Seungri, G-Dragon And Taeyang Make My Day On SBS's Inkigayo 130915

All the cute, guys, all the cute!  That's all I could think today as I watched the videos and fancams from G-Dragon and Seungri's (featuring special guest Taeyang) Inkigayo appearance today.  GD has looked super happy recently, and I swear part of it has to do with the fact that he's been promoting alongside Seungri.

RiRi sure does bring out GD's silly side, which is a good thing because he was starting to depress me a bit with all that "I look exhausted" business.  It's also quite nice to see him not try to look cool and chic once in awhile, so I was doubly sad to hear that today was Seungri's goodbye stage.

Alright guys, so many videos and pics to look at!  Get started below:

G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri on Inkigayo 130915_1

GD talking to MCs:

GD + Seungri special MCs:

Seungri Let's Talk About Love feat. Taeyang and GD + Gotta Talk To U remix special stage:

This performance of "Let's Talk About Love" was so good!!!  Everything about it was fun and flaw free, and look at Seungri's smile at the end up there; that just goes to show you how ecstatic he was.  In fact, they all looked happy to be performing together, which was so nice to see.

Other honorable mentions:  Seungri's awesome "Gotta Talk To U" remix and GD and Seungri's fab suits and footwear.  Even though I wasn't a big fan of Taeyang's outfit (except his sparkly Saint Laurent shoes), I did like how they tied it all into GD's album by wearing black, white and red.

Taeyang was actually dressed better than I've seen him in awhile and I could tell he's slimmed down quite a bit in what must be preparation for his upcoming album (not that he was ever fat, jeez!).  I am, however, kind of leery of seeing what he's done with his hair.  I could see some black and blonde under there but it looks straighter and shorter than it has in awhile.  We shall see, I guess!

On to the next video:

GD Crooked + Win:

G-Dragon has been dominating the charts in Korea this past week so of course he won on Inkigayo today.  Six of his tracks have taken over the top 10, with "Who You" at #1, "Black" feat. Jennie Kim at #2, "Coup D'etat" at #5, "R.O.D" at #6, "Crooked" at #7 and lastly "Niliria" feat. Missy Elliot at #10.  He's even managed to make an appearance on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart at #182.  Very nice!  I'm so proud of him... :tears:  No wonder he's been looking so happy these days.

Now on to some pics...

Seungri's 130915 Instagram update:

G-Dragon and Seungri on Inkigayo 130915_1
"With @xxxibgdrgn Good bye Korea #saintlaurent"

(You can get their Saint Laurent pieces here, here and here.)

 To which GD replied:

"Ya this is not okay"

So Seungri came back with:

"But you look cute"

GD then went on to post this pic on Twitter: 

G-Dragon twitter update from Inkigayo 130915

Too, too cute!  I just love when they give each other a hard time, and laugh with each other, on social media for the world to see.

Instagram pics from the backup dancers:

G-Dragon on Inkigayo with backup dancers 130915

Taeyang with backup dancers on Inkigayo 130915

GD's Twitter update:

G-Dragon on Inkigayo selca 130915
"Thank You Nyaha"
[On the sticker: G-Dragon Too! I Love It (GD's song)

What did you think of today's Inkigayo performances from G-Dragon, Seungri and Taeyang?

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