Kpop Flashback: SHINee Are Hilarious On KBS2TV's "Nocturnal" With English Subs

Have you ever wondered where all those wonderfully amusing Minho laughing gifs come from?  Well you came to the right place, my friends.

Last night I posted one of said gifs to the blog's Facebook page and today a loyal reader named Kathryn asked me the origins of the gif.  Thankfully I'm pretty well versed in Google-fu because I did not recall the name of the show at all, having watched it a few years ago.  All I remembered was something about a truck driving around at night and that Onew was a co-host.  Plus that it had me (and Minho) laughing our asses off.

Lo and behold I found it.  The show is called "Nocturnal" and if you've never seen it, you must.  In this episode of the show you'll see what I assume is SHINee being pretty much themselves.  They couldn't possibly be putting on their fake public faces... they're laughing too hard.

SHINee guest starring on KBS2TV's Nocturnal Eng. sub pt. 1-7

The quality isn't that great but I'm sure you'll enjoy it anyway.  All other versions that I found have been deleted or are shortened.

SHINee as guest stars on KBS2TV's Nocturnal 100815, Eng. sub pt. 1-7

Night Star Part 1-3 by esorylimemilyrose

Owl night SHINee part4 (eng subbed) by esorylimemilyrose

Owl Night SHINee part 5 (eng subbed) by esorylimemilyrose

Owl Night part 6 (eng subbed) by esorylimemilyrose

Owl Night part 7 (eng subbed) by esorylimemilyrose

Source: esorylimemilyrose, credit as tagged.


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