Idol Style: Shinee's Key

I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about Kpop idol style, especially since so many of them either have great stylists (cordi-noonas) or actually know how to dress themselves pretty well.

My first foray into idol style will have to be Key from Shinee.  I mean, of course...he's so fabulous.  I have seen so many great pics of him, it took me a good while to decide which ones to put into this post.  Ottoke (what to do)??!!  Well, I managed to narrow them down so here goes.


Name: Kim Kibum
Nicknames: Almighty Key, Diva Key, Key Umma (mom), Flawless Key and others.
Typical Key quote:  "For clothes, I’m the type that picks out my outfit the night before, standing in front of the mirror picking out clothes saying “What should I wear tomorrow?”.

"When I’m going abroad for activities I take a lot of things, the managers and staff are always telling me “Key-kun, you have too much luggage!”. 

I can just imagine.  

All Images: Credit Where Due

Key likes: Sparkles and sequins, leopard print, flowy garments,big jewelry, lots of black and lots of pink, funky hairstyles and hair colors, hats, and pairing patterns and pops of color in unexpected ways.  I mean, the man once wore a quilted garbage bag-like shrug/infinity scarf and pulled it off!  He has managed to create his own personal Key style that is ever-evolving and it suits him.

What do you think?



  1. This is great! Key is a unique individual with a keen sense of style. I always look forward to what he will wear next. Awesome pics. I'm sure it was almost impossible to decide!

  2. he is flawless... :)
    i love his unique style


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