[Guest Post] Did You Just Ask Why I Love K-Pop? A Dissertation

I'm back!   But only kind of today because my first foray back into blogging is a guest post.  Did I hear someone say "But whyyyy??" from here?  Well, I happen to think you'll like this one a lot.  This post is by Kat, Associate Writer extraordinaire for Korea.com, who I met in the comments of this here blog and promptly befriended.  We bonded over SHINee belts... don't ask.  Anyway, Kat is here to give you an in depth view into why we all like Kpop and also to give you a way to explain it to those pesky non-Kpop lovers.

Did You Just Ask Why I Love K-Pop?

Others: You like K-Pop? What, like that Sigh guy?"

Me: Yeah!

Others: But I’m so sick of hearing that gang-nam song, such a one-hit wonder.

Me: Actually Psy has been a significant figure in the Korean music industry for over 12 years now and he has produced a lot of really fantastic music during that time…

Nope, I’ve lost them.

I guess it's understandable how people associate K-Pop to being only a ‘one-hit wonder’, after all that’s often all they have the opportunity to see, poor things. It’s only once you’re on the inside that you really understand the true wonders of K-Pop. And you fall into it; you fall into it really, really hard. We’re talking Taeyang-ab hard, and that's pretty damned hard.

Oh I forgot to introduce myself! *waves happily* I'm Kat and I’m K-World OBSESSED. I have been for the past couple of years now and I’ll happily admit it. That, or the 4 coloured bands on my wrist give me away. Three of them say the names of my biases- BIGBANG, SHINee and JYJ, and the fourth reads SBS PopAsia (Australia’s Asian Pop Radio Station). You can also tell by the way any conversation I’m involved in veers to some aspect of Korean culture. That's because I’m always happy to do my bit to help spread some K-Pop love. Of course some are more willing to receive the love than others, but very occasionally I do find a person that will ask with genuine interest as to why I like K-Pop.




[ANNOUNCEMENT] Why Oddness/Weirdness Has Been Silent For So Long

Hey friends, fans and fellow Oddities!  I know it's been over a month since I posted anything on here, and I apologize for that.

(There's an appropriate SHINee gif for every occasion, as you probably know)

Mianhe!  Jeong mal mianhe! 

 So here's my explanation:



Video of the Day: Taeyang's "RINGA LINGA" Dance Performance + English Trans

Ok let me just warn you that things are about to get real up in this blog.  Why??  Because earlier today Taeyang released his dance performance "RINGA LINGA" mv and I lost my shit.  Totally lost it... it's gone.  Can't find it, which is why this whole post is about to be full of legit fangirling alright?   Good.

YB's instagram 131108: #ringalinga#dancers thanks guys



Video of the Day: Taeyang's "RINGA LINGA" Teaser Spot

Are you ready guys?  It's almost November 1st, which means that Taeyang's 2nd album, "New World", will be out tomorr... oh wait.  This newest teaser says November 8th?  Ok now I'm confused.  Watch the teaser spot for Taeyang's 1st single, "RINGA LINGA".


Oddness/Weirdness Wishes You A Happy SHINee Halloween 2013!

Today is October 31st, which means I had to do a SHINee Halloween post before heading out for some good times.  I'm just going to take this chance to wish you a great Halloween, little kid card style (whut whut!):

I had way too much fun making this because I am a nerd.  Shhh don't tell anyone.



SHINee Achieves Their Second Win For "Everybody" On Music Bank + SHINee On Arirang TV After School Club Coming Soon!

SHINee won again for "Everybody", this time on Music Bank!  Good  job Shawols and SHINee!  I think this is my favorite outfit of them all, because they look incredible in all black.

shinee wins on music bank 131025 with f(x) backstage
SHINee's me2day update with f(x) at Music Bank.



