Shinee World 2012 Concert in Fukoka, Japan Mega Post

Well, my friends, yesterday Shinee managed to put on what seemed like another kick ass concert.  The fan accounts, fancams and audio have been rolling in throughout the day and they sound and look incredible.  Feast your eyes on these delectable pics and be sure to stay tuned for the audio and fancams post .

Fyi, there's no way I could have possibly put up all the pics so the following is a selection of the best pics I've seen all day.

I see someone's been working out.
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Looks like they worked hard and that fun was had by all, right??  I cannot wait to see all the fancams that (I hope) will be going up soon.  I'm curious to see how they managed to fit swords, wings, feather headdresses, church style robes and half shirts together to make a whole.

I'm also going to mention how I've never seen Key wearing a shirt that bares his stomach.  In fact, I'd only ever seen him constantly pulling his shirt down to cover all his goodies.  Apparently he's feeling good enough about himself to let it all hang out so good for him!