Idol Style: Kpop and MCM

I'm not usually a label whore, especially for those designer brands that are all about putting their initials all over everything, but for some reason I can really get into the brand MCM.

MCM bags street style

In case you didn't know, MCM (Mode Creation Munich) is a formerly German brand, now Korean owned, that makes luxury accessories.  I'd never heard of this brand until I started paying attention to Kpop, but I've also recently started to see random American stars wearing the brand.

MCM pop up shop in South Korea
MCM pop up shop in S. Korea

Kpop stars definitely have this brand on lock, though, and are often photographed carrying an MCM backpack.

Rain is one of their major spokespeople and does a great job at it:

Rain bi in MCM by Phenomenon jacket at the London fansign event.
Rain at MCM fan sign event in London 2011 in an MCM by Phenomenon jacket

Rain bi in London MCM by Phenomenon backpack
Rain in London

Rain bi MCM backpack
Rain's airport style

Other Kpop stars also enjoy sporting MCM:

G-Dragon MCM jacket
Big Bang's G Dragon 

G-Dragon MCM jacket

Big Bang's T.O.P in MCM by Phenomenon jacket
Big Bang's T.O.P.

4minute Hyuna Ga Yoon MCM event
4minute's Hyuna and Ga Yoon

B1A4's Baro with MCM bag
B1a4's Baro

BEAST Junhyung MCM bag
B2ST's Junhyung

2NE1 MCM custom jackets

TVXQ Changmin with MCM backpack
TVXQ's Changmin

TVXQ Yunho and Changmin with MCM backpacks
TVXQ's Yunho

Se7en wearing MCM jacket

MBLAQ Lee Joon with MCM backpack
MBLAQ's Lee Joon 

MBLAQ Thunder with MCM backpack
MBLAQ's Thunder

MCM pop up shop in South Korea



  1. Its korean brand not german...

    1. It's actually German. I made sure to know my facts before posting. Here's the link from the MCM site for you: http://www.mcmworldwide.com/en/brandstory.asp

    2. It was once a German brand but now it is own 100% by Korea

  2. Ok so it's actually Korean but was German before. That's kind of buried on the official site. I changed it. Thanks guys.

  3. Do your homework. Attention is in the details. Slight stench of arrogance in this Erika.

  4. Thanks for the comment. I probably sounded disgruntled because I hate being wrong lol. I'm always glad when people correct any mistakes on here, actually. Merry Christmas!


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