SHINee Achieves Their Second Win For "Everybody" On Music Bank + SHINee On Arirang TV After School Club Coming Soon!

SHINee won again for "Everybody", this time on Music Bank!  Good  job Shawols and SHINee!  I think this is my favorite outfit of them all, because they look incredible in all black.

shinee wins on music bank 131025 with f(x) backstage
SHINee's me2day update with f(x) at Music Bank.

SHINee's Everybody Music Bank performance 131025 + Encore:

SHINee backstage interview + Jonghyun and IU singing "Depression O'Clock" backstage at Music Bank:

SHINee will be appearing on Arirang TV's After School Club on October 30th and they want fans to submit questions. Check it out:

Also, SMent has announced that they will upload a special SHINee video if we watch the "Everybody" mv and get it up to 4.2 million views.  It's already at 3.9 million so I think we can do that by today, don't you?  Put it on a playlist and just let it play!  Lol at us being shady... smh... but I want that video!  Remember, mv views helps them win on music shows.

How much do you love SHINee in all black military suits?  Also, how many times will you watch the mv today?  :)

Source: KMusicLiveNewNhokshockqnsss,  arirangworld, SHINee me2day.

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  1. Their encore stage with IU oompa loompa dubidup so cute, I want a special stage with IU and JJong, that will made my day. And at first I thought they will appear in that After School girlsgroup *cough*theonewhomadeMVPcryallovertheworld*cough*

  2. I see that SHINee are back to their encore cute antics. Warms my heart. That pull and push with IU was so adorable.

    Yes, the black outfits are hella sexy! Like, UNF!

    It's going to be so much fun to see them at ASC. I would so apply but I am going to be so busy! Oddness, you should apply!

  3. Lol heelllsss no! They are totally cute though. I missed their silly selves.

  4. Lollll Kidding... I want him to be happy and all that good stuff. They were so cute!

  5. umm i love boxes. SM is a dance oriented company. Take away the box, you pay less attention to the artist. From a viewer stand point of view, the plan backgrounds draw you more to the dancers, by basically forcing you to notice their talent, which is what you're watching it for, right?

  6. Well that's certainly one argument for the boxes that I've never heard. A good one too. Thanks for the comment. :)


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