SHINee's Key, Minho & Taemin At Seoul Fashion Week, FW 2013

For the K-pop elite, Seoul Fashion Week can be a place to see and be seen and this spring is no exception.

We know SHINee's Key is a regular at Seoul Fashion Week (click here for Key and others at last spring's F/W shows), but this time Minho and Taemin also came out to play.

Key started out the festivities by hitting up two shows.  First he attended the Kim Seo Ryong Homme show, in which big name model/actor Kim Woobin (of "School 2013" fame) walked the runway.

Shinee Key Seoul Fashion Week

I was a little taken aback by Key's plain outfit for this show, as I'm used to him being his full fashionisto self when he does the fashion circuit.  However, he did not disappoint me all the way because he made sure to accent his 'fit with a Freddie Mercury pin.  I swear he likes to give us strong hints sometimes.

Shinee Key Park Hyeon Seop Seoul Fashion Week 130325
Key with Park Hyeong Seop.

Shinee Key Park Hyeon Seop Seoul Fashion Week 130325 -2

Key was there to cheer on his bff model Park Hyeong Seop, who was walking the runway for the show.

Here are models Lee Soo Hyuk (G-Dragon's bff) and Kim Woobin with designer Kim Seo Ryong:

Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Woobin, Kim Seo Ryong Seoul Fashion week 130325

You can check out more pics of the show by clicking here.

The next day, Key headed on over to designer Song Hye Myung's fashion show for her brand Dominic's Way.  Key was once again making sure to support his model friend but was also there to take in his designer friend's show.

Shinee Key Park Hyeong Seop Seoul Fashion Week 130326
Loving the makeup for this show.

Shinee Key Seoul Fashion Week 130326 -1

Shinee Key Seoul Fashion Week 130326 -2
Now this is more like it.  He certainly does love him some shorts!

Here's model Ahn Jae Hyeon at the Dominic's Way show:

model Ahn jae Hyeon Dominic's Way Seoul Fashion Week 130326

I also found some (mostly) Kim Woo Bin footage on YouTube:

Loving how dramatic and gothic the outfits are, and I definitely want that leather jacket, or even the red velvet one.

Some facts about Song Hye Myung that should interest you:  She's a classically trained men’s wear designer who also works as a stylist in the kpop industry and for the Giovanne Homme brand until she launched her brand Dominic’s Way in 2006.  She's designed for B.A.P, most notably their customized leather jackets from the "Warrior" promotions, as well as their "No Mercy" suits.

That same day, Minho attended the Studio K show to take in the sights:

Shinee Minho Seoul Fashion Week 130326

Shinee Minho Seoul Fashion Week 130326 -2

Shinee Minho Seoul Fashion Week 130326 -3

I swear Minho just keeps getting better and better as he ages, which seems impossible but there you go.  That suit fits him beautifully, even though I'm not used to seeing him in looser fitting dress pants.

Shinee Minho Seoul Fashion Week 130326 -4

Here's a snippet of what Minho was taking in at this show:

Lastly, on March 27th Taemin took in the Lie Sang Bong show with Super Junior's Kangin.

Shinee Taemin Super Junior Kangin Seoul Fashion Week 130327

Shinee Taemin Seoul Fashion Week 130327

Apparently Taemin is still all about those crazy looking, Harry Potter sorting style hats because he wore one that day:

Shinee Taemin Seoul Fashion Week 130327 -2

Well hey, at least he can pull them off right?  Anyway, if you'd like to check out the full Lie Sang Bong show, you can do so below:

More Seoul Fashion Week coming soon featuring G-Dragon, 2NE1's CL and more.

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  1. Yeah, Minho has definitely grown on me since I started watching Wonderful Day. Suits and turtlenecks, ohgodyes.

  2. See now, I always liked him but didn't <3 him like Key or Onew. He comes off as aloof or boring sometimes but when u watch something like this show or Hello Baby, you grow to like him. Or at least I did. I'd forgotten that he's an interesting guy too.

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