(BEDA) Day 20- Biggest Troll

Wow.  I accidentally deleted this post because of Blogger's new interface.  Let's try again, shall we?

Who did I pick for biggest idol troll?  Shinee's Jonghyun.

Jonghyun twitter selcas

I'm sure you're thinking, "You picked Shinee again??"  Well, there's a reason for that.  I submit that Jonghyun is the trolliest of the idol trolls.  Here's the evidence.

On February 12th, Jonghyun opened a twitter account and said the following:

"It's really me"

Really, Jjong?  Really??

but everyone was skeptical.  After proving it was really him, he went on to start trolling.  First he said he'd only tweet once a week, but then...

JONGHYUN Twitter UPDATE 120229

Tweet # 1
Invalid promise announcement to the SHINee World noonas, dongsaengs, friends, mothers, fathers, maternal uncles, maternal aunts, paternal uncles, paternal aunts, aunt (father’s younger brother’s wife), uncle (father’s younger brother), godfathers whom I respect.. That’s right, you, you reading this right now!!! I’m going to withdraw my promise of tweeting once a week.

Tweet # 2
The world is too wide and the smartphone is too convenient for me to suppress the adlibs wiggling inside of me any longer. There are a ton of things that happen in a day to laugh about but I’m the only one who can’t laugh!! (NOTE: He means he can't share b/c he is limiting himself to 1 tweet a week). But they are so funny!!

Tweet # 3
It is a lie. I’ve had an insatiable disposition so I can’t take it anymore to only tweet once a week. I’ll do it when I wanna. Yogurt ajumma please give me yogurt. I will tweet more often ㅇㅇ

Tweet # 4
Your expression after seeing my announcement. (NOTE: The drawing says “you’re cute”)

Right before "Sherlock" was released Jonghyun tweeted:

[Original Message] 어머나!!!샤이니 컴백!!! - 9:32 AM - 8 Mar 12 
[English Translation] Omona (oh my gosh)!!! SHINee Comeback!!! 

[English Translation] Because of the SHINee comeback news, Shawols cried… SHINee cried… Jung Kyungmi nuna cried too… - 12:25 PM - 8 Mar 12 

[Picture translation]: I love you, SHINee (T/N: Jung Kyungmi is a comedian and the picture is from the show Gag Concert.)

Yes that's Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock Holmes in the BBC tv series... trolling as usual.  Lastly, Jonghyun tweeted this the other day:

Tweet #1
[EnglishTranslation] http://conqueror.megaplug.kr/120401 jh.flv Let’s watch good stuff together

Yes, why don't we watch good stuff together?  Oops, wrong link Jjong.

Tweet #2
[EnglishTranslation] It’s this one http://youtu.be/Zua9gQUOnHQ via@youtube

Source: PaparaUine

Lol yes, Jjong, you look great and yep... trolliest of the trolls.


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