SHINee's Key Joins Instagram, The Internet Sighs With Relief

...Or at least a whole bunch of Shawols do.

If you're like me, you've been just waiting for Key from SHINee to join the ranks of Kpop idols on Twitter.  He hasn't done that (yet!) but he's joined the next best thing.  Yay for Instagram, right?

SHINee's Key Joins Instagram
"its hard to be ur friend"

Now we get to see even more of his face, and his new clothes, and his face and his new shoes and, just possibly, his face.  Added bonus: All in English!

Let's all be frank here.  We all know it's going to be a lot of personal selcas but I am so ready for it.  As long as he sprinkles some clothing in there, I'm all good.  Squee!

SHINee's Key Joins Instagram
"with minho and my bro 's ear"

SHINee's Key Joins Instagram
"now i just arrived from a trip . forgive me jean paul gaultier i wore this for a long time"

I love those sneakers, by the way, and I'd be sad to see them go.

Are you excited to see Key on Instagram?

Source: bumkeyk.


  1. I tapped that Follow button like there is no tomorrow.......

  2. ooh, I use instagram more than twitter anyways; so glad he's on it! Hopefully he updates it often. ^^,

  3. It's for pics of his face! You know he will. Hahahaaa let me stop. I love me some vain as hell Key.

  4. So did I, my friend... so did I.

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