UPDATED: SHINee To Video Chat Live For Google+'s New A-Pop Channel

In about 28 minutes or less, you'll be able to watch SHINee video chat for Google+'s A-Pop channel opening event on Google+ Hangout.

Edited to add: The full Live Video Chat:

SHINee to Video Chat Live for Google+'s A-Pop channel

You can watch SHINee here at SMTOWN's YouTube page or here at Google's A-pop YouTube page.

The A-Pop channel is Google's new area that will be all about Asian pop like Kpop, J-pop and C-pop.  Sounds interesting right?

You'll also be able to chat with Super Junior on March 10th and 2PM on March 13th; you can click here for more info.

The SHINee event is supposed to take place March 8th, but we all know that means March 7th in U.S. time, which is all kinds of awesome.  Will there be English subs?  Who knows?  All I know is I'm watching it and then I'll also post it for all to enjoy.

Who's watching with me??

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  1. I just finished watching 'em, and I have to deal with my poor internet connection but so far I can follow the chat nicely.
    Lol at the toys singing Girls3x, Jjongdino really give me big laugh when he pointed out the background is MBLAQ pics, and Taemin kill that lady!!! hahaha...
    They're so lucky ^ ^

  2. ahhhh! i had to work; i can't believe I missed it! :[

  3. You know what? This was the least interesting thing involving Shinee that I've watched in a long time. The translator couldn't translate and Key was not having it so he wouldn't translate. Even Onew was like whatever and he never looks like that. I even stopped watching it before it ended. Smh.

    Taemin was funny though.

  4. I'm sure someone has posted it online already. I'll update if its available.

  5. I really really agree. And could they have sounded less interested to be there with their greeting??? I have NEVER heard them say it like that. "...hello we are SHINee... *sigh*"

  6. LoL! Exactly! I KNEW it was going to be bad when they said it like that. Key was just looking off into the distance and came THIS close (pressing my fingers together) to rolling his eyes at one point. Lmfao @ when he couldn't think of a word to say in regards to the sock puppets.

    You know it's bad when the only people pretending to be interested are Jonghyun and Minho, who are clapping at you like you're stupid. When Onew is ignoring you, and LAUGHS at you coz you said "Aigoo", you need to turn your computer off and just walk away.

    Thank GAWD that there were a few people with interesting submissions. And I have a bone to pick with that girl that had no questions for SHINee. No questions?? Wth?? You love SHINee but you have no questions. Tsk. She had a week to prepare! Smdh.

    Lastly I'm kind of annoyed that that announcer was so bad. He didn't even try to translate most of what they were saying.

    :rant over:

    Lol sorry... I just had to get it off my chest.

  7. I couldn't even watch it!! I skipped through and watched like 5secs here and there. What the hellfire was with those sock puppetsssss?? Why do they always pick such awkward people for these things >.< I mean, it was a weird idea to pull off to begin with, but they could have prepped a little more! Just put SHINee on awesome reality shows where they can be their dorky selves, us Shawols like that more.

    It did really look like Jonghyun and Minho were trying to overcompensate for the other members with their eagerness. They had their fake faces on.

    Rant! Rant away! You and I can sit here shaking our heads at it together. Then we can go watch Jonghyun and little Taeminnie go crazy with laughter at Minho's phone call. Hahaha ^^

  8. Thanks! I watched it & it was a little disappointing. I mean, I'm a newbie Shinee fan and all, and I'm watching/obsessing over all the videos/interviews/variety shows they've been on, but after watching this video chat, I could kinda tell they were either really tired, or just not that interested in some of the fan submissions. PLUS, I honestly think Key could've done a helluva lot better translating than that weird MC dude. =\ oh well, back to searching for all other Shinee things I haven't seen yet.

  9. They were prob exhausted AND couldn't give a damn. However, don't judge them from this short video. This one was just extremely poorly done. Instead watch this lovely gem (the rest of it is there too I'm sure) of a live chat from their Japanese Sherlock promotions. I blogged about it at the time but the videos were taken down. Now they're back up on YT yayyy... Enjoy:


  10. Lol yeah idk what they were thinking. I feel like they were trolling us.

  11. thanks for the link. definitely enjoying this one! ^___^


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