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Video of the Day: Taeyang's "RINGA LINGA" Dance Performance + English Trans

Ok let me just warn you that things are about to get real up in this blog.  Why??  Because earlier today Taeyang released his dance performance "RINGA LINGA" mv and I lost my shit.  Totally lost it... it's gone.  Can't find it, which is why this whole post is about to be full of legit fangirling alright?   Good.

YB's instagram 131108: #ringalinga#dancers thanks guys

Taeyang?  I love you right now.  Yes I do.  I was worried to death about this whole new direction you were going in and if you would have great hair whilst doing it.  You know what?  I don't even give a damn about your hair at this moment because you have given me life with this video.

First of all, let me just freak out about this one thing for a moment:  DIVERSITY IN MY KPOP!  REAL DIVERSITY DONE RIGHT!  YESSSS!  I'm not talking half assed diversity like having one random person of color in the background of your mv.  I'm not even talking unnecessary diversity like making an mv about things that you know nothing about (and really shouldn't be bringing up anyway). :coughBAP'sBadmancough:  I'm talking full on the real deal diversity, where there's a bunch of random people of all nationalities and colors in your mv just because they dance really well.  That's it.  No ulterior motives.  Just a whole bunch of good dancers who just happen to be all colors of the rainbow.  THANK YOU!!

Secondly: This song is now my fall jam because it is everything.  Yes, it does somewhat sound like something G-Dragon would do for himself (not surprisingly, it was written and produced by G-Dragon along with the help of Jose E. Luna and Ttokki) but it's got Taeyang's signature all over it and I love it.  I'm now all for this much talked about new direction.  You can buy "RINGA LINGA" on Itunes as well as your usual Kpop sources.  Go buy it if you haven't already.

Thirdly: Wow, because I'm floored by all this incredible dancing.  This is not your typical Kpop choreography, guys!  This is next level stuff right here.  I think I've played this video 10 times so far, geeking out even more over the dancing as I go.  Kpop (and hip hop) dancing doesn't get any hotter than this!

You know what I especially love?  That the focus is not always squarely on Taeyang; that the other dancers get to shine.  Noone else in Kpop has done that.  Ballsy move YB, and I applaud you for it.

Taeyang's instagram 131108: #ringalinga#dance video #outfit

Taeyang really held his own during the whole video, which is pretty damned awesome considering that he learned it all in 2 days.  Yes, I said 2 days.  He's just that good!  You can tell that he doesn't quite have it down 100% (as evinced by that preoccupied frowny face he's got on the whole time) but I'm betting that his comeback stage will be flaw free and full of even more attitude.

I have to give major kudos to the woman behind the fabulousness, choreographer Parris Goebel.  If you're looking for the meaning behind the term "go hard", look no further than her choreography.  Want to see more?  Check out the video that made Taeyang ask her to choreograph "RINGA LINGA":

Parris Goebel presents: I Heart Cali Boys

Yes that's her in the video and yes she is that badass.  Besides Taeyang, she's also choreographed Jennifer Lopez's 2012 world tour, as well as Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson show opening.  Not bad for a dancer all the way from New Zealand, right?

    Thank you for the opportunity@youngbeezzy🙈 #TeamTaeyang

One last thing... To all you EXO fans that are expending so much energy commenting everywhere about how Taeyang "stole" this idea from EXO's "Growl": Calm down and learn some things:

1. SM Entertainment was not the first people to make use of the single shot concept.  In fact, it's called a long take and it was first used in a 1948 Alfred Hitchcock movie.  You know how I found this out?  Google.  Use it before you type next time, it'll save you a ton of embarrassment.

2. Big Bang first used the long take concept in their 2011 mv for "Love Song".  Last I checked , 2011 came before 2013.  Oh, and here's a link to an article with a list of 12 music videos that used the long take concept! This article was written in 2010, which also came before 2013, didn't it?  Yep, it did.

3. There is nothing new under the sun.  Most mv concepts and ideas come from somewhere, and usually that would be another, older, video or movie or book or painting or... well, I'm sure you can see where I'm going with that.

