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SHINee's Week In Review aka Damn, They Did A Lot Of Stuff!

It's been a long ass week since SHINee came back with " Dream Girl ".  I feel as if it's been two weeks all condensed into one and I wasn't even there with them.  One can only imagine how hellish it was for the boys as they darted from place to place to place, but worth it for them in the end (we hope). If you missed anything this past week, here's where to get it; so let's relive the craziness, starting with their comeback date:

SHINee Wins on MBC Show Champion!

Yessssss!  SHINee won their first music show on MBC Show Champion today, just like I knew they were going to.  What an awesome thing to wake up to, right?  Take a look at their performances of "Beautiful" and "Dream Girl" below, and also the encore stage.  Now they just need to triple crown it and they're golden.  Daebak!

Steal Their Style: As Requested, Some SHINee "Dream Girl" Fashion

Other blogs have already talked about SHINee 's " Dream Girl " mv fashion and what brands they're wearing, but a few visitors to the blog have asked me for some specific items. LC asked me where she could get Jonghyun 's white floral pants from the mv, w hich he also wore at their  Naver comeback special :

SHINee's "Dream Girl" Photobook Scans Pt. 2 (Individual)

There were too many lovely SHINee " Dream Girl " photobook scans to publish on one post so I had to break them up into two posts.  This one is all about the individual pics of each boy; you can see the group pics here .  Is it just me or is there way more pics of Taemin and Key than the others?  This seems to be the norm for SHINee. (This post is extremely image heavy)

SHINee's Surreal "Dream Girl" Photobook Scans Pt. 1 (Group)

I know it's taken me awhile to post SHINee 's " Dream Girl " photobook scans.  Firstly, because I knew there'd be a ton of pics and secondly, because I figured it would take awhile for all the HQ pics to show up.  Well guess what?  There are a TON of pics and they're really pretty.  You can also take a look at pt 2. featuring individual pics of all the boys  here . (This post is image heavy) 

Another Odd Opinion: Stormy Vents Her Frustrations With B.A.P's Live On Earth Concerts

I finally convinced my friend Stormy of  UnderTheRadar! to write a new opinion piece , so it's time for Another Odd Opinion about B.A.P 's  Live on Earth Seoul concerts that took place on February 23 and 24.  Recently, we were discussing whether B.A.P had enough material and experience to throw a concert and, well... you'll see.  Check out Stormy's previous odd opinion here and be sure to leave us your thoughts on this one in the comments below.

SHINee is Brooding and Sultry For L'Officiel Hommes Korea's March 2013 Issue

Here's another  photoshoot and interview (with English translation) from those beautiful  SHINee boys, this one for the magazine L'Officiel Hommes ' March issue.  These gorgeous black and white photos really do justice to their exemplary bone structure, don't they?  Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.

SHINee's Back With "Dream Girl" and "Beautiful" on M! Countdown

SHINee proves that they're incredible, as always, with their comeback performance of  " Dream Girl " and " Beautiful " on M! Countdown .

SHINee's Naver Comeback Special Spam Post + Dream Girl MV BTS

Ok boys and girls.  As you can see, this blog has been overrun by SHINee and it's not going to be stopping anytime soon.  I mean, if you were in any doubt of who one of my main biases is, all you had to do was look to the left.  My tags are full of SHINee, with 154 posts just dedicated to them.  Yeah I <3 them and their colorful selves, and this "Dream Girl" Comeback Special , and " Dream Girl " in general, just makes me <3 them more.  So if you love the heck out of some SHINee as much as I do, scroll down for tons of Comeback Special goodies.

G-Dragon and Taeyang's Vogue Korea Instagram Updates

G-Dragon and Taeyang have taken to Instagram and Twitter to promote their pictorial in Vogue Korea's March issue.  This issue will be Vogue Korea's 200th issue so they celebrated with a hugely epic GD/YB editorial.  Want more?  Check out all the goodies here and here .   

UPDATED: More G-Dragon and Taeyang Androgynous Hipster Action From Vogue Korea's March Issue

Wow... Now this is what I call an editorial.  Take a look at the multitude of pics from G-Dragon and Taeyang 's Vogue Korea pictorial from the March issue.  These pics are low quality but I'll update with HQ images as soon as they're available. (This post is incredibly image heavy)

UPDATED: Watch "SHINee's Wonderful Day" Extended Version Parts 2 & 3

What with SHINee coming back with " Dream Girl " and all, I totally forgot to update y'all with parts 2 and 3 of " SHINee's Wonderful Day ".  You can watch part 1 (aka the Lunar New Years Special)  here if you haven't already done so.  Have fun and watch (or download) quickly before it gets deleted.

