Idol Style: Big Bang's T.O.P

I finally got around to doing this post but I'm thinking it will be worth the wait, if you're a fan of Big Bang's T.O.P.  Who wouldn't be?  The man is hot as hell.

T.O.P is quite an interesting idol.  He's all swaggerific and like a boss on the outside, child-like and reportedly kind of shy and derpy on the inside.  He's been known to cover his face while in public because people are always talking about how cold/mean he looks. Ya know what?  He can give me those types of looks any day.

Name: Choi Seung-hyun
Nickname(s): T.O.P, Tabi, Bingu, Choom T.O.P (so hilarious).
Typical Accomplishments: Lead rapper for Big Bang, has acted in well known Korean films like "Iris", "I Am Sam", "Nineteen", and "71: Into the Fire", has collaborated with G-Dragon to form a group called GD & TOP, has released well received solo songs like "Turn It Up".

TOP likes: Clean cut and streamlined styles; hats, suits, jackets and blazers in all kinds of colors; designer everything, especially shoes and sunglasses; and patterns galore, especially if they're designer.  He also collects toys and figurines.

I'll leave you with an example of TOP's swagger in musical form.

Source: YGEntertainment, All images credit where due and as tagged.



  1. OMG!!!!! T.O.P. I just love your style and your swag, lol!!! Thanks for making this post, love love love it!!!!!

  2. T.O.P's style is my favorite in kpop. Don't get me wrong, I can wholly appreciate Gdragon's style, but T.O.P dresses the way I want to dress if I was a man.

  3. My hair looked just like he has it in the top shot and then my damn hairdresser screwed up and cut it too short. I'm so pissed off about it. I keep telling myself it will grow, but still. I won't be using him again.

    1. I know you were pissed! I would be too. Hope you didn't pay him!

  4. Yep I did pay him and gave him a tip too. I'm just too damn British sometimes. :D


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