4.  "Growl" was cute and all, but let's get real here.  We all know that EXO would never be able to achieve the level of artistry and skill it takes to dance like this (except maybe Kai, because Kai is the truth!).  I'm just being truthful here, so don't get all offended.  You know some of you need more honesty in your lives.

Ready for that English translation of the lyrics to "RINGA LINGA"?


Put your hands up, like you got your country back*
Jump up, like you would sprain your ankle
Shake, like you have a seizure Sing a song together everyone

My name is T to the A to the E (to the) Y to the A N G (hot, It's hot)
I'm always burning up red, up (boil)
Girls, at my body at my song (cry) Slow jam or dance, you just have to let your body go
Don't be afraid, cover your eyes, wanna get high, be my partner
Tonight we ride a roller coaster, ride There's no set belt, I just need to sit next to you

Don't stop, baby don’t kill my vibe
It's nice just like this To the left to the right,
follow me just like that, ye ah ye ye yeah

Put your hands up, like you got your country back*
Jump up, like you would sprain your ankle
Shake, like you have a seizure Sing a song together everyone
Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga-ring (like) Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga-ring (like) Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga (Assa*) Ringa-linga (It's good)

Tonight is Burning-Friday, so be careful for the fire It's hot here*,
so don't worry, body movin' We partying so hard,
Like it will be broken if you put much strength Monday so far, it seems like it will never come
Forget everything that happened yesterday, like it happened the day before yesterday
Erase everything that will happen tomorrow, like it is someone else's business
Everyone jump jump jump, just like playing jumping-rubberband*
Ladies bump bump bump shake shake that thing for me

Don't stop, baby don’t kill my vibe It's nice just like this
To the left to the right, follow me just like that, ye ah ye ye yea

Put your hands up, like you got your country back*
Jump up, like you would sprain your ankle
Shake, like you have a seizure
Sing a song together everyone Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga-ring (like) Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga-ring (like) Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga Ringa-linga

It’s our party we can do what we want to On this rhythm,
everyone 1,2 1,2,3 baby 1,2 step
Ye ye ye ye ye ye ye Don't let go of my two hands, don't run boo
I'll give you the whole world
Hey dj, turn up the volume now

Put your hands up, like you got your country back
Jump up, like you would sprain your ankle
Shake, like you have a seizure
Sing a song together everyone Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga-ring (like) Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga-ring (like) Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga-ring Ringa-linga (Assa*) Ringa-linga (It's good)

*As if you got your light back
*"Assa" is the Korean exclamation, like "yeah" *"jumping-rubberband" is a Korean traditional game which girls often played, dancing and jumping over the rubberband

Trans: @HuisuYoon

Of course, Big Bang had to celebrate this new release, and what a cute celebration it was:

Loving all the derp but I'm especially lol-ing at T.O.P's choom-ing.  Too funny.

What else does Taeyang have in store for us?  We'll see tomorrow when he releases the official "RINGA LINGA" mv.  Be sure to check back soon for my review!

Want another perspective on the song and video?  Click here for Lori at Hallysmash's thoughts and here for Leaf at KpopLeaf's thoughts.

How about you?  How do you feel about Taeyang's RINGA LINGA?

Source: BIGBANG@BGPOPA,  @youngbeezzy@HuisuYoon via Bigbangupdates.

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  1. Love it. Loveitloveitloveit. Yesterday I was thinking that the dancing was really masculine, but that word just doesn't fit, and today I realized what it was; they're dancing with intent. They're bringin' it, don't even try to get in their way. Parris is my new jam, yo.

    Is it just me, or has Taeyang slimmed down a lot? I don't get the people who want him to go return to Solar - I love his voice too, but times change...

  2. Oh, other things: diversity, YAAASSSSS.

    2 DAYS????

    I think the dancing in the hallway just might be my favorite part!

  3. yes, yes he is.... that's ok though because I'm perfectly happy hitting replay nonstop....

  4. lol I'm glad you're excited cause I absolutely hate it. I do love the dancers tho! They're the real shit yo. They can DANCE and they're there to DANCE. Nothing else. I love it! However, the song bores me and his hair.... T_T ugh fuck those fucking braids, man.