Videos of the Day: SHINee's Dream Girl MV + Dance Version

The day has finally arrived!  That's right, SHINee 's " Dream Girl " MVs are out!  Yes that's two, count 'em, TWO MVs at the same exact time.  :Swoon:  Fangirl (or fanboy) with me, why don't you?

SHINee Rocks My World With Their "Dream Girl" Album

SHINee 's back!  That's right, I said it, because the " Dream Girl " album is finally out!   Dream Girl iTunes Album art.  Click for larger images.

SHINee Covers Nylon Magazine's March Issue- HQ Scans + English Trans + BTS

SHINee is about to comeback with " Dream Girl " so it's safe to assume we'll be seeing them in tons of magazines to come.  The first of these would be Nylon Korea , who made them look like stylish yet innocent boys next door, and then asked them some probing questions that they seemed to answer pretty honestly (especially Onew ).  Enjoy the HQ scans, BTS video and interview with English translation below.

Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyang Are Hot Hipsters For Vogue Korea's March Issue

Big Bang 's Taeyang and G-Dragon will be featured in next month's issue of Vogue Korea and this editorial is shaping up to be a hot one.  We know Vogue Korea treats GD very well (like this beautifully creepy 2009 editorial), so I was anticipating that this editorial would be excellent and they sure did not disappoint.

Video of the Day: SHINee's "Dream Girl" MV Teaser

SHINee 's " Dream Girl " mv teaser is finally out and it sure has been worth the wait, don't you think?  If you haven't seen it yet (or even if you have), watch it with me:

Watch SHINee's Loen TV Cute "Dream Girl" Coming Soon Interview

Loen TV just released a super cute "Coming Soon" interview featuring the  SHINee boys, in which Onew gets to act like a CSI sleuth and grills the other members for info on "Dream Girls".  Enjoy! Adorable Onew plays Sherlock.

SM Entertainment Releases SHINee's "Dream Girl" Album Teaser Medley

It's been a night filled with a lot of misdirection and waiting but at least we got something out of it!  That's right... even though I posted all kinds of random incorrect stuff on the blog Facebook page, here is SHINee 's " Dream Girl " album medley teaser.  

SHINee's "Fire" PV Preview + Tons of "Dream Girl" News

I went SHINee crazy on the blog in the past week.  There's nothing wrong with that, but the upshot of this SHINee-bration was that I felt like I had to relax on that for a day or two.   OF COURSE 20 things happened in the past few days, because that's how things go in the Kpop world so let me do a little recap. The preview of SHINee's soon to be released pv and single, " Fire ", has been released:

UPDATED: Watch SHINee's Wonderful Day Episode 1 (No Cuts) 131202

Alright my friends as you know SHINee 's new show, " SHINee's Wonderful Day ", that debuted on Lunar New Years, is going to have ten 45 minute  episodes.  Yesterday the fabulous krisbrows7 uploaded the HD version of episode 1 with no cuts.  By no cuts, I mean the extended version, not the  Lunar New Years special version .  This means more SHINee!  Got it?  Good. Edited to add : English sub version.

Jay Park Releases A Free Track, Is Full Of Win

My love affair with Jay Park continues, because today he tweeted a new totally FREE track, appropriately called " 2013 Appetizer ".  I'm just going to leave this here:

Kpop WTF: G-Dragon Gives Cruella Deville Realness At The Gaon Chart Kpop Awards

Big Bang 's G-Dragon , along with fellow bandmates Seungri and Taeyang , attended the Gaon Charts Kpop Awards earlier today and unveiled a little surprise:

[K-Dramatic] Idols in K-Dramas: A Winning Combination

By: Joan M. My favorite new kpop expression is fan service—the idea that idols will go the extra mile to make their fans happy.  And for me there’s no better fan service than spending 12-plus hours watching talented and personable kpop stars acting in a kdrama.  When you’re already a fan, it can make the viewing experience much more entertaining. Song Hye Kyo and Rain in "Full House"

Video of the Day: B.A.P's "One Shot" MV

Ok I know I say this (almost) every   time  a B.A.P song and mv is released but " One Shot " is definitely THE most epic B.A.P song (and mv) ever!

SM Entertainment Releases SHINee's Group Teasers For "Dream Girl" + Get Some Of Taemin's Fashion

SM Entertainment has so redeemed themselves after yesterday's " Dream Girl " teasers featuring Onew .  I didn't love those pics but I do love SHINee 's new group teasers.  Take a look at these fabulous boys, looking fresh to death in their nouveau baroque patterns, in those intriguing cuts and fits.   Onew ,  Taemin ,  Jonghyun ,  Minho  and  Key  are always ahead of the curve, fashion-wise.

