A Year In Review + My Goals For OddnessWeirdness in 2013

2012 was an interesting year for me and Oddness/Weirdness blog.  A lot of good things happened to me last year, blogging-wise, and I wanted to share my good fortune with you guys in a year- end post.

Oddness/Weirdness Kpop blog Top 10 posts 2012

Some Info:

I started this blog at the end of 2011 not knowing a thing about blogging or even what I really wanted to blog about.  I had some vague ideas about writing about fashion and Kpop and whatever else I wanted to post, but I had no idea how to execute them, which you would see if you scroll allll the way to the beginning.  Please don't though... lol.  I mean, I didn't even know how to center a video or that I should write some stuff about that video.  Psshh... sad.

Everything sloooowwwwlllly started to make some sense, especially when I decided to only do regular fashion along with Kpop/Kpop fashion posts.  I taught myself some html and remembered how to write cohesively and started making some (hopefully) interesting posts.  But the fashion blog world is full of bloggers and I couldn't even hope to keep up with that, plus this space was looking pretty damned disjointed.  On June 15th I decided to follow some advice and only started doing Kpop related posts.  I created OddnessWeirdnessFashion on Tumblr for people who wanted to only look at my fashion posts, but it's not my main focus.  This blog is.

Throughout the year I've added new features and really started venturing out into social media mid-year.  I didn't even open my Facebook page 'til July so I'm very humbled and excited for all this blog has accomplished.

Some Stats:

  • This blog had 2770 pageviews in February and 1880 unique views.  By June I'd gone up to having 20,293 pageviews vs. 13549 unique views, and by September it was up to over 50k pagviews and over 30k uniqe views.  I ended the year with over 500k  pageviews and over 300k unique views
  • 706 non-spam comments.
  • Oddness/Weirdness went from having about 2-3 followers at the beginning of 2012 (personal friends don't really count do they??) to ending the year with: 38 Google Friend Connect followers, 111 following my feed through Feedburner or other sites, 8 Bloglovin' followers, 58 Facebook followers (ooh I just got one more... score!), 120 Tumblr (Kpop related only) followers, 45 Twitter followers.  I also have 55 OddnessWeirdnessFashion readers and 65 Pinterest followers, who seem to mostly re-pin my Kpop stuff.  Color me shocked, ok??

Top 10 Countries Visited:

Top 10 Most Visited Posts:

Oddness/Weirdness Kpop blog Top 10 posts 2012

(All post titles are clickable links)

Oddness/Weirdness Kpop blog top 10 posts 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Posts

Oddness/Weirdness Kpop blog top posts 2012

Smh at Taemin's jacked up weave.

I had sooo much fun doing these!  I got together with some friends to brainstorm and we were cracking up coming up with our choices, but then I got burnt out at around Day 20, so don't go looking for more than that.  This is also around the time that the blog started picking up more views.  Someone should totally do this again, with equally as silly topics so that I can join in.  

Click here to check out all the posts.

Oddness/Weirdness Kpop blog top posts 2012

This is where I really started getting into finding all the fashion in an mv.  I got quite a lot of views from these and the comments really started rolling in.  I'll be doing many more of these.

SHINee's Key has the honor of being my first Kpop idol fashion post and my favorite one.  I haven't done one of these in awhile and I should.  

Most Prophetic Post:

(BEDA) Day 16- Band Member Most Likely To Cast an Avada Kedavra Incantation on Their Band Mates

...is T-ARA

Oddness/Weirdness Kpop blog top posts 2012

Bwahahaaaa!!!  Little did I know that would actually kind of come true.  That's it!  I've decided I'm psychic.  Alright, not really but a girl can dream.

Most Rewarding Fashion Find

Oddness/Weirdness Kpop blog top posts 2012

My first Kpop fashion find ever.  I was so shocked that I found these and so ecstatic, especially since everyone wanted them and not many knew where they came from.  This is the first post that made its way around the world.  This one also ended up being linked from a few Korean Taemin/SHINee fan sites, which was really cool.  

Lots of Thanks

Here's where I thank everyone that reads my blog for actually taking the time to follow and to come read it.  Some of you even seem to come daily, which boggles my mind (in a good way!) but warms the cold cockles of my heart.  Aso, thanks for all the comments and for spreading links through social media, for helping to spread the word.

Lastly, thanks to all the people like Stormy and Stephe who answered my tons of questions, gave me encouragement when I was feeling like the blog wouldn't go anywhere, gave me tips, wrote with (and for) me and made me laugh.  Tons of hugs to you!

Goals for 2013

  • More Kpop and Kpop fashion!  I didn't do as many fashion posts during the busy months of November and December because they take up a lot of time but I'll be doing many and often.
  • An editorial schedule, so  you'll know when to visit and what I'll be posting.
  • More blogging, less breaks!  Unless crazy stuff happens like this, I'm committed to blogging more.
  • Affiliating myself with more blogs and doing more guest posts.  I'd also like to have people do more guest posts here.  Anyone that would be interested, click below: 
    Send Email
  • Learning more html and Photoshop and updating the blog as I go.
  • Cleaning up the links and tags so you can find things easier.  I made quite a few newbie mistakes for the first half of the year so I have lots of things to fix but I'll get there!

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    1. Will look forward to more, more, more of your awesome posts this 2013!

      Much love from a fellow fangirl! :)

      1. Thanks so much! I'm so glad that I actually have readers and u guys are awesome. <3

    2. F(x) should be having a comeback soon but I'll also see what I can do. :)

    3. I deleted Disqus widget by mistake the other day. All comments made in the past week should be back up soon.


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