  5. I am over here FLAILING right now. I too was REALLY impressed by the diversity, the freshness of the moves, and the quickness of the steps. Paris' work is FIERCE! Taeyang/YG definitely are looking to be international with this. What will REALLY impress me is if he brings ALL of those dancers to MBC for his comeback stage. (They wouldn't know what him 'em).


    except for...

    those.four.damn.braids. *smh*

  6. I am just ignoring the braids because they are wrong and look mad funny when he walks so hard to the parking lot scene. Smdh Taeyang! I'm just going to pretend they're not there. I'm Parris's newest fan... Her shit is on point. I hope they being he dancers to at least one of his comeback performance. If he doesn't that he will SLAY the competition.

  7. Let's not talk about his hair. I refuse to acknowledge how awful it looks.

    I just want to know HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE ITTTT?????

  8. Lol Kai IS the truth. He really can dance. He could maaayybbeee keep up with these dancers. Maybe.

  9. He has slimmed down a lot. He's closer to Fantastic Baby weight, if not smaller. How many times have you watched this so far??

  10. TaeMan is growing up well, isn't he?

  11. I WANT to like it but I just fucking hate the song. I strongly disliked CL's solo too - thought it was awful. This forced "omg let's go Amuuuuuurrrcannnn undergrowwwnd yo"-thing is just not tickling my fancy at all.. >__>

    Omg his fucking braids lol. ACKNOWLEDGE IT WOMAN! THEY'RE THERE >: D and you see theeeem.. Hell, they see youuuuu!

  12. How many times? er...I don't know? A LOT. I broke down and bought it, thout, even though I'm not supposed to buy anything until Xmas! XD

  13. Ah Nelly. Love him. :D My style icon.

  14. Well, the official video is...different. There are some aspects I love - glowy! half-nekkid! body paint! mohawk! But wow, the dancers...Kdancers, ya gotta start representin'!

  15. You hate it because you hate that kind of music in general. It's not because the song suck. You just don't want to like it. This song bores you?? Really? Lmao I guess. And fyi the braids are just apart of the cap girl. The cap got hair.. deal with it like you deal with your uhly hair.

  16. I'm register into disqus just to answer your question hahaha (yess i'm that helpless)
    This is a pict where onew change his blazer with other shinee member i don't know who. but you can see the label "SHIELD" inside his blazer. looks ike that's the brand name
    oh and i also looveee this outfit soo much. i even made my shoes with that pattern :D

  17. It's harder to interpret that MV without knowing what he's singing about, and the song does not sound sentimental at all. LOL I wish I knew how to speak Korean. Wow, now let me watch the MV again knowing what the lyrics are. Thank you. (:

  18. In the most lay's pic he wearing something purple
    <<<he must love this color

  19. I think Jjong is the beloved, naughty and problematic son of SM (He's too straightforward, thanks to him we all know that Taemin never was cute and adorable and Key never was the SHINee's mommy. Good luck SM)

    He's a musician and is, probably one of the most talented and passionate artist of SM. SM take care of Jonghyun and let him do whatever he wants to do (it's so obvious lol).

    Sometimes seems like he's the leader and the visual of the group, cause he's a talkative person, full of charisma and his facial expressions are always good and intense on stage and off stage (derp). The cameraman always focus on him and TV programs like MCountdown are Jonghyun biased.

    On variety shows he is really funny and explosive meanwhile Taemin and Onew don't like to talk, Jjong, with Key and Minho always save them on variety programs (not scripted, like hello baby)

    My conclusion: Jonghyun is dangerous.

  20. What is wrong with not liking this song? I don't like it as well, it doesn't sound good imo (And I listen to a lot of RnB/HipHop-songs.). If the dance wasn't that cool (really good!!), I wouldn't have watched the video till the end, unfortunately. Is that a crime? Don't get personal right away, that poor commenter. How would you behave if your parents didn't like this song? (And I bet most of our parents don't like it!! :-P) Would you say mean things to them as you replied here to a normal commenter who just doesn't fancy any new "trend" YG is trying to produce these days? How is your opinion any better to hers I wonder?