Make Time For Onew From SHINee's "Dream Girl" Teaser Pics

Onew 's  " Dream Girl " teaser pics  from SHINee 's February 19th comeback are finally here!  They saved the best for last, right?  Wrong, because wth?  I was expecting more from you, SM Entertainment.

UPDATED: "SHINee's Wonderful Day" Episode 1 Is Already Getting English Subbed!

I woke up this morning to the news that episode 1 of  the special, " SHINee's Wonderful Day ", is in the process of being subbed.  There's about 9 minutes that is ready for viewing with English subs, in HD no less.  I mean, what??!  Some of you wonderful Shawols must've been up all night.  Yeah, you're the best.  Go watch!

Check Out Minho's Teasers for SHINee's "Dream Girl" Album + More

SHINee continues on with their dream concept for the " Dream Girl " single and album with Minho 's teasers.  I know a few people that will certainly be happy about that!

Watch SHINee's Lunar New Years Special "SHINee's Wonderful Day"

As usual I have to say that I LOVE Shawols because SHINee 's Lunar New Years special " SHINee's Wonderful Day " aired in Korea today and it's already been uploaded to YouTube in beautiful HD.  Krisbrows7, you are fabulous and thank you. You can watch it below but, just to let you know, it's not subbed yet.  I did hear that there's some Minho speaking in English in it, and no I haven't watched it yet.  I have to post these things as soon as possible, right?   I'll upload the special with English subs as soon as it becomes available.

Jonghyun From SHINee's "Dream Girl" Teaser Photos + Some News

SHINee is in the midst of their teasing spree for their soon to be released album,  " Dream Girl ", and they've just rationed out  Jonghyun 's teasers to us like we're some sort of ravenous fangirls.  Oh wait, we so are.

UPDATED: SHINee's "Dream Girl" Teasers Featuring Not-So-Baby-Anymore Taemin Have Been Released!

Yesterday was Key 's turn but today it's all about Taemin .  His teasers from SHINee 's " Dream Girl " comeback have been unleashed on us unsuspecting mortals and they are a doozy.  Look at them, just look at them!  I think I'm about to faint... (Updated: even bigger pics!)

Big Bang's Daesung Releases The Full MV For "The Singer's Ballad"

The full length mv for Daesung 's (aka D-Lite ) cover of the Japanese song " The Singer's Ballad " has been released.  This song is from his upcoming album " D'scover ".  Support Daesung and watch it now:

UPDATED: SHINee Announces Their Official Korean Comeback With Key's "Dream Girl" Teasers

Alright girls and boys, we knew this was going to happen but we didn't know it was going to happen THIS SOON.  What might "this" be?  I'm referring to SHINee 's official Korean 3rd album and comeback, which is set to happen on February 19th.  That's only a week away!  <swoon> The comeback song is entitled " Dream Girl " and the first teaser is, of course, Fabulous Diva Key 's.   (Updated with bigger images )

Get Ready To Fangirl: G-Dragon To Make A Comeback in March

This is totally just confirmation of news that has been floating around since G-Dragon announced his World Tour , but it's been announced that GD will be making a comeback with a new solo album in March.  Cue celebratory music now!

G-Dragon Becomes Spokesperson For Cosmetics Brand The Saem

Cosmetics brand The Saem has decided to hire G-Dragon as their spokesperson, along with After School 's IU .  For the past few days, GD has been teasing us with pics on Twitter, Instagram and Me2Day that are all related to this new collaboration.  Take a look:

B.A.P Releases Action Movie-esque "One Shot" Album Teasers Of Himchan & Bang Yong Guk

Well look what we have here!   B.A.P is all set to release yet ANOTHER mini album, so we've been graced with Himchan and Bang Yong Guk 's dark and extra dramatic photo teasers.  Don't these guys need a mini break first??

Big Bang's D-Lite aka Daesung Releases The Short Version of his "The Singer's Ballad" MV

Big Bang 's Daesung has released a short version of his mv for the song " The   Singer's Ballad ", from his soon to be released Japanese language solo album.  The album will be titled " D'scover " and it will be unleashed on the world on February 27th.  Watch the mv below:

SHINee Has Plans For Another Japanese Comeback With "Fire"

Damn SHINee! I've been patiently awaiting your upcoming Korean comeback  and you totally said you'd be having said Korean comeback.  Next thing I know people are saying you're going to be releasing a Japanese single album on March 13th.  What's up with that?  

K-Dramatic: How About Those Kdrama Makeovers?

Please welcome a new series of guest posts to the blog.  This series will be opinion pieces on all things related to Kdramas and why we like watching them or love to hate them.  These posts will be written by Joan M. Makeovers: I love them and I hate them. Ma Ri and Kang Mu Kyul are the poster children for bohemian chic.