Video of the Day: SHINee's "Dazzling Girl" MV Teaser

SHINee just released an mv teaser for "Dazzling Girl".  Won't you come spazz with me??

I'm really not sure what to feel about this, but then again I thought the same thing when the first "Sherlock" teasers were released.  I'm not all that enthused about all the smiling I see going on in there.  

We'll see.  

Let's talk about the mv story a bit...  I'm assuming that the girl is supposed to be this plain, nerdy girl that SHINee takes under their wing and makes into this "dazzling girl", right?  So I would expect Key to be the one to dress her:

But what is going on here?

Is Minho... doing her hair??  Wth?  Lolll... odd.  

Anyway, I like all the feathers and glitz and I'm not even hating on the fur, even though I normally hate the whole Kpop fur-on-the-shoulders thing.  

Of course Jonghyun had to be half undressed in some way:


Are you excited or meh about "Dazzling Girl" so far?  More to come!

Source: EMIMusicJapan, screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.



  1. Hmm I just don't think it's that great a song...at least from the little bit we get to hear...

  2. Same... But then again I felt the same when I first heard Jonghyun singing "I'm so curious YEAAAHHH!!" So hopefully it gets better.


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