Salsa Bombing, Panamian Style

My cousin just posted this ever so cute and funny video that I had to share.

Salsa Bombing in L.A.

Source: ayprelle97

This is what she had to say about it:

Salsa Bombing: "Dancing Salsa for the purposes of being showy, introducing new people to the dance, or sometimes dancing Salsa where other locations are available."

I took a song I love and didn't stop myself from dancing--no matter where I was.

I brought my sisters along with me and we found ourselves all over Los Angeles, from the streets to the trains, libraries, banks, ERs, and swap meats; armed with an iPhone and music.

The rules were simple: When you heard the song, you had to dance and you couldn't stop until the song was over. What started as a simple gag turned into something a bit more elaborate. As cheesy as it sounds, the best part about this was spending the day with my sisters laughing until our cheeks hurt. 

Kudos to them for doing this.  Loving the looks on people's faces, especially on the people the girls were dancing "with".  

Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face today!  :)  Now "imma" just need you to blog  Get on that!


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