UPDATED: Punk's Not Dead: Taeyang For Elle Korea's November Issue

Big Bang's Taeyang will be releasing his much anticipated new album, "New World" on November 8th (supposedly), three years after 2010's "Solar".  He's certainly done a lot of changing since then, and this photo shoot is proof that the 2010 version of Taeyang is long gone.

As of today YG has announced that this new album is a total departure from his usual style.  While that is no big surprise, I'm really interested to know what direction he went in and to see how well it will work for him.  Good luck, Taeyang!  Hopefully you won't need it, but I'm thinking you might.

Edited to add: Full English trans of the interview + Unseen pics from the photoshoot.


SHINee Won With "Everybody" On Show Champion Yesterday Yay!

My title pretty much encompasses how I felt about SHINee finally winning something for "Everybody".  They took home the gold goblet on Show Champion yesterday and I was all "YAYYYYYY!" and "Phew!" :wipes brow:  I'm just going to post all the good videos + some pics here for ya and I've even got some English subs, because Shawols are (as usual) awesome.



Big Bang's T.O.P Is Suave For L'Officiel Hommes' November Issue + Interview

Big Bang's T.O.P, aka Choi Seung Hyun, is currently being featured all over the Korean media for his role in the upcoming movie The Commitment, which is great for us because we'll get to see a lot of his beautiful face in the upcoming months.  Take a look at his editorial for L'Officiel Hommes in which he is all suave and studly, and then scroll down some more for the interview with English translation.


Video of the Day: SHINee's "Everybody" Dance Practice Video

WHYYYY am I just seeing this now?  I swear, you take a Kpop sick day and you come back and realize you missed 23083054 things.  Ugh!  But I digress:

Ok SHINee... seriously?  Seriously??  Stop trying your hardest to make me eat my previous smack talk about your mv and choreography with this "Everybody" dance practice video, because it's not going to work!  I refuse to like it!!  I refuuusssee!!!


The SHINee "Everybody" Mini Album: A Review In 5 Parts

I've finally gotten around to reviewing SHINee's "Everybody" album, but this time I decided to do something a little different: I've decided to do this collaboration style.  My Kpop blogger friends and I have been discussing (and somewhat bitching about) SHINee's latest album ad nauseam so I figured, why not get them to write their thoughts down?  The following contains the opinions of an OG (original gangster) Shawol on down to a newbie Shawol.  I hope you like it (if you don't you can always berate me in the comments below)!



[GUEST BLOGGER WEEK] The Oh So "Superficial" South Koreans: A Tale Of Beauty Ideals & Plastic Surgery

Welcome to the last Guest Blogger Week post!  It's been so awesome to host these fabulous women here on Oddness/Weirdness for the past week.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart for taking the time out of their busy schedules to participate, and I hope you enjoyed the posts as I did.

This last post is by nancakes's Nani and she's written another slightly controversial post, this one about her take on South Korea's beauty standards.  If you haven't read Nani's previous Guest Blogger Week rant about crazy Kpop fans, you can do so by clicking here and, as always, if you agree or disagree you can sound off in the comments below.

The Oh So "Superficial" South Koreans

Hello folks of the interwebz. I'm bringing to you an entry that touches upon a topic widely known within the kpop fandoms: beauty ideals (and plastic surgery) - and why looks matter so damn much in the country of oppas and gee gee babies. If you want further analysis on this topic, I actually did a term paper on South Korea and plastic surgery a while ago, so if you're interested, you can find it HERE. ^__^)/ 

I know that the whole plastic surgery/beauty ideal in Korea can be a very touchy topic to some people, but I'll give you my two cents on it. Please keep in mind (I can't believe I'm doing a disclaimer.. ugh) that this is my opinion and my personal experience. I am not Korean. I lived in Korea for a year and studied Korean culture, history and society long before that. I'm not trying to "lecture" anyone or slander celebs for having done surgery. I'm simply trying to enlighten some of you kpop fans out there, who may be rather confused or even misinformed about how and why looks matter so much. So yeah, if you're interested in a little information - please keep reading.



