Idol Style: f(x)'s Amber Liu

I decided to blog about Amber from f(x) because she's not your typical Kpop princess: she's a tomboy and she's proud of it.  If you're thinking she only dresses like that because SMentertainment wants her to, guess again.  There are pics of her pre-trainee days dressed and looking pretty much the same.   In fact, when I first saw a pic of her just hanging out with some Kpop boys, I thought she was a boy... She's definitely not afraid of walking around without makeup in a world where idol guys would rather die than be seen without their faces on.  Gotta love her for staying true to herself in a highly pressurized world.  

Go on with your bad self, Amber.

Name: Amber Josephine Liu
Typical Accomplishments: Rapper for the Kpop group f(x), known for her atypical boyish look in a sea of cookie cutter girlie girls.  She's often called part of the Dino triplets with Super Junior's Donghae and Shinee's Jonghyun.

Amber likes:  Baseball caps, sweats, hoodies, oversize button downs, loose jeans, sneakers, combat boots, blazers, skinny pants, leather jackets and vests, and boy-wear in general.  

Amber "drunk" from her noted addiction to bubble tea



  1. awesome post! I adore this lil'tomboy!
    never saw that red outfit
    I remember at SMTown NYC how the whole audience screamed when Amber took the stage!

  2. Now that's my kinda gal! I may have to add some of her photos to my other blog! She definitely does take her image seriously as it looks like she binds her chest too. Good for her being true to herself.

    1. She actually is just small chested is you saw picture of her as a teen and in her childhood, she wasn't "Big chested" is the first place. I'm in the same category as her ^^

  3. now i idolize her..she's so cute like a true boy..

  4. I've always loved Amber , this chick is a boss :)

  5. She has really long legs in bubble tea addiction


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