and Street

I've amassed quite a collection of newer pics of Shinee's Key looking, as usual, spectacular and outrageous and sometimes even a mixture of both.  Shinee has been back and forth to Japan, Taiwan, Korea and the Phillipines in the past month or so, and in that time Key has been parading his unique fashion sense through multiple airports and on multiple stages.  Many of his outfits have left me a bit in awe, since most people would look like idiots wearing what he manages to pull off.   Before you jump to conclusions and assume that Key has a stylist that puts his outfits together, let me assure you that this is not the case.  He and his fellow Shinee members have mentioned multiple times that Key is very particular about his outfits and will try on things many times before he gets it right.  I've also read that he did some of the styling for their Japanese Shinee World 2012, often from items he picked up while shopping in Japan. Let's get started, shall we?

The Wonder Girls Release "Like Money" Feat. Akon

Wonder Girls released their mv for "Like Money" featuring Akon today, and I'm sure their fans, the Wonderfuls (cute right?) were spazzing happily.

Video of the Day: 2NE1's "I Love You"

2NE1 released the official mv for "I Love You" today and I was blown away by it's beautiful imagery.  To me they look like high end designer dolls in a soft focus urban fantasy movie.  Yes that's a good thing.

Editorials Past: Shinee for Dazed and Confused '10

I've decided to add a new feature to Oddness/Weirdness.  I'm going to focus on, you guessed it, Kpop magazine editorials of the past.  There are so many incredible photoshoots from the past few years that I've wanted to feature on this blog, so it was an easy decision for me. My first post, featuring G-Dragon in Vogue Korea '09 , got quite a bit of interest.  Today I'm focusing on my other favorites, Shinee, in the January 2010 issue of Dazed and Confused Korea magazine.

Video of the Day: Wonder Girls "Like Money" Teasers

So the Wonder Girls came out with teaser #3 for "Like Money" today, and boy is it a doozie!

2NE1 Releases "I Love You" and Tops Major Charts

Yesterday 2NE1 released "I Love You" and managed to dominate all major Korean charts right away, which is referred to as an "all kill". I downloaded "I Love You" last night.  So far I've listened to this song multiple times and I'm loving it.  If you haven't listened to it yet,  check it out here:

Videos of the Day: Vintage Rain

Today my fave fansite,  Cloud USA , posted a vintage Rain video from back in 2004 and they inspired me to wax nostalgic about Rain.  I haven't really fangirled over Rain in awhile on this site and that is just sad, since he's my man and all.  Ok... ok... everyone relax... I'm kidding (backing away from the Clouds slowly)!

Kpop WTF: Side Eyeing Infinite's Sungyeol and Big Bang's Taeyang

Right now I'm sitting here laughing.  Why, you may ask?  Well, feast your eyes on this:

2NE1 Releases Teasers for "I Love You" + More Concert Info

Last week Inkigayo released a 2NE1 "I Love You" teaser that made me think that song was going to suck.  In the past few days, YG Entertainment has released more teasers for 2NE1's "I Love You" that sounded way better.  What a relief...

Going to the Big Bang Alive Tour Concerts in N.J. or L.A.?

Planning on attending the Big Bang Alive Tour concert in New Jersey on November 9th?  If not, are you going to the concert in Los Angeles on November 3rd?  Well I've got something fun for you to do to show your love and support for Big Bang. I came across this VIP fan event created on Facebook for both Big Bang concerts and thought it would be cool to share:

Shinee's Key Performs a Lady Gaga Themed Solo @ Shinee World Japan

Oh Key...  You always kill me and today was no exception.  On June 30th, at one of the last Shinee World Japan concerts, Key decided to send all Shawols into a tizzy by performing an impassioned solo to a Lady Gaga "Hair" and "Judas" medley.

Super Junior Comes Back Hard With their "Sexy, Free & Single" MV

Super Junior just released their mv for "Sexy, Free & Single" and, shockingly, I like it!

Sistar Snatches Wigs and Slays Your Faves With "Loving U"

Ok I'll admit it:  I normally never  like this sort girl group song.  I'm actually kind of shocked at what I'm about to say but... Sistar is werking it out here with their summer single "Loving U". So You, Bora, Hyorin & Da Som

Video of the Day: Jo Kwon's "Animal" Dance Practice Vid

Well this certainly made my day!  

Rain Stars in R2B: Return to Base

My favorite Kpop star, Rain, will be coming soon to a theater nowhere near me (probably) and looking all kinds of hot.  He stars in the movie R2B: Return to Base, which will be released in August of this year.