[GUEST BLOGGER WEEK] Follow The K-Pop Brick Road

I met Julyssa, the author of today's Guest Blogger Week post, in the most random of ways, but I'm very glad I did.  She's got the best stories to tell, and this one is no different.  This post is about how Julyssa got into Kpop and some of the interesting things she's doing with the genre all the way up there in Scandinavia.  Enjoy, and let me know how you got into Kpop and how you spread that Kpop love in the comments below.

Follow The K-Pop Brick Road

In less than two weeks I am hosting and producing the very first K-pop concert in Scandinavia. VIXX is coming to Sweden for a very historic concert.  

It’s a historic moment that pretty much is still very surreal for me. I have so much work to do but I don’t feel like any of this will be real until the concert is over. I am extremely afraid, nervous and terrified but somehow this concert became a dream and it’s time to fulfill it.

It’s funny how all of this started. If anyone would’ve told me five years ago that I would be doing what I am doing today, I would’ve probably laughed but at the same time nod since I wouldn’t find it impossible. Yet, it’s extremely beautiful how much a passion can drive you to do something you never thought you could do.


[UPDATED] Trollhyun Strikes Again: SHINee's Jonghyun Is Short On M! Countdown, Tweets About It

This post is about SHINee's Jonghyun (or as I affectionately call him, Trollhyun) being short on M! Countdown today.  Yes Jonghyun is always short but today he had the misfortune to have it thrown in his face once again.

UPDATED: with video



[GUEST BLOGGER WEEK] K-Dramas: Y U NO Make Sense?

Day 4 of Guest Blogger Week is here, what what!  Are you ready for today's post?  This one is somewhat of a rant about K-Dramas utilizing the ever so fun "Y U NO" meme.  You'll totally relate to this one if you've ever watched a few dramas and wondered why they do the things they do in every single one.  When you're done reading, be sure to let us know about any K-Drama tropes that really bother you in the comments below!

K-Dramas: Y U NO Make Sense?

K-dramas. We love to love them, love to hate them and hate to love them, all within one episode. But I can't quit them. Can you?



HQ Scans Of SHINee's "Everybody" Album Photobook

As promised, here are the beautiful images from SHINee's "Everybody" album photobook.  Fyi, I tried not to include any of the previously released "Everybody" album images, but click here to see them.   Linger over them, savor them and enjoy them because you know I certainly did!



[GUEST BLOGGER WEEK] Dibididis, My Name is Minho: A Fashion Appreciation Post

Day 3 of Guest Blogger Week is here and today we're all about SHINee's Minho and his fine self.  I've been meaning to do a fashion post about him for the longest time, so I was very happy to get this one in my email.  Behold, an ode to Minho's style:

Dibidibidis, My Name is Minho: A Fashion Appreciation Post

SHINee, since their debut, has always been prefaced by ‘contemporary’ to their name.  Meant to signify the group’s experimental take on K-Pop, SHINee’s fashion, like their music, always been trendy and attention grabbing.

But what about when they’re not onstage?  Self-professed fashion lover Key is the most prominent style-wise, taking selfies with House of Holland designer HenryHolland and chilling with Carri Munden of Cassette Playa. Conversely, as arguably the most publicly recognized face in SHINee, Minho’s fashion sense has been overlooked. Which is interesting but understandable: where are your eyes going to linger in this photo op?

Key’s the perfect fashion foil to Minho: while the former is playful and irreverent in his dress, the latter is understated and conventional.  But that doesn’t mean he’s a bad dresser so the time has finally come for a Minho style appreciation post!