  21. I love how you explained the reason for Exo's fans to calm down. I like EXO too but the fans is too much, commenting the similarities between Growl and Ringa Linga. Yeah, EXO's level can't reach Taeyang's alone yet.

  22. I can't believe u compared him to Nelly eww lol.

  23. I wasn't comparing him, they are dancing to Nelly's Get Like me! :D

  24. Oh hey thanks! That's so great. I'm trying to Google the brand but I can't find it.... Sigh. Thanks so much for the comment and I bet ur shoes look great. :)

  25. son los mejores chicos que he visto asi que callate la boca que llegue yo para opinar en espanol. No me intrigan con con su palabrerio en ingles todo eso se resume en una oracion el poster esta bueno porque porque EXO es el mejor.

  26. You know, I hadn't even realized that. Good eye.

  27. Usted no tienes que leerlo si no quieres. :)

  28. I love how irrelevant this article is right now.

  29. Lol I know! I'm happy about that, of course.

  30. So i randomly and i mean RANDOMLY bumped into your blog and i loved it almost instantly. I am almost a year late in responding but i heck who cares?! I just had to because i was surprised by how similar Jjong and Jun.K from 2pm appear to be. Both are the vocal leads and they are also both veeeery talkative and also true lovers of music. My 2 cents is this, though i have a love (cos i'm both a shawol and a hottest) and hate (cos they focus too much on some members and dont develop everyone equally and blah blah blah ... ) for JYP and SM - I actually think a lot of it has to do with the individual. Honestly some people were not born to be on variety shows, they just wanna sing and compose and think about music all day. Jun.k is like this and has admitted to it as well. Maybe Jjong is like that as well? Artists like Leona Lewis and James Morrisson come to mind. The Kpop world is obviously different i know but i have seen it happen often where a member is just as talented but barely does anything. Basically this is my wordy way of saying some things you have to chase after if you want them cos you will not necessarily be the first choice. I am literally a 1 month old shawol (i saw some gwiyomi compilation with Onew on it ... and the rest is history.) So i am probably way way off. If you despise 2pm please don't yell at me for mentioning them, i know they are completely different but it just struck me as curious is all! Anyways i love my new found fandom! Jonghyun jjang!!!!!

  31. I know I'm all late in answering this (sorry, I've been on a Kpop hiatus) but I agree that JongHyun is dangerous. He is kind of the too open SM kid but I also think that it's a good thing he's become so open. He's managed to make my thoughts on him change drastically in the past year.

  32. Well thanks for replying and I'm glad you like the blog. It's been awhile since I posted anything but I'm always open to answering people's comments.
    Don't worry about talking about 2pm. I'm not a fan but I don't mind you mentioning them. :)

    It's pretty amusing just how much my thoughts have changed since I wrote this post actually. Now Jjong has moved up quite a bit on my bias list. It's also interesting how Jonghyun has started to branch out and do things and I'm excited for him. It seems as if I was wrong about a lot of things, and that's a good thing.

    Btw welcome to the fandom. Get ready to be enthralled, because that's what these boys do to you.

  33. I cant find part 2 or is it just me lol cld someone direct me with a link pretty please?

  34. could you please tell me the titrle of the movie

  35. Sorry, I never made part two. :(

  36. Does anyone know where in london this was filmed because I live in London however don't recognise the place:// thought it might be Camden but I don't know

  37. Jonghyun said recently somewhere, i think it was the 4things show for his solo debut, that he gets anxious and nervous around cameras andnit makes him seem a bit 'off' doing weird things like excessively nodding his head. He said he really struggles with being in front of the camera. I'm guessing this has a huge impact on his schedules. I love Jonghyun (he's my bias) but I do understand why certain people feel that he's overbearing. I just think our Jjong is misunderstood. I think he's actually quite an introverted person but when faced with situations that make him nervous he just kind of blurts things out, not meaning to.

  38. Yeah I saw that show too and as I heard him say that I felt kind of bad about assuming that he was this this brash cocky jerk. Poor guy. No wonder he's either dead silent with a weird look on his face or talking a mile a minute (while nodding his head lol).

    His actions in the past few years have actually made me reconsider my views on him and now he's tied with Onew in my Shawol affections (that's really high up there).

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