My SHINee 4th Anniversary Spam Post

I'm sure it's pretty obvious, to the people that visit this blog often, that I love me some Shinee.  I think they're super talented, utterly adorable, and they're so fun to watch.  I blog about them a lot because they really capture my interest, their music is stellar and, above all, they make me smile.   Even though tomorrow is their 4th Anniversary date, it's already tomorrow in Korea (confusing, I know!) so I'm celebrating with a Shinee appreciation spam post.

I'll admit, as mentioned here, that it took me awhile to start liking Shinee.  A friend of mine pretty much talked about them until she talked me into liking them.  She cracks up when I say that but she knows it's true.   The first Shinee mv I actually paid attention to was "Lucifer" and I was like, "Oh hey!  They're actually pretty good!"


But actually their debut song was "Replay".   I was not into "Replay" AT ALL at first but it grew on me.

Shinee babies!

Here's their first ever tv performance:

Replay (Noona Neomu Yeppeo)

Too cute!  They were such babies but they already seemed so professional and could dance so well... No wonder I became a fan.

My absolute favorite Shinee song is Juliette.


As always I give major accolades to Rino Nakasone, who, with help from SM's assistant choreographer Shim Jae Won, choreographed "Replay", "Lucifer", "Love Like Oxygen", "Juliette" and others.  She and Jae Won are incredible dancers and their choreography is really instrumental in making Shinee stand out in a sea of Kpop groups.

Rino Nakasone dancing to Juliette

Rino and Jae Won teach Lucifer (I'm so jealous!)

Shinee would never have gotten anywhere without a ton of dedication and lots of hard work.  I wish them a happy anniversary and I hope they get to celebrate many, many more.

Shinee babies.

Shinee all grown up.


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