Watch SHINee Shoot Their "Fire" MV and Album Jacket With English Subs

Here's what's called SHINee's "Fire" Jacket and MV Shooting Sketch in which they make what looks like little candle dolls and are generally cute as usual.  Enjoy:

SHINee "Fire" mv and album jacket sketch

You do know that if anyone had told me a few years ago that I'd willingly be sitting here watching 5 guys do random crap and thinking, "Awww!", I'd have laughed at them, right?  No regrets, though!

For more SHINee "Fire" info, pics and videos click here.

Source: sfi subs.


  1. Gosh.. they are so gorgeous. I also go "Awwww" with their cuteness XD
    I find it hilarious when Jjong said "We're angels now, we're death god previously", I swear I LOL-ing so hard, harder than Onew's candle
    I really wish they make Moon River Waltz MV because the song is so good, it's totally ballad and I love it.

  2. I went immediately to listen to Moon River Waltz and was captivated. What a great song! Thanks for reminding me about that one.


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