Video of the Day: PSY's Gangnam Style

There have been so many videos to put up this past week; it's kinda crazy.  I usually never find this many videos to fangirl over in this short of a time frame.  Well, I have one more to talk about and that is PSY's "Gangnam Style".

I am late to this bandwagon because I just watched the mv the other day but I'm here to tell you that if you haven't watched it yet, you are missing out.  Random non-Kpop related celebrities and people of note have taken to tweeting and talking about this video.  More on that in a bit.  First, check out oppa's "Gangnam Style" and see if you can spot Big Bang's Daesung and Seungri and 4Minute's Hyuna.

Hil-a-ri-ous!  I love this so, so much.  I was never into PSY at all but now I guess I'm going to have to learn more about him.

Just to let you know, this song is about, as a commenter on Reddit said, 

“Gangnam is the fancy schmancy rich part of Seoul. The video is making light of him singing about what a classy dude he is while screaming at yoga butts and dancing in garages and junk.”

Here's what PSY's Youtube page has to say about this mv:

From 2 years of break, PSY is finally coming back with his 6th album 'PSY6甲'!
The album's weighty title song 'Gangnam Style' is composed solely by PSY himself from lyrics to choreography. The song is characterized by its strongly addictive beats and lyrics, and is thus certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy.

Lol @ that.

As for those celebrities tweeting and posting and talking about this mv?  Check this out:

Then he went on to say this:

After that he sang some of it, twitter style.  

Josh Groban has tweeted about it, as Soompi mentioned:

“It’s a Gangnam Style world, we’re just living in it. Amazing video.” His tweet led to another Twitter message by British singer Robbie Williams, who praised the video, “P.S. TRY WATCHING THIS AND NOT SMILING I DARE YOU…(NOT EVEN A LIP CURL).”
The list goes on.

This mv has definitely gone viral.  Gawker was the first non-Kpop site to write about it.  Then Huffington Post did an article about it; so did Billboard, amongst others.  Everyone is talking about it and consequently it has racked up over 10 million views since it was posted on YT on July 15th.  Impressive.  

Many of the comments are coming from random people who don't even like Kpop and, yes, they're also finding it to be funny as hell.  I hope you did too.

Found Daesung and Seungri?

Lastly, I'll leave you with PSY's fun comeback performance of "Gangnam Style" on SBS's Inkigayo.

Source: officialpsyyg-lifeSoompiRedditT-Pain @ twittertrulyegg.


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