Fashion DON'T: Taemin's Ridiculous Hat

As I was watching SHINee's Google+ Live Video Chat last night, I kept staring at Taemin's head and wondering if my eyes were deceiving me.  Did I see what I thought I saw?

Today I found out that I was not having visions when I came upon these:

Look at him.  He totally thinks he looks cute in it.  That look right there says,
"Yeah I've got pink netting on my hat... AND what??"

What the hell, dude... What. The. Hell.  

Did someone give that to him or did he buy it?  If someone gave that to him, I say to you, "For shame!", because that is atrocious.  If he paid for it, he needs to be grounded from his credit cards for AT LEAST a month.  If the coordi nuna put that on him, I SMDH at her with all the power in my neck.  

I want to know what brand that is, so I can have words with the designer.  I mean, unless it's a little girl's hat because that would be pretty adorable on a kid.

The rest of his outfit is really great:

Minho's face clearly says SMH + the other dude is even laughing.

Even Onew was looking extra good today:

"Mmmhmm I look good, don't I?"

Siggghhhh... Good job, Taemin.  You ruined it.   Let's not have this happen again. 

What do you think of Taemin's outfit?

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  1. what comes to my mind when I saw this is the hyungs bullying Taemin and made him to wear that!!
    I just bought tangerine and they wrapped it with the net in Taemin's hat, so maybe he recycled it :)
    at least he try to save the world, one of his dream

  2. Mmm *happy* This post was about that gorgeous set of clothes Minho's wearing, wasn't it? ^.^ I thought so. And his hot as hell hair.

  3. I actually didn't notice that netting on Taemin's hat while I was watching the chat. But when I saw his airport photos, I was also taken aback by it. Onew though; I'm loving the sunglasses. :]

  4. Ones looked great... Key must've dressed him lol. His usual airport style is pretty bummy.

  5. Lol well if the post was about that I wouldn't have been talking shit, now would I? :P

    Yes Minho looked yummy there.

  6. Hahaa I was talking about this with someone else and we mentioned fruit bags, which is exactly why I'm opposed to this hat.

  7. HAHAHA omg I shit you not.. I was WAITING for you to do this post! I saw parts of the show (and those pictures!) too and I was like ".... Erika will touch upon this shit soon enough" LOL and here you are <3

  8. Hahahaa well this hat is truly offensive so you know it had to be done. My face was like WTF when I saw that first pic. I'm assuming some fan with crap taste in clothes gave that to him and they need to never do that again.

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