UPDATED: Watch SHINee Be Cutely Amusing on "Beatles Code" + "Hello"

I've been away for a few days; sorry about that...  I'm back now and I come bearing gifts!  Here's some more SHINee for your viewing pleasure, and this time I've got their episode of KBS's "Hello" and Mnet's "Beatles Code".  As usual, watch (or download... shhh!) quickly before they get deleted.  Also as usual, I'll be updating these with English subbed versions as soon as I find them.

Fyi, I've been looking for "SHINee's Wonderful Day" episode 4 English subbed and I have not found it anywhere.  If you do find it, be sure to leave me a link in the  comments or in email (click on Contact Me at the top of the blog).

Edited to add: Beatles Code English subbed.

SHINee on Mnet's Beatles Code with English subs:

SHINee on KBS's Hello:

If you want to get an idea of just how hard these boys work and just how much blogging I'd have to do if I tried to keep up, Here's their schedule for 10 days in March:

March 4
17:00 – Event – Dream Girl Fansigning #3 – Daewoo Department Store, Busan
20:00 – Event – Dream Girl Fansigning #4 – Novotel City Center Hotel, Daegu
23:00 – Broadcast – Mnet Beatles Code 2
23:10 – Broadcast – KBS-2TV Hello

March 5
12:00 – Radio – KBS-2FM Kim Bum Soo's Gayo Plaza
17:30 – Recording – JTBC Hidden Singer
19:30 – Recording – KBS-1TV Open Concert – KBS Hall
23:00 – Broadcast – MBC Music "SHINee's Wonderful Day" Extended Edition, Episode 4
Recording (Onew, Key) – MBC Magic Concert

March 7
18:00 – Broadcast – Mnet-TV M! Countdown
22:00 – Radio – MBC FM4U Music City

March 8
18:10 – Broadcast – KBS-2TV Music Bank

March 9
16:00 – Broadcast – MBC Show! Music Core
20:00 – Performance – KBS "K-POP Festival Music Bank in Jakarta" – Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta

March 10
15:40 – Broadcast – SBS-TV Inkigayo

March 12
23:00 – Broadcast – MBC Music "SHINee's Wonderful Day" Extended Edition, Episode 5

March 13
★ "Fire" Japanese Single Release Day

March 14
18:00 – Broadcast – Mnet-TV M! Countdown

March 15
18:10 – Broadcast – KBS-2TV Music Bank

See more of their schedule here.

Yeah, I'd pass out.  Plus they have to pretend to be all upbeat and fun and cute while being exhausted.  No thanks on that!  More power to them... I wouldn't be able to do it.  

Oh and hey, check that out.  What I, and others, have been calling episode 4 of  "Wonderful Day" was actually episode 3.  Go figure.  I'm still confused as hell... Sigh.  So apparently I'm looking for the English subbed version of episode 3, even though most versions of episode 3 seem to be the wrong one (since they were thinking the same thing I was).

Which show can you not wait to see subbed??  Which one looked the most amusing?  Leave me a comment with your thoughts and feels.

Source: Katirin89krisbrows8, shineee.


  1. Hi, but There are no subs !!! What do i do ???

  2. Hey there... The shows just came out recently, so I'll be sure to update with English subs when someone gets the time to sub them. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter so you can get notified when I update this post or any other Shinee posts. :)

  3. Thank you for working so diligently to so that we may watch with eng subs. It is much appreciated.

  4. No problem at all. I enjoy doing it. :)

  5. I'm a just-recently-turned kpop idol/shinee fan & I love your blog! thanks for sharing the awesome videos/episodes/pics of shinee! :]

  6. thank u !!!!!!

  7. No problem. I think they just might be subbed already. Hurrah!

  8. Hey there. I missed this comment, sorry about that.

    So a Kpop newbie huh? How fun! Have you watched Shinee's Hello Baby yet? If u haven't, you must.

    Thanks for the compliment btw. I'm glad you like the blog, because I definitely have fun with it. You should check out the Shinee tag sometime... There's lots of stuff to see. :)

  9. That's how I got hooked on them, after watching Hello Baby! haha. And yes, I'm going through pretty much everything in your Shinee tag. :D

  10. Omg. Shinee's Hello Baby will steal your soul. Lol well it made me <3 Shinee, anyway. How could I not fall for bitchy Key-appa and loving Minho-appa and sleepy Onew and baby Taemin? Oh and Jonghyun... <.<

    Lol jk he's not my favorite but I don't dislike him, especially now that I know he's a secret nerd.

  11. SHINEE kbs hello eng sub !! please sub shinee on hello

  12. Hey there... I just saw this. I haven't found subs for this yet but I'll be sure to post them when I do.

  13. Well thanks! I saw that and I'm updating it now. :)

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