[GUEST BLOGGER WEEK] K-Drama Trope Du Jour: Men In Aprons

Day 2 of Guest Blogger Week is upon us and today we're talking about K-Dramas and men in aprons....  Doesn't seem like you'd be able to write a whole post about that topic, does it?  Well you would be wrong!  Funny how I kind of noticed the preponderance of men wearing aprons in k-dramas before, but after reading this I'm having a lightbulb moment.  They are EVERYWHERE!  It's a thing!  Check it out:

K-Drama Trope Du Jour: Men In Aprons


SHINee's "Everybody" Album Digital Booklet, Listening Party + A Reader Reviews The "Everybody" MV

SHINee's "Everybody" album came out last night while I laid in bed, too tired after a long day to blog about it even if I wanted to.  I did make sure to do some squasping as I downloaded and listened to the album in full before I fell asleep.  Now I'm finally here with all the album art and track for your viewing and listening pleasure.  Take a look:



[GUEST BLOGGER WEEK] Swag Check, Mic Check: How Fashion Keeps Your Oppas and Unnies at the Top

It's the first day of Guest Blogger Week on Oddness/Weirdness and, like last time, I want to start out with a bang.  This post is from Moni, writer and owner of the blog Frock Yeah, and it's about something near and dear to my heart: Kpop fashion.  Enjoy!

Swag Check, Mic Check: How Fashion Keeps Your Oppas and Unnies at the Top

I’ve heard lots of stories about how people got into k-pop: learning about Korean music through Gangnam Style, flipping through the international TV channels at 4 am, even *cough* someone forwarding a video of Taeyang humping the stage in all white *cough*

Full disclosure: that last one is definitely what happened to me, but it’s not why I jumped feet first into the fandom and stayed.
Actually, it was the styling that got me.

After drooling over Taeyang, I happened to see Girls’ Generation’s video for “Gee”. I’m not usually a fan of music that leans on the cutesier side, but I could not stop watching this music video. The tune was catchy as all hell, and those colored jeans were EV.ERY.THING. If you think back, “Gee” came out right around when high-waisted and colored jeans were really popular. However, not that many people around where I live – myself included – were being that adventurous yet, so it was really exciting to see current trends on real, live people. From SNSD, I went on to see 2NE1 and Big Bang’s “Lollipop”, which has a similar styling point: colors so damn bright, you’ll singe your corneas.

Oh, 2009 feels! *wipes away tear*



[ANNOUNCEMENT] Get Ready For Guest Blogger Week Part 2

It's about to be Guest Blogger Week again on Oddness/Weirdness from October 14-19!  If you're not quite sure what that is, I am here to tell you that it is pretty self explanatory.  Guest Blogger Week is where I plead with ask some of my writer/blogger friends if they'd like to write a post for the blog and they kindly say yes and then I'm like, "Score!", because they're awesome.  So get your bodies ready, gird your loins, grab some popcorn, etc., because it's going to be a good week.



Kpop WTF: SHINee Makes Their Comeback With An MV For "Everybody" + M! Countdown Performances

SHINee has finally dropped their mv for "Everybody" and made their first music show appearance today on MNET's M! Countdown.  Normally I open a post like this with the oft used phrase "SHINee's Back!" and appropriate fangirling but I'm only half feeling their "Everybody" comeback.  Dammit!  I wanted so wanted to love it, but I can't.  I'm going to be completely honest here, because that's what I do on this blog, so brace yourselves:



Video of the Day: Block B "Very Good" MV- Maximum Close Up Version

I haven't been able to pay as much attention to Block B's comeback as I would like but I had to post this because it is so full of win:  Seven Seasons has released an epic new version of Block B's "Very Good" mv and there's even more fun shenanigans taking place.  It's so nice to see them happy, isn't it?

block b very good maximum close up version screencap 1


SHINee Are Haute And Sexy Windup Dolls In Their New "Everybody" MV Teaser

This blog has been overrun by SHINee, and today is no exception because SM Entertainment has been dropping new content on the daily.  SHINee's mv teaser for "Everybody" (as opposed to the "Everybody" image teaser from yesterday) was released at the crack of dawn on this side of the world, which meant I watched it with bleary eyes but also with a smile.  Check it out:



UPDATED: SHINee Gives Me Life With Their New "Everybody" Image Teaser

SHINee's "Everybody" image teaser was released today and I've pretty much been freaking out all day over here because this is the SHINee I've been wanting ever since "Lucifer".  I've also been wanting something like this ever since SMent announced a Dark!SHINee concept for "Why So Serious" and then didn't follow through (those bastards!).  SHINee in more high fashion plus a ton of awesome jewelry??  What more could this fashion enthusiast ask for?


