Kpop WTF: SHINee's Onew Is Scandalous

2013 continues being The Year Of The Kpop Scandal, as one of the supposed angels of Kpop turned out to be The Devil Incarnate™... or just a regular guy.  Yes I'm talking about Onew from SHINee.

SHINee Onew big grin

It's becoming apparent in the past week that innocent Onew is not quite as angelic as we'd like to think.

Behold exhibit A:

Shinee's Onew Starry Night gif

That's right.  That's Onew giving Jonghyun the middle finger on Starry Night Radio last week, probably because Jonghyun deserved it.  Was I mad when I saw this?  Heck no.  I'd probably have been right there with him giving Jonghyun the double finger salute.  He CAN be kind of annoying sometimes.

In all actuality I was more worried that Onew would catch grief for it, and boy was I right.  Netizens berated him until he had to apologize profusely.  The furor  seemed like it might die down but then this happened:

SHINee Onew VAGX x Madhatter hat
Onew wearing the VAGX x Madhatter WMF snapback.

Netizens decided to scour the not so distant past for this pic, because it showcases how Onew is slowly but surely becoming the epitome of evil.  That's him on March 15th at Incheon airport wearing a snapback from a brand that's popular with other Kpop artists.  SNSD's Sunny and Seohyun wore versions of it in the "I Got A Boy" mv but apparently it's not as big of a deal if you wear it while keeping your fingers to yourself.

Meanwhile Key carried this Jeremy Scott purse to Seoul Fashion Week in April 2011 but no one cared:

SHINee Key Seoul Fashion Week 2011

Well... except fashion whores like myself, anyway.

Then, last night it was revealed that Onew has broken up with chicken and has moved on to greener pastures.  Or so they say.

SHINee Onew + After School Jung Ah 1

SHINee Onew After School Jung Ah 2

SHINee Onew After School Jung Ah 3

The internet was abuzz last night with the news that Onew has been dating After School's Jung Ah for the past year.  I can so tell they're dating from these pics because :GASP: he's walking beside her and :OMG: they're wearing similar shoes.  You know, because black Converse are such a rarity.

Seriously though, if it's true I'm so happy for them.  Onew is a 25 year old dude that deserves to be happy.  The only thing that's even vaguely shocking to me is that he's smoking what looks like an electronic cigarette.  This probably/maybe means that he's been smoking for awhile and might be trying to quit.  I'm a bit saddened by this because
a. of course I want him to be healthy and
b. his voice is gorgeous and should never change.

However, he's a grown ass man and should do whatever he wants with his life, right?


Click here for another view on Onew's crazy week: MMR!.

What do you think about all this mess?  Are you still an Onew stan?  Comment below!


  1. Onew broke up with chicken??? OMO! lol, that was the best comment! And jfc.....all the antis hatin on him right now are seriously upsetting me. Leave the poor guy alone and let him live....just sayin.

  2. I'm not going to read anymore anti comments because I'll be really pissed off. People need to get over the fact that he's human.

  3. For the love of cheese, he's 25!! He'll be joining the army and have adventures! (but not N. Korean adventures)(if you know what I mean). And he's 25! Jeez...people are nuts.

  4. I actually kinda happy he joke around like this, he's a human not a fairy tho
    And the e-cigar thing, I googled it and I find out it's not a cigarette, it's more healthy than the real cigarette. Sometimes people are mean and stupid, Onew is Lee Jinki, a 25 years old man, ofc he made mistakes... But I don't think this is mistake, he just had bad luck this week

  5. I didn't care too much about the whole dating "scandal" if you can even call it that -- come on, the guy is 25, not 13! He should date whoever he wants. I was taken aback a bit by the picture of him & that e-cig though. I actually did a double take, zoomed in on the pic & everything lol. I'm a bit sad about it coz I wouldn't want it to change his smooth singing voice. I'm really hoping he's smoking it coz he's trying to quit. Either way, I still love him, & all the haters need to chill!

  6. It's so ridiculous, I can't even.

  7. That's right, he's human and he makes mistakes. They need to stop with these ridiculous standards they have for these people. I could understand if he was caught doing drugs or something but come on now.

  8. Lol I had to take a 2nd, 3rd and 5th look at that. I was kind of surprised too but if that's his way of trying to quit smoking then good for him.

  9. Is he 25? I thought he was just a 23year-old-guy... O.o

  10. He's actually 24 but 25 in Korean age.

  11. SNSD,f(x),SHINee lover..September 17, 2014 at 6:58 AM

    fans please calm down, because onew is 25,, so he knows what he's doing so please chill.. and i dont want onew to leave the group so please onew dont leave the group... i love u onew!!!

  12. preach it. some people have too much time on their hands, seriously.. smh at fans freaking out about their idols dating, c'mon man.. they're people too, let them live their life. Either way, the whole spotless-idol-image ordeal kpop's got going on is seriously de-humanizing; surprising alot of fans when something comes up and shows that idols are actually "just people" too.. its sad and people should know better..

  13. Why do these people act like being in an idol group equates to being ordained? Seriously, these are red blooded individuals with the same urges as everyone else except they have women (probably men too) throwing themselves at them left, right, centre, and parachuting from the skies. They're holding these people to impossible standards. They're not gods, people. They maybe exceptional human beings, but they're still human. smh

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