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So You Were Wondering What EXO's "Wolf" & "Growl" Drama Version MVs Are About? Pt. 1

It has come to my attention that people are confused as hell about EXO's "Wolf" and "Growl" drama version MVs, and have been since they came out.  Well, it's your lucky day, because I'm here to explain the shit out of them for you, in the way I know best: I'm going to tell you a little story.  Fyi, this will be done in two parts, so bear with me.

I'll readily admit that I'm kind of a nerd and I love to read, especially fantasy, horror and sci fi novels.  "What does this have to do with EXO's videos?" you're wondering.  I knew I had to drop some fantasy/urban fantasy knowledge when I realized that I'd gotten the storyline right off the bat but others had not.  What better way to do so than with some pretty screencaps?

First up is "Wolf":

EXO's "Wolf" and "Growl" drama versions are a pretty standard variation of the uber-popular werewolf mythology.  It opens with a scene featuring Kris and Luhan.  Kris plays Luhan's alpha/mentor, who I'm thinking is the one that turned Luhan into a werewolf.

Kris is in the process of sending Luhan on his way with a supportive pat on the shoulder.  We'll see more of him in the next mv.

This is where we first notice the boys' first badge of power.  You'll notice that this sigil glows when someone of power, or someone that is important to Luhan, touches him.

Luhan is moving into a new area.  Why?  We'll get into that in a moment.

On his first day in his new town, Luhan's doing some running (because that's what werewolves do) and some unnecessary parkour (to show that he's powerful and agile) when he stumbles across a pretty girl.

Here comes the reason for Luhan's move in the form of some bad guys, plus the second badge of power, his glowing red eyes.

They chase him through an abandoned building, where more unnecessary parkour ensues because, ya know, he's one bad ass wolf.

The pretty girl (we'll call her PG for short), falls asleep on the rooftop of the abandoned building and wakes up at sundown, when the streetlights are slowly blinking off.

She's not scared, which is pretty dumb, until this happens:

Luhan's there to snatch her out of harm's way as the bad guys run by.  Who knows what would have befallen a young woman out and about in such a deserted area at night?  Go Luhan!

She brushes against his power sigil, which makes it flare up.  Innnteresting...

She spins away from him, they look at each other...

... and he's gone in the blink of an eye.


The next day is our hero's first day of school, where he spies PG and is told to sit next to her.  She side eyes him pretty hard for obvious reasons.  I'd be kind of pissed too if some random dude grabbed me in the dark and didn't even try to explain why or apologize for it.

Next up is the requisite montage of all the fun times between our boy and his new best friends forever.  They hang out, they play sports, they laugh... you know the deal.

One night they're walking PG to the bus stop when they are beset by the bad guys.  Dun dun dunnn!

They grab our boy Luhan but his buddies are having none of that, they're like, "I got your back, bro".  PG sees this and runs out of the bus (we've already established that she's kind of crazy).  They head into an abandoned warehouse and an epic fight scene ensues, with kicking and punching galore, until LuLu spies something out of the corner of his eye.

It was one of his friends getting stomped to the ground, which makes him reaaaallllyyy angry.  The red screen is how Luhan sees the world when he's furious, which also serves to bring out his wolf power.

LuLu stalks towards them, meanwhile D.O. comes out of nowhere and tries to grab him.  Not a good idea, bro.

D.O. gets flung into a stack of random warehouse crap and is hurt badly.

He gets dragged out by his friends and they leave our boy there to sink to the ground in remorse.

PG shows up out of the shadows and is all...

"Who are you?  What are you?"
...and she's crying.  She leaves.  We notice that Luhan's power sigil flares up again while she was standing there.

Coincidence?  I think not.

'Til next time, my friends.

Check back soon for part 2 featuring the story behind EXO's "Growl" drama mv.

Source: SMTOWN.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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