SPAM POST: SHINee's "Everybody" Comeback Special Fancams, Videos & Pics

Hey Shawols!  As I'm SURE YOU KNOW, SHINee performed their new songs "Everybody" and "Symptoms" at the SHINee Comeback Special showcase that was held earlier today during the Gangnam Hallyu Festival.  I woke up at the crack of dawn to watch it with some other Shawols but the stream was SO laggy (on account of some no good real time chat spammers) that I wanted to scream.  (we still had fun though).  I know the same thing happened to most people that were trying to view it so I didn't feel too bad, but I wanted to see my SHINee dammit!  So here's the next best thing.  I scoured the 'net for the best HQ fancams, videos and pics I could find and I'm posting them all here.  Enjoy; I certainly will.

(This post is image and video heavy)



SHINee's "Everybody" Mini Album Teaser Medley Is Out!

SHINee's teaser medley video for their "Everybody" mini album has just been released!  Take a listen:


SHINee's Group Teasers, "Symptoms" Lyric Teaser With English Subs And More!

So last night I had a little power/cable snafu on our block PLUS I wasn't feeling well, which means I wasn't able to blog about SHINee's newest teasers (damn New Jersey and its crappy power grid situation!  Also damn getting sick right before SHINee's comeback!) but now I'm here to squee.  Can we all just stop for a minute and say "WOW!!!" because that was my reaction to SHINee's group teasers and their lyric teaser for the as yet unreleased song "Symptoms".  I know you probably did all your squasping (a new word made up by Twitter bestie Leaf and Kpop blogger that combines SQUEE and GASP) last night and earlier today but humor me, why don't you?



Surprise! It's Jonghyun's "Everybody" Teaser Pics

Boy was I surprised when I received notice that Jonghyun of SHINee's "Everybody" teasers pics were out.  All 3 of them?  Already?  And why is he full clothed??  Check 'em out:



UPDATED: Ovaries Explode Over Minho's Teasers For SHINee's "Everybody" Album

SM Entertainment continues to tease us with pics from SHINee's upcoming "Everybody" mini album.  Today is Minho's turn and umm... I'll just place these here:

SHINee Minho's Everybody album teaser pic 1


Video of the Day: Block B's "Very Good"

It's been a wild ride of a year for Block B but they have managed to hang on for dear life and come out strutting on the other side.  It's extremely apropos that the name of their comeback song is "Very Good" because I'm sure that is exactly how they're feeling right about now.

Block B Very Good mv 1



UPDATED: Key's Teasers For SHINee's "Everybody" Mini Album Are Out!

It's Key's turn to look like a New Romantic in the SHINee "Everybody" teaser merry go round and he's werking it like the fashion forward diva he is.  What do you think?

SHINee's Key everybody album teaser 1



UPDATED: SHINee Releases A Second "Everybody" Album Teaser, And This Time It's Onew

SHINee seems to be referencing the '80s in the teasers for their upcoming mini album, "Everybody".  This time they've released Onew's image teasers, complete with fake eyelashes and a captains hat, and they are giving me some throwback feels.  Check them out!

SHINee Onew's Everybody album teaser 1



UPDATED: SHINee To Make Another 2013 Comeback With "Everybody"

It's party time my Shawol friends, because SHINee will be making a comeback with their 5th mini album on October 14th!  This album is entitled "Everybody" and it will be their 3rd Korean comeback of the year.  You know what that means, right?  No more striped cardigans or khakis, that's what!  Yesssss!

Taemin TaeMAN's guyliner-ed beauty of a teaser pic is below for your edification and enjoyment.  Once you tear your eyes away from that, please do read on for a bit of fangirling:

SHINee Taemin's teaser for Everybody-3



Video of the Day: Block B's "Be The Light"

Last night Block B released their "Be The Light" audio only version and many fans were saddened by the lack of an mv.  Seven Seasons decided it would be fun to troll us hard by releasing the mv a few hours later, but I'm okay with that because we got this out of it...

Block B Be The Light mv screencap all


Block B Is Back At Last With "Be The Light"!

My Block B feels are overflowing right now because they have FINALLY made their way out of the dungeon with a new song.  I'm fangirling and squee-ing so hard right now!  Take a listen to their preview track, "Be The Light", below:

Preview Block B Be The Light



UPDATED: SHINee is Grown And Sexy For Arena Homme+'s October Issue

The boys men of SHINee are set to cover the October issue of Korea's Arena Homme+ magazine.  They've been featured in many magazines over the years, but this time they're special enough to warrant 5 separate covers for each member.  How fabulous is that?  I'm crossing my fingers that this dark and sexy editorial is a foreshadowing of the concept for their rumored Korean comeback, because this One Direction-ish "Boys Meet U" nonsense has got to go.

UPDATED: With official HQ cover scans and all interviews except Key's.

(Key's pic goes first because it's still his birthday in the U.S.  Happy Birthday Key!)

The following are all the images and interviews that are available so far. 

shinee key arena homme plus cover



[GUEST POST] [FAN ACCOUNT] KCON 2013 - The Experience

Hey guys, it's me Erika.  Thanks for sticking with me on my semi-vacay from blogging!  I promise I'll soon be back to posting almost daily (I'm still posting on the Facebook page so check me there!) but in the meantime, I've got this really great post by my friend Leaf of My Kpop Obsession for you to read.  It's a continuation of her KCON 2013 fan accounts, and this time, instead of talking about the M! Countdown concert, she's written about her experience walking around and chatting with fellow fans of all ages and nationalities.  I thought it was extremely good and I had a lot of fun reading it, so I figured you would too.  Enjoy!


In which Leaf went to KCON in a silly hat and ridonkulous sunglasses, but still managed to nerd-out with 20,000 other kpop lovers despite looking like a frumpy old lady...



Seungri, G-Dragon And Taeyang Make My Day On SBS's Inkigayo 130915

All the cute, guys, all the cute!  That's all I could think today as I watched the videos and fancams from G-Dragon and Seungri's (featuring special guest Taeyang) Inkigayo appearance today.  GD has looked super happy recently, and I swear part of it has to do with the fact that he's been promoting alongside Seungri.

RiRi sure does bring out GD's silly side, which is a good thing because he was starting to depress me a bit with all that "I look exhausted" business.  It's also quite nice to see him not try to look cool and chic once in awhile, so I was doubly sad to hear that today was Seungri's goodbye stage.

Alright guys, so many videos and pics to look at!  Get started below:

G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri on Inkigayo 130915_1


So You Were Wondering What EXO's "Wolf" & "Growl" Drama Version MVs Are About? Pt. 1

It has come to my attention that people are confused as hell about EXO's "Wolf" and "Growl" drama version MVs, and have been since they came out.  Well, it's your lucky day, because I'm here to explain the shit out of them for you, in the way I know best: I'm going to tell you a little story.  Fyi, this will be done in two parts, so bear with me.



G-Dragon Makes His First Coup D'etat Comeback Stage On Inkigayo

Hey there people!  I'm still around, I'm just taking a short break.  You know I'm all about the G to the D so I had to come back to post about G-Dragon's first Coup D'etat comeback stage on (of course) SBS's Inkigayo.  Watch his performances below:

g-dragon coup d'etat comeback stage inkigayo black 130908



Video of the Day: G-Dragon's "Crooked" + Lyrics

The second part to G-Dragon's epic opus, "Coup D'etat", has been let loose into the world tonight, and along with that came a new mv.  This one, called "Crooked", is obviously the video that GD was filming all over London last month.  In it G-Dragon plays the epitome of that descriptive phrase "mad, bad and dangerous to know", and he plays it to the hilt.  Watch:

g-dragon crooked mv hq screencap 1



Video of the Day: G-Dragon's "Coup D'etat" + Lyrics And A Playlist

The revolution will not be televised
The revolution is in your mind
The revolution is here"

G-Dragon is back, and he's just released the mv for his revolutionary new song, "Coup D'etat", as well as part 1 of the album.  Yes I said part 1.  We'll get into that later.  Have you seen the mv yet?  I had to watch it a few times just to get my thoughts together, so let's watch it again:

g-dragon coup d'etat mv hq screencap 1



[GUEST POST] [FAN ACCOUNT] KCON 2013 - M! Countdown: What's Up LA? Concert Review - Part 2 & 3

Here's part 2 and 3 of Leaf's M! Countdown: What's Up L.A. concert fan account.  Check out part 1 here.  This fan account has been cross posted from Leaf's blog, My Kpop Obsession.  Please be sure to take out with full credit.


Let us continue...

Teen Top 

teen top performing at kcon 2013


[GUEST POST] [FAN ACCOUNT] KCON 2013 - M! Countdown: What's Up LA? Concert Review - Part 1

When KCON 2013 was announced, I was dead set on not going.  I'd read all sorts of bad stuff about KCON 2012 and thought, "What could possibly change in a year?"  Next thing you know it was announced that G-Dragon would be showing up, as well as people like EXO and f(x).  While I wouldn't fly across the country just to see EXO, I was pretty disappointed that I wouldn't get to see GD perform by himself (as well as shocked that he'd be attending KCON at all.  I mean, what??).  I also heard it was a lot of fun this year so... bummer.

Well my fellow non-KCON attendees, I've got the next best thing: A detailed fan account of the M! Countdown: What's Up L.A.? concert by the incomparable Leaf of My Kpop Obsession.  She describes herself as "gripped by Kpop", which I'm sure we can all relate to.  Leaf's blog is a stream of consciousness type of thing that you only want to go to if you have a couple of hours to spare, and by that I mean that it's really good and you won't want to leave.  I speak from experience!  

This is part 1.  Be sure to check out parts 2 and 3, which will be posted shortly.  Enjoy!

Wooo! Leaf's first glowstick!



G-Dragon Unveils A 2nd Coup D'Etat Teaser Image And Finally Let's Us Know The Darned Release Date

Thanks, G-Dragon, for finally giving us a date for your new album, "Coup D'Etat".



Let's Celebrate, Because Block B Has Signed With A New Label!

It is another happy day in this fangirl's (fan-woman?) life because I just read that those crazy ass Block B boys are with a new label now.  Yesss!  Someone needs to come high five me, because I'm all sorts of pumped about this news.

block b



G-Dragon Gives Us Another C'oup D'etat Album Tease, Plus A Tracklist

G-Dragon is slowwwwlllyyy eking out the teasers for his new album, you know, keeping us all nervous and thirsty as we wait for any scraps of information about "Coup D'etat".  Today saw the release of this lovely image teaser:

G-Dragon's Coup D'etat album teaser 130826


G-Dragon At KCON Day 2: Fancams And Pics + "Niliria" Feat. Missy Elliot

G-Dragon performed on M! Countdown's special KCON stage yesterday with special guest Missy Elliot.  All I have to say right now is Oh. My. Gawd. because it was everything I could have wanted and more and I cannot wait for GD's new album.  These fancams and pics are a must see for all GD fans, so check it out!

Cr. luv4DBrothers. 

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