G-Dragon Performs "CRAYON" & "One of a Kind" On Inkigayo 120916

G-Dragon had his first comeback stage on SBS's Inkigayo earlier this morning and you can color me enthralled.  If you haven't watched the "CRAYON" mv yet, click here.

This is my new favorite hairstyle/color on GD.  Rainbow hair seems to be a good thing on him, doesn't it?  I'm still loving the pink though.

Fyi, the studded jacket is part of the Thom Browne F/W 2012 collection.  This model has a version of it on.  The one GD is wearing is slung over the model's arm.

On to the Inkigayo performances which were, in my opinion, really damned good.   I am in love with the sets and I really don't know how they all managed to dance without falling on that "CRAYON" set.  Take a look:

"CRAYON" 120916:

"One of a Kind" Inkigayo 120916:

Check back later for my upcoming "CRAYON" fashion post and give me your Inkigayo performance feels in the comments below.

Source: BIGBANG, videos copyright SBS Entertainment, screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.



  1. Oooh, I like the cotton candy hair swept back! But his pink hair in Harper's Bazaar is still the best EVER. The live "Crayon" reminds me of an early 90's rave, not that G-Dragon, age 24, would remember.

  2. Lol yep I can totally see a rave. Such a fun performance.

  3. Could you get info on Ji Yong's pants? The one he wore for the Inkigayo performance for 'Crayon'; the multi-coloured one? I'm in love with it..(:

  4. No problem! Working on it already. :)

  5. I saw the Inkigayo performances before I saw the Crayon MV, and I was so utterly and thoroughly impressed by GD's rainbow hair. I liked his hair in for the One of a Kind performance too. His hair stylist is a miracle.

    Loving the fashion and the color and all the energy. Those qualities are what I really love about GD's music videos, and why I wasn't really into the video for That XX. I was all turtlenecks, really?

    Looking forward to your fashion post!!!

  6. Lollll yeah the video for That XX was beautifully shot and all that but it's not my favorite. I prefer when GD is all claw rings and crazy hair and insane clothes.

  7. Thank you(: Appreciate it..

  8. Same, I really want to know if I can get anything like them.

  9. I know... They're great right? I'm actually still trying to find them. A lot of the stuff he wore there are limited edition... :(
    Fashion post coming today!

  10. i need to know what pants gd wore for crayon perform in inkigayo!!